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the 'silent' Queen

(Hitkrant, 1975 or 1976)
*Thanks Frances for your contribution and translation

Bassist JOHN DEACON is the 'silent' Queen. Sort of like Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones: A discrete personality, without star aspirations, that gladly does his part without ever wanting to come to the foreground. However... still waters run deep!

If you ask a random fan for the names of the members of Queen, John Deacon is guaranteed to be the last one named. Even worse: some don't even know his name.

John Deacon couldn't care less, because to him the more he can live in anonymity, the better. Oh, I'm not shy or anything, not at all, I'm just very fond of a quiet life."

Smooth Sailing
The life of John Richard Deacon, who was born August 19th, 1951 in Leicester, has gone off without a hitch since the beginning. There are no problems whatsoever. John has always been a diligent student, which means his folks regularly pampered him with all kinds of toys, such as a plastic guitar, a Spanish guitar, and an electric guitar. As a child, John was already obsessed with music, so itfs not surprising that he played in a band (THE OPPOSITION) at 14.

When he was 18, John moved to London to study electronics at Chelsea College. It was there he met FREDDIE MERCURY and BRIAN MAY through an advertisement and saw himself getting caught up in music again.

Although Queen had enormous success right after the recording and launch of their first LP, John continued to study for more than a year and worked as a teacher for some time after graduating.

Only after the second album became a smash hit, and Queen had to turn professional, did John give up his job. Thanks to his schooling in the field of electronics, John is an indispensable component of Queen. If something's wrong with the equipment: John can fix it.

Also: Not only does he enjoy busying himself with sound equipment, he also enthusiastically tinkers with old cars and radios.

His greatest wish? "That I can keep the quiet life I have now! And hopefully I'll never be forced to leave England for whatever reason either. I'm completely obsessed with England and we're going on a trip to America soon (in a few months), it's already driving me to despair. I just want to be at home with my wife and child more than anything else. Oh, I don' t hate living with Queen, I'm even proud to be a "Queenie," I'm just happiest at home. If the group is ever disbanded, I'll immediately leave for the countryside to care for my family in peace."

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