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*Thanks Esther and her friend for translating*
(Popcorn '86)

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It is mild spring day in London. In a Suite of the "Sheraton Park Tower" Hotel, Popcorn correspondent Gabriele Sneddon meets the Queen-Bassist John Deacon (33) and Drummer Roger Taylor(36), who wrote after "Radio Gaga" now the new hit "A kind of magic" the second sucess of Queen. They have just finished the shooting for the videos and are in their best mood. Champagne is served, not without any reason, cause Queen is celebrating their 15th anniversary. So, now here, John and Roger live:

Before we talk about coming projects, when and where did it all start:

JOHN : The real birthday of Queen with the current members was in 1969. I joined as the last one, our first appearance was at the "College of Estate Management" in front of 100 students. We all wore black clothes and had no illumination, we could hardly be seen. A big flop! Our first little live sucess we had only after 4 years in the "Marquee" club. 1973 our first Single "Keep yourself alive" was released, but the real start was when we for the first time stepped on german ground, I can remember that very well, it was the 2nd December 1974, when we performed in Munich.

How did you manage, to stay together for 15 years without any big trouble...?

Roger : Good question, there is only Slade, who are as long as together as we are, without any changegs in the group. Our secret is probably, that we see each other as little as possible. After 4 month in the studio like now, everybody has enough.

JOHN : We fight a lot and hard, we all are pigheaded, no one does give in, most of all Roger and Freddie roar at each other over and over again. The new single brought a lot of fights, so we released Roger's song in Europe and in the States Freddie's song "Princes of the Universe". We will see who will win:)

What was for you the best moment of your career and what was the deepest, lowest moment?

JOHN : Well live-aid was for all of us the absolute best moment of our career. I think our first appearance in South america in 1982 was one of the best moments we had. The worst I think was our Album "Hot Space", which we released at the same time.

Roger : I'm proud that we shot the first video of rock history with Bohemian Rhapsody. It took 4 hours and cost 5000. The record company went mad then, but today it costs them 20 times more than then.

The new album Highlander is, as you know, the soundtrack to a movie, coming to Germany unfortunately only in August. Does it sound different than the traditional Queen-sound?

JOHN : The sound is not, but the lyrics are of course written for the movie, that tells about a few people being immortal and living from the 15th century to the 20th. The leading actor Christopher Lambert is falling in love with a girl that isn't immortal, so you see, a tragic lovestory. "One year of love" and "Pain is so close to pleasure" are bitter sweet ballads with Freddie at the piano. But we always had such songs on our albums. And then there are of course other tracks like Hammer to Fall, with more temper in it. So it is a real Queen album, not only a soundtrack.

Why did you record the new album in London now, and not in Munich, where you stayed so long?

JOHN : Mainly because Freddie is living in London. He finally moved into his big house and is feeling very well there. It's indeed the first time since 7 years, that we worked in London again. We went to the Trevor Horns Studio in Notting Hill and all was perfect there.

On your jubilee-tour, you performed for the first time in Europe in big stadiums. What can you tell us about that already now?

Roger : I was that nervous about our first open airs here, that I stopped smoking from one day to the other.(laughs). No, that of course wasn't the reason, but I did stop smoking. So... we perfom between June 7th and August 4th at 20 real big open airs. 4 in germany June 21st, Mannheim, 26th Berlin, 29th in Munich and july 7th in Körn. We will have the biggest stage of our career ever till now. It takes so much time to construct it, that we only can make 3 shows a week. We will have the biggest lightshow than ever before and a big Diamond-Vision-Screen, so that fans who are further away from the stage still can see all perfectly.

Are you still nervous before big shows start?

Roger : Our shows are usually better, the bigger the stadium is. Especially Freddie is in a very special mood then, the bigger the show, the more he rules the audience. But we are still nervous. And of course now, cause we didn't go on tour for so long. It's like a new start and everyone is nervous, but after a few gigs it's getting better.

How long will Queen exist?

JOHN : I cannot see an end. I didn't learn anything else than to play Bass with Queen :)

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