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*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

On This Week In The History

What's New ? [Updated record]

  • Renewal of Top page and BBS(Japanese Only).
  • EVERYONE Bites The Dust: "Early 80's Favorite Tune Best 10" is added.
  • Eternal Wings: Thanks to my friend Kaoru, I opened this page finally.
    "A Winter's Tale" is added.

What's In? [Deaky-topics in this week]

What on earth is going on, Mr.Deacon!?
Maybe every deaky-fans have wondered for two weeks : "Will John attend at the premiere of Bejar Ballet?", "Finally are we going to see the real Deaky?" and "Did he really appear?" Unfortunately OIQFC didn't answer that important question. BBC News and VH1 News told us that John also attend the premiere, but you know they often made mistakes, such as "John Taylor" or "John cooperates with FIVE" etc, so basically I cannot believe them. However, I received a report from my friend MICK, a Japanese fan who went to London just to see the premiere. MICK told an interesting story...
  • Only Brian and Roger appeared on the stage. But after the show, I saw a man standing near the entrance of Sadlerswells. He stared at the crowd who gathered around Brian and Roger, smiling calmly. This man resembled John and I watched him again and again...but I didn't speak to him. Because I thought if this man is the real John, he would be more noticeable. He looked smaller than Roger and has gotten a bit fat around the middle...Or was he really John??

    *The Entrance of the theatre

Well, I have no idea who's that man...If anyone has any information, please tell me!

Additional Note(10.8): Today AYU, the webmistress of Japanese fan site "P&C" told me that according to Jacky(OIQFC) John didn't attend this premiere. That is to say, THEY (BBC and other newsgroups) DID IT AGAIN! It's shame that the man MICK saw there was our John...
Looks like Mr.Deacon
Did you watch (or maybe entry?) Sydney Olympic? Does he resemble our Deaky a bit? (no link)

The following picture was taken by MICK. A bit terrible face, but its nose recalls someone else...
Morris Minor and The Majors!
In "Disco. Deacon", I wrote that John PRODUCED two songs of Morris Minor and the Majors. But my friend Andrew sent me a mail that he got the single "Stutterd Rap" and found its producer's name was "Grand Master Jelly Tot." What?? Is it John's rap name?? We puzzled over this strange name, and finally found the truth. Look at the following site: Well, that is to say, our John was not "Jelly Tot" and did not produce them. I must correct my page! However, another question occurs to my mind : Not producing and playing, why did John appear on those silly(a bit funny, though) videos?

*The other website about "Morris Minor-things"*(Thanks to Andrew)
OZ chart in 1988 (no link)
They also published CD! (no link)
The lyrics of "Stuttered Rap" (no link)
It's really "Morris Minor" site (no link)

Thank you for reading! See you next week!