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*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

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  • Rain Must Fall: extract of "An Illustrated Biography" by Judith Davis

What's In? [Deaky-topics in this week]

Questions to Mr.Hince : Guitar Picks

In "An Illustrated Biography"(published in early '80s), I found the following sentence;

"John Deacon, who is wearing a narrow red tie and tight green pants, throws handsful of bright blue guitar picks into the seats."

I know many musicians throw their picks after the show, but as for John, that's very news for me. Did he often do that? If so, were there any 'marks' (his signature, etc) on them? Or did he just throw ordinary picks (that's not really cool, though)? So I asked Mr. Hince about it. Here's his quick & kind answer (thanks Mr.Hince as always) :

No - John NEVER threw his picks in the audience, there were only ever a few set out on stage for him. He did use Martin Heavy blue picks on stage and lots of different things in the studio. He like the Martin picks as they had a thumb grip.

Well, the author seems to play to her imagination too much. Personally I'm relieved to hear Mr.Hince's answer, because I feared that I might have to search the whole world for the memorable pick! (but it's a bit hard to find his favorite Martin blue picks as they are out of stock now).

Thank you for reading! See you next week!