deaky weekly Deaky Weekly - English Edition -
Vol.59 (96)


*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

The Week In The History

What's New ?

What's In? [Deaky-topics in this week]

Double Deaky with Their Bass

Take a look at this picture. It's on the "Miracle" PV, John and his little 'double' holding a natural bass. But, don't you think that this (real) John's bass is somewhat different from the one he used on several gigs? Just be seen so because of the light? Or is that a mere fancy of mine?

Proto-type of the Giffin Model?

A friend of mine t-sakamoto found out this picture which seemed to be a proto-type of John's "Giffin model". It's the one that Mr. Giffin made in '70s.

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