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From 'curiosidades' in "Rare Queen" [Portuguese]

Buying a car, John Deacon always chose a Volvo, quite popular type in England, without much sophistication. But in 1985, after the success in the Rock in Rio, he thought he deserved something headier and bought a Porsche.

Certain night, he left to attend a show of Phil Collins and, after the show, the two ended up drinking some beers together. Turning back home, John was stopped by the police by excess of speed and reproven in the test of Breathlizer.

Result: driver's license was annulled by 12 months. Porsche was sold soon and, during one year, the bassist of the Queen seemed to commute by the Tube, without being recognised!

Few days after the incident, Brian May was invited to act like DJ in a program in the Radio BBC and, with good mood, he took advantage of to dedicate to the friend a music of Steve Wonder, called " Don't Drive Drunk ".

Another game on the subject can be found in the following song of Queen, in what Freddie sings "Don't drink and drive my car, don't get breathlized, don't lose your head..."... does he remind of someone?

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