deaky weekly Deaky Weekly - English Edition -
Vol.2 (39)


*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

On This Week In The History

What's New ? [Updated record]

  • Disco. Deacon: Corrected for "Morris Minor and the Majors".
  • Bass'es Bassinet: Renewal.
  • Rain Must Fall: Extract of "The Early Years" begins.

What's In? [Deaky-topics in this week]

The rhythm guitar in "Back Chat"
In "Guitar Player magazine"(January 1983), the interviewer said to Brian that the rhythm guitar in "Back Chat" sounds unlike most of his work. And his answer was: "That's because John played that. John has played a lot of rhythm stuff." Did you know that? I cannot distinguish John's rythm guitar well. Many people say it plays the same part of bass line. So, what about the sound of the beginning of the song? Would you tell me in detail?
Gone to Bali...
Finally I found the evidence that John had gone to Bali during their recording! Freddie answered in an interview in 1984 that John was fed up with the long recording and went to Bali. I thought his journey to Bali was during the session of "One Vision", but it's a bit earlier. That is to say, he actually "wanted to break free" during The Works session...
John and flowers
One of my friends wants to paint John's picture with some flowers. And the question: what kind of flowers match him well? What do you think? (By the way, I was told that there is a flower named 'veronica'...maybe this one is his life-time favorite?)
John and Women
My friend Anne sent me the following two pix (Thanks Anne!); She wants to know whether these women is Mrs. Deacon or not. I and a few Japanese fans think that's not her, and your opinions? Anyway, his smile always makes us happy :-)
This Is The Deaky Amp
As I was asked what does Deaky Amp look like, I searched web-page and found the following site (Sorry for linking without permission): link)
For me, this is also the first time that I saw Deaky Amp. It seems that it has very simple structure. By the way, do you know which songs was it used? If you have any data, please tell me!

Thank you for reading! See you next week!