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Questions to Mr Hince : Pick / Finger

I tried to ask Mr Hince about the last week's question : which songs he used picks? Does it really depend on songs? It depends on capacity of stage? Or merely it's up to John himself...? Moreover, we can see two graphic equalizers which have different waves, so John could use them properly in either case (pick/finger)?
His answer was :

In Early Queen days John never used a pick for live shows, he started using them around 1979/1980 - if I remember correctly......

He only ever used blue Martin heavy picks.

He would use them selectively on stage: sometimes he just use fingers on certain songs (Another one bites the dust) sometimes just pick (Under pressure) and sometimes both fingers and pick (Now I'm Here)

It could also depend on his mood.

The graphic equalisers were part of John's electronic rack which controlled his sound on stage. He did have 2 - he had 2 of everything. The reason being, he could switch between his sound controls to get a different sound and the second one was a spare if anything went wrong or broke!!!

It didn't, because his roadie was very good - totally professional!!!

Thanks for your nice and kind reply, Mr Hince!

Thank you for reading. See you next week!