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* Thanks Alison for translation *
(Popcorn 1984)

John, you're the quietest in Queen. Tell me, who calls the shots with you guys?

John: Now then- Freddie is very domineering in a certain way. Brian also has a lot to say as he is one of the best overall as a musician. Roger also has his say while I rather hold back. I am in fact the quiet chap who tackles things from underneath.

What do you personally think is remarkable about Queen?

John: That we have managed to be accepted as four individual personalities with totally different styles. Our collective rivalry, to which each member is subject, has a certain image. With us each can take or leave what he wants and yet we remain Queen!

Do you feel more like a businessman?

John: I am first and foremost a musician, even if I'm the one among us who mostly takes care of the financial side of things. You must never lose sight of the fact that there's a lot of money behind everything we do. I see my role primarily as one of backing the group up so that it has absolute artistic freedom.

With your expenditure, will Queen soon be a group which will only be able to play in enormous stadiums from now on?

John: No, we don't like stadiums because you have to install video screens and people automatically look at the screen and not at the stage. That's not the object of the exercise. We feel happiest in halls with between 10 000 and 15 000 people.

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