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Guitar consideration

Sebastian sent me the following considerations about where John played guitar on :



- Father To Son: He plays some raucous chords (check 'Misfire' for similar
guitar style) on a 12 String Ovation Acoustic.

- Funny How Love Is: Plays chords on a Martin D28 Acoustic.

The other three (Loser In The End, Someday One Day) are clearly Brian's
style (for the first check Queen I album and for the second check '39 or Let
Your Heart Rule Your Head). Brian himself told he had used a Hairfred
acoustic on White Queen, so it's also him on there.



As Brian was sick, they put John to play all the acoustics, so here they

- Martin D28 on In The Lap Of The Gods, Tenement Funster and the first chord
of Flick Of The Wrist
- Ovation 12 String: She Makes Me (Peter Hince: "John played acoustic guitar
on that"), Misfire

Talking about Misfire, at 1:21 a Red Special sound appears on the left
channel and plays fills till the end, doubled since 1:35 by another Red
Special on the right channel. All the others are by John on his Fender 1972



Just the Ovation 12 String Acoustic on 'You And I'



- Peter Hince: "John played acoustic on Spread Your Wings". It was the
typical Ovation.

- Who Needs You: Josť Ramirez Guitarra de Estudio Spanish Guitar. This song
was almost done in two takes. The first was John on rhythm with this guitar
and Fred on cowbell and Brian on maracas. The second was Fred singing, John
playing solos and Brian a second rhythm (don't know what did Brian use there
though). Then Brian and Fred added their piano, guitars and voices and John
didn't do anything else to the song.



- Mustapha: On 1:27, 1:30, 1:33 and 1:36 there's a very weird guitar
strumming chords (it's almost inaudible because the Red Specials are so loud
on that part). The guitar I'm talking about is played by John on a Kramer
(the one that appears on the cover). All the other electric guitars of the
album are on the Fender Standard HSS Stratocaster.

- If You Can't Beat Them: He plays a lot there, basically all except the
solo fills. The Stratocaster sounds similar to the Red Special so you can
easily confuse between them

- More Of That Jazz: Arpeggios. The sound is clean. Brian does all the rest.

- In Only Seven Days: Ovation 12 String Acoustic. As an uncommon fact, Brian
does all the electric guitars on a John's song this time.



Brian: "We went through a bad period in Munich. We struggled bitterly with
each other. We were all frustrated with each other. I remember John saying I
didn't play the kind of guitar he wanted on his songs. We all tried to leave
the band more than once. But then we'd come back to the idea that the band
was greater than any of us. It was more enduring than most of our

That would be a cause of how John played the guitars of his songs, isn't it?

However, on 'The Game' John's guitar activity went a little lower because
Freddie added himself to the guitar recordings.

- Another One Bites The Dust (David Richards: "John played guitar on
'Another One Bites the Dust'): There are several ones. Some double the bass
(they're Stratocaster) and another makes some licks (eg on the "are you
think I'm gonna..." part) on a Telecaster (check 'Staying Power' for the
same guitar sound). All Brian's work on it was some harmonised noises on the

- Dragon Attack: Stratocaster doubling the bass-line. Brian also doubles it
some times with his Red Special and he plays the solos.

- Need Your Loving Tonight: Stratocaster makes the riff during the verses
(as on almost all cases John used a Strat, it's hard to recognise it as it's
similar to the RS). Ovation 12 String Acoustic complements.

- A Human Body: Stratocaster makes arpeggios and Martin Acoustic strums



- In The Space Capsule
- Execution Of Flash

On both he used a Telecaster (same sound on both)



- Dancer: Stratocaster on the chorus.

- Staying Power: Telecaster. Just check live versions.

- Body Language: 1:30 Telecaster doubles bass

- Cool Cat: Telecaster (it's the lead guitar, Brian didn't participate on
this song)

- Action This Day: Stratocaster (actually all the guitars on this song are
Strat, so Brian didn't appear either, I guess the lead is John's but don't
know about the others, they're so easy so both Roger and Freddie could have
done them also).

- Back Chat: Arpeggios and riff on a Telecaster. Distorted chords on a

- Calling All Girls: Ovation 12 String Acoustic.



- I Want To Break Free: Telecaster with a very dry sound playing during



- Don't Lose Your Head: Stratocaster, plays on the intro along with bass.

- Pain Is So Close To Pleasure: From 1:10 a Telecaster plays with panning
and fading effects.

- Friends Will Be Friends: Raucous chords on a Stratocaster (eg at 0:26).



- Party: Fast fills at 2:10 on a Telecaster

- My Baby Does Me: Doubling the bass at 0:13 for example. Also playing
overdubs on 1:22, 1:55, 2:11, 2:21. Both are Telecasters with the same sound
settings of 'I Want To Break Free'

- Rain Must Fall: Stratocaster. All except the solo are from John.


It denotes how much Beatles inspired him, specially John Lennon (he used the
Martin D28 a lot).


Nice job, Sebastian! I will create a new page and put them on later.

Thank you for reading! See you next week!