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Deaky Weekly Vol.449

This page consists of Deaky-topics arose on my website in this week.

The Week In The History

What's In?

Happy 57th birthday!

Thank you for leaving your messages to our John for his 57th anniversary!

Dawkins' Memoirs

(from Mark1)
I found this on the web:
Dawkins' Memoirs
Record producer/ record label chief Peter Dawkins' memoirs 'The Icecream Boy' is as much a glimpse into the corporate music world as his struggle against Parkinson's. Among some of the anecdotes:
* Queen's John Deacon and Roger Taylor arrived for a promo tour, and Deacon disappeared for two days in Sydney, rattled after taking mushrooms in Bali and convinced that Rupert Murdoch was spying on him through the hotel TV set. Queen's management and EMI America kept ringing EMI Oz with threats they'd better find their boy.

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