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*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

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  • DISCO. DEACON : added some items about The Immortals on 'Solo Session'.

What's In? [Deaky-topics in this week]

The words of love...

BanK, one of great guests of my website confided her encounter with Queen and John to us. (Thanks BanK for telling your heartwarming story!) OK everybody, the next teller is YOU!

The first song I heard was "I Was Born To Love You" from "Mr Bad Guy"(Correctly it is not 'Queen' song, though). And the first 'Queen' song for me was "One Vision". In the '80s I had taken notice only of Freddie Mercury. When he passed away, I got very mad because Japanese media (especially newspapers) did not report his death on a large scale.

I realized John Deacon for the first time when I heard "News of the World" at a rental CD shop. Yes, as you imagine, "Spread Your Wings" caught me by the heart. I was 20 years old and I nearly had to leave university halfway because of economical matters my family had. This song moved me to tears so much and encouraged me when I took so many pains. Finally I could graduate from university with difficulty and now I work as a pinch-teacher for a maternity and child-care leave thanks to this song. I greatly appreciate your impressive melody and lyrics, John!

The experiences to sing contralto at the university choir gave me the skill to distinguish the hidden melodies in the music. And that I found the beautiful and amazing basslines from a lot of Queen songs just before "Made in Heaven" was released. "How interesting this bassline is...! Wow! It is the bass player who wrote "Spread Your Wings"'s surprising!"

The first aspect of his looks I love was his "profile" but I don't remember which photo I saw and was pleased. So when you ask me in which period I love John best, I always answer "All the periods, for I cannot choose one."

I did never read music magazines so I don't know his personality very well. I am studying about it at this web site. Can I call you "professor", mami?(laugh)

In the end let me tell you my small ambition as a Deaconist. I want to make my students listen to "Spread Your Wings" when they learn 'indirect questions'(the usage in "Sammy, who do you think that you are?" or "Sammy boy, don't you know who you are?").
16 track studio

A friend of mine gave me an old article from a Japanese magazine published on Feb. 1978. It says that John built a 16 track studio (very professional one) at his own house and he was really pleased with it so he shut himself up in the studio day and night. I was a bit surprised that he had his own studio in such an early days. Maybe his future great songs were born there...?

Thank you for reading! See you next week!