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Vol.76 (113)


*This page consists of deaky-topics that arose on my website in this week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

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His Favorite Bassist

You may have heard names such as Chris Squire or Phil Chen, as John's favorite bassist. In 1989, he talked in an interview that he liked "the man who play with Rory Gallagher" also. I've missed the man's name, but finally it's cleared this week (thanks Pandaboy for the useful info.) His name is Gerry McAvoy. I heard that his play is steady and reliable like our John. Have you listened any album of Mr. Gallagher before? If so, let me know your feeling about him. Pandaboy says that for beginners (includes me), the album "Tattoo" is recommendable.
His Strings : Rotosound

One of my Japanese guests told me that we can find John's name on the official website of Rotosound (see its "product range" page and find "Jazz Bass 77"). In 1979 John once said he used "superwound 606", but it seems out of product now. I think I should put some data about his strings on my website soon, so if you find some information, please tell me!

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