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*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

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Masculine bass sound : Answer

As for the topic last week, one of my friends taught me in detail.
Thanks Phillip for informing!

The Precision Bass is very "heavy" bass,indeed. And in fact, especially on the earlier albums, John has quite a heavy sound sometimes. But the Precision is also a very versatile instrument with a broad range of sounds and possibilities. It can be used in every style of music (you see Precisions everywhere.Blues-bands,Funk-bands,Metal-bands,Soul-bands) and that's probably a reason why John liked them so much (Queen's music was very versatile and John liked many different kinds of music). There are basses which are only suitable for a certain kind of music, but the Precision isn't one of those. The Precision-sound can be changed a lot by using different amps or sound-settings.And in fact, John used to change the sound via EQ quite a lot,when he was recording in the studio (on the live-recordings we can hear the more heavy,natural Precision-sound). The use of EQ is one reason for the fact that John was able to produce those sweet,soft tones with this "heavy" bass. Another important reason for a certain kind of sound is the way you play your instrument. I'm quite sure that a big portion of John's (excellent) sound came out "of his fingers".

Recently I've got several nice drawings featuring John. They're all very good and I like them all! Why don't you become the next challenger?

  • Old Smiley John (By Squeaky)
  • Old Dandy John (By Seika Saitoh)
  • The Sweet Bassist (By Gerra)
  • Cute Prince with a Ribbon (By Oinoko)
  • Hair-cut Quiz?

    Here is a question for a college entrance examination of this year. Looking at this, I cannot help wondering it's a quiz for John's hair-cut ;-)

    Thank you for reading! See you next week!