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Talking about Pick 2

Philipp told me about John's picking style. (Thanks always!)

Here is what I can tell you about the topic of John playing with a pick: It's true, on the later tours John seemed to use his pick more often, but it still was not overtaking his finger-style play which he still used most of the time. The reason for the increase of plectrum-use seems to be once the fact that some of the (then) newer material simply is supposed to be played with a pick ("Hammer To Fall","I Want To Break Free","Under Pressure" etc...) and second, John probably wanted to get more attack and punch into his sound (which is what a pick actually does to your sound). On the "Magic Tour"-shows, John always had two big blue plectrums. One was a spare for the case he lost the other one or it got worn out. The spare-pick (or both, if he played with fingers) always stuck in John's blockboard (is it called "blockboard" in English?).

Here's the list of all songs on the "Magic Tour" where John used a plectrum:

One Vision
Tie Your Mother Down
Seven Seas Of Rhye
Tear It Up
Under Pressure
I Want To Break Free
Now I'm Here
Tutti Frutti
Hammer To Fall
We Will Rock You (the few notes he plays on this songs)
Phil Chen and John

In the Japanese Bass Magazine ('94), a famous bassist Phil Chen (played with Jeff Beck, Rod Stuwart and so on) told that particularly he liked John. John has once wrote in his bio that Phil Chen was one of his favorite bassist. So actually they fell deeply in love with each other!

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