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*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

The Week In The History

What's New ?

  • Disco.Deacon: Added some info about so-called John's songs after "The Miracle".

What's In? [Deaky-topics in this week]

Who's song?

In Japan, a brand new book "Queen File" is now on sale. One of its interesting topics is interview with David Richards, the producer. He recalled how they worked together on last 3 albums and listed who originally wrote each song credited as 'Queen' :

"The Miracle"
  • Party : Queen
  • Khashoggi's Ship : Queen
  • The Miracle : Freddie
  • I Want It All : Brian
  • The Invisible Man : Roger (arranged by John)
  • Breakthru : Freddie + Roger
  • Rain Must Fall : John + Freddie(lyrics)
  • Scandal : Brian
  • My Baby Does Me : John + Freddie(lyrics)
  • Was It All Worth It : Freddie
  • Hang On In There : Freddie
  • Chinese Torture : Brian (the word 'torture' is Freddie's idea)
  • Innuendo : Queen
  • I'm Going To Slightly Mad : Freddie (Queen)
  • Headlong : Queen
  • I Can't Live With You : Brian
  • Don't Try So Hard : Brian + Freddie(lyrics)
  • Ride The Wild Wind : Roger
  • All God's People : Freddie
  • These Are The Days Of Our Lives : Roger
  • Delilah : Freddie
  • The Hitman : Freddie + Brian
  • Bijou : Freddie + Brian
  • The Show Must Go On : Brian
    "Made In Heaven"
  • It's A Beautiful Day : Freddie
  • Let Me Live : ?
  • Mother Love : Brian
  • My Life Has Been Saved : John
  • You Don't Fool Me : Roger + Freddie
  • A Winter's Tale : Freddie

  • "As It Began" says that John was spending little of time at the studios on recording the album "Innuendo", but Mr. Richards said that John DID concern himself with it and he even worked overtime.

    About 'The Hitman', Sebastian told me the following comment of Brian (in an interview to Roger and himself that was done at Suset Strip Hotel by Laurel Fishman). Interesting for us Deaky-fans, isn't it?

    "I had very little to do with the original idea. Most of the riff came from Freddie. I wasn't even in the room when they wrote it. I changed the key and some of the notes to make it playable on the guitar. We finished the backing track, but it seemed to ramble. John sat down and decided to reconstruct the track. He changed the order. He changed everything. I went back and played on that. Then we filled in the gaps on the lyrics, did the harmonies and generally tidied up."
    Played bass with The Cross?

    Dominique wrote the following question on my guestbook:

    I read once on a page that John also played on some tracks on Shove It by The Cross. Is this true?. I guess it then should be Feel The Force or Stand Up For Love (or love on a tightrope).

    I've never heard of that, but some of my friends said it possible because Queen member's name are shown on 'thanks' credit of "Shove It". What do you think?

    Thank you for reading! See you next week!