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*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

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What's In? [Deaky-topics in this week]

Live at Wembley!

Noted already last week's D.W., Live At the Wembley aired on Japanese satellite TV. The live itself was great, but there were some pity (somewhat irritable for us Deaky-fans) things on the program. First : a narrator inroduced them "Vocalist - F.Mercury, Guitarist - B.May, Drummer - R.Taylor, and so on." (Why he couldn't introduce all of them? There's just one man left!!) Second : a commentator explained member's educational background, but he missed such as "Roger - Astronomy, Brian - Erectronics" and (maybe there's nothing he could introduce) described John as "just good man". (Well, we all know John is a good man though...) And last : there were many cuttings and could not see 'Crazy Little Thing...' , 'I Want To Break Free' , 'Tutti Frutti' etc. What a pity!

The following is Philippe's comment about Wembley. (Thanks for telling me your thoughts, Philippe!)

I have to agree about "Live At Wembley", it's maybe John's most exciting performance ever to be released on video/TV. He was in a very relaxed and jokey mood that night and played some excellent stuff. There are many places on that recording where he plays fast little solo-runs during the songs that show his admireable skill on the bass-guitar. And he brought so much action into his performance that night. I've never seen him being so active and happy. He's doing lots of funny movements and he's really interacting with the audience and enjoying playing. Especially during "Tutti Frutti" he's almost going crazy (for Deaky-standarts) and doing a real rock-show. Look at John teasing Spike Edney (on the piano) during this song. Another great moment is "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" where makes funny movements during the a-cappella-part of the song. "I Want To Break Free" and "Radio Ga Ga" are further songs with great Deaky-moments. "Another One Bites The Dust" is another very special John-moment on this concert-video (especially in the interlude) and it's also one of his very best performances ever (excellent sound, mega-tight and steady playing and it's grooving like hell). The bass is mixed very prominently on "Live At Wembley" (on the video it's almost more so than on the album) and you can hear his hidden little "solos" very well.
Talking about Pick

Seeing the Wembley live, one of my friends told that she felt she didn't have enough satisfaction because John used his pick more frequently than the previous lives.(She liked his finger-style play.) Why he came to use his pick more? Was it easier to play? And hearing that, I want to check when he used his pick on their lives. If you find "Oh, he uses his pick on this song" etc, please tell me. I will add them my database soon :-)

Thank you for reading! See you next week!