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Taken a photo at a pub

It was from an essay written by Tomoyasu Hotei, one of the famous guitarists in Japan (thanks for the info, asami): In early '90, during some recording in London, Hotei visited a pub. Then the owner showed him a photo, saying "This is John Deacon from Queen. Got dead drunk."

Oh John, you were (well, hope it's not "ARE") a bit careless to be taken such a defenceless photo! I'm interested in it, though ;-)
(2004.2.21)P.S. I got the book the other day and found that the "pub" was not a pub, it's a bar in Metropolis Studio. And the barman who showed Mr Hotei a photo was Crystal, Roger's Roadie. That's why John got dead drunk peacefully!

Thank you for reading. See you next week!