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About Danelectro

As you may know, there's a bit strange 'instrument' on the "Jazz" album. I've thought it a 6-string bass (maybe someone told me so) before Sebastian commented that according to Mr. Peter Hince (photographer and John & Freddie's ex-assistant), it's a guitar, not a bass. However, some of my guests doubted it. As I'm not familiar with instruments at all, I tried to send e-mails to whom I get some helps to. And here are replies:

it is DEFINITELY a bass, they made a longhorn guitar, but this is not it. i am 100% certain. even though this is sometimes called a baritone guitar, it is a bass. in the longhorn body format, danelectro made three models. the four string bass, the six string bass, and the six string guitar (also called a guitarlin, because it had 31 frets and could sound similar to a mandolin). so yes a six string guitar was made, and so was a six string bass. depending on the strings used the six string bass could go as low as any four string bass such as a fender bass produced at the same time. so, yes danelectro definitely made a six string bass i have owned a few (very few, because very few were made compared to the number of four string basses made). (Mr. Jonny Atomic : website)

The Dan Electro guitar is a six string Bass - But, it can be used as a normal guitar. The guitar actually belonged to Brian May. (Mr. Peter Hince : website)

Is it clear, everyone? I express my gratitude to Mr. Atomic and Mr. Hince! (and thanks Andrew for your help.) Later I'll delete this Danelectro from my page (because it's Brian's!)

Thank you for reading! See you next week!