deaky weekly Deaky Weekly - English Edition -
Vol.34 (71)


*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

The Week In The History

What's New ?

What's In? [Deaky-topics in this week]

Law of the Constellation

This week there were some topics about fortune-telling (astrology, the classification of blood types and so on). And I found that Virgo and Capricorn seemed to be very popular constellations among my Japanese guests. Is there any principle that they are fond of John, a man of Leo? Anyway, what is your constellation?
A Question for 'Susan Smith'

"The first girl I went out with was called Susan Smith.Not a very exciting name I know." This is what John has seemed to say in a magazine, and I swallowed it for a long time. However, a friend of mine pointed out that the name 'Susan Smith' is also used for an anonymous person, like 'John Smith' etc. Well, I don't know the truth (you may keep silent this time also, John?), but we should remember his sense of humor, shouldn't we?

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