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Deaky Weekly
Back Number 2001

Here lists the 'What's In?'s of Deaky Weekly.

*January* top
[Live at Hammersmith 1975] [About 'harmonics'] [Yes, I know "you know"] [Need glasses...?]
[Anniversary Questionnaire 2001] [The position of the pianist and the bassist]
[Masculine bass sound] [Why Picasso?]
[Masculine bass sound : Answer] [Drawings] [Hair-cut Quiz?]
[Bass sound : A Kind Of Magic] [Bass sound : Breakthru]
*February* top
[Those bass sounds] [Sammy who?]
[Where is his sign?] [Sammy] [Bass sound : Khashoggi's Ship]
[The words of love...] [16 track studio]
[No.1 in Hungary] [The highlight of 'Live At Wembley '86']
*March* top
[Live at Wembley!] [Talking about Pick]
[Talking about Pick 2] [Phil Chen and John]
[Oh my DEAKY!]
*April* top
[Replica of Deaky Amp]
["Queen" recorded with Robbie Williams] ["Break Free", the best friend for housekeepers] [Real-Bass? Synth-Bass?]
[The Rich List 2001] [John appeared on "The Sun"] [Real-Bass? Synth-Bass? : Revisited]
[The Sensation of His Appearance]
*May* top
[Young Deaks in 'Opposition'] [Who won the Drinking Beer Contest? ]
[A Nominee for the new vocalist: Lionel Richie?]
["Break Free" interpreted free]
[Law of the Constellation] [A Question for 'Susan Smith']
['The Sun' did it again]
*June* top
[Deaky and the Beast]
[A Donation To Hall Of Fame]
[What's Your Own "Greatest Hits"?]
[Who Needs the Band Score?]
*July* top
[Interview with Mrs.Deacon!] [What's happened to Morris Minor and the Majors?]
[Becoming a Hollywood Star]
[Some Bass Questions] [Deacon Guitar]
[Some Bass Questions: Answer]
*August* top
[Which songs did John use a pick? ]
[50 guests for 50th birthday]
[Thanks for joining!]
[Happy 50th Birhday!]
['Freddie Mercury' is on sale] [Need Your Help : Dictation of "John Deacon Talks"]
*September* top
[Roger's cast and Brian's ad]
[Pray for you US people]
[Trendy Bass-line : A Kind Of Magic]
[Some Japanese Queen-topics]
[New Japanese Official Website]
*October* top
[Deaky-Amp is still useful] [Wanted : John's "singing figure"]
[Millionaire Mr.Deacon also became "Million-Air"] ["A Knight's Tale"]
[John's Bass on "A Day At The Races"] [Different Bass Line : "Spread Your Wings"]
*November* top
[John's Bass in Early Days]
[Deaky with Kylie Minogue?] [Acoustic Guitar On Queen II] [A Happy Pic on the Official Site]
[Double Deaky with Their Bass] [Proto-type of the Giffin Model?]
[What kind of strings did John use?] [Special Tribute Video]
[The Boy's Bass on "Miracle"] [Whose bass is that Danelectro?]
*December* top
[Souvenirs of London]
[Deaky with Kylie Minogue? ...revisited] [Long Horn Bass on "Love Of My Life"?]
[Flojo?] [John's voice? : Keep Yourself Alive]
[Bass sound : Five strings ?]
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