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John's Bass in Early Days

The following quote is from "The first twelve Years". (Thanks Seika Saitoh for introducing this article)

Like all the band John Deacon has remained loyal to the same equipment throughout his career with Queen:
Pre-CBS Fender Precision Bass with Rosewood neck - one Sunburst and one in Natural wood finish.
Although remaining loyal to these guitars Deacon has featured two other similar bass guitars over the last three years:
Fender Telecaster Bass(an unusual guitar because early precision basses were an adaptation of the Telecaster shape but this was soon abandoned in favour of the now famous shape. For a few years a Telecaster bass was produced in its own right but it was always overshadowed by the popular Precision and Jazz models)
Music Man Stingray Bass by Leo Fender after he sold Fender to CBS. This is very much an update and basically similar version of Deacon's favourite Fender Precisin Bass.
Like the rest of the band Deacon's amplification has changed only to suit the size of venues. In the early days his basic amplification was: One H/H IC 100 Watt amplifier, one Orange OR120 Amplifier driving one Orenge 4 x 12 inch (JBL 4560 BK) Bass Bin. This plus a Schaller foot volume pedal.
By 1974 this had expanded to:
3 x Acoustic 370 amplifiers driving 3 x Acoustic 301 Reflex cabinets plus one HiWatt anplifier driving two Sound City 4 x 12 inch (Gauss) cabinets.

I've never seen John using telecaster bass. Maybe this "Fender Telecaster Bass" means his old precision, doesn't it?

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