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*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

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What's In? [Deaky-topics in this week]

Re : Keyboard Questions

As for the last week's topic, I checked my videos and found that John played (mimed?) keyboard on "Radio Ga Ga" at San Lemo Music Festival on 3rd February, 1984. And my friend Sebastian answered the questions:

1) John mimed the keyboard of I Want to Break Free in Montreaux Festival.
2) John played a Korg M1 Keyboard on Rain Must Fall and My Baby Does Me, and Ensoniq ASR10 Keyboard on Invisible Man. He also played guitar in some tracks.

Moreover, he told me his conclusion about keyboard on "Back Chat". What do you think, everyone?

The other day I was analysing Back Chat and there are about 5 pianos in there (both acoustic and electric), hidden behind those guitar tracks. Probably some of those pianos were played by John, so that would be a third song with John on piano (previously there were You're My Best Friend and Another One Bites the Dust).

Thank you for reading! See you next week!