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Deaky Weekly
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Here lists the 'What's In?'s of Deaky Weekly.

*October* top
[What on earth is going on, Mr.Deacon!?] [Looks like Mr.Deacon] [Morris Minor and The Majors!]
[The rhythm guitar in "Back Chat"] [Gone to Bali...] [John and flowers] [John and Women] [This Is The Deaky Amp]
[Deaky Amp...again] [Educational background] [Visited John's house!]
[John Deacon "2000"!] [Question for Mr. Deacon] [John and the woman]
*November* top
[Which is real?] [Let's search a 'Deaconized Musician'!] [John and Brian]
[Again, 'Which is real Deaky?'] [The change of his rings] [Band-Aid on his forearm] [FAQ: Isn't John really singing?]
[Without his passport?] [Deacy? or Deaky?] [Flowers named 'Veronica'] [Leicestershire's Celebrity]
[Again, he didn't appear] [Deaky in 'Freddie's solo collection'] [Deaky in 'Prince's Trust 1988']
[Deaky in 'Milton Keynes'] [Which is the Best Live?] [Came to Japan...?]
*December* top
[Wanted to be a farmer] [Anti-alcoholism?] [Which is the Best Deaky?] ["The DeaCOM"]
[Inducted into "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame"][John's state of health][What was Freddie singing?]
[One Vision] [Very Deaky Playing Style] [Deaky in '8-beat Gag'] [John Deacon, Director General...?]
[Smoker or Non-smoker] [Do You Know "you know"?] [Great harmonics]
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