Anniversary Questionnaire 2001--Result--

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mami (webmaster@deaky.com) [January,2001]

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Quiz Answer

Highest Rank 3

16 point (Perfect!): 2

    Yuri, Seika Saitoh

14 point (Almost!): 5

    Nao, Benina, Riccardo, Anne Quadt, Denise Kupferschmidt

12 point (Nice job!): 6

    Kaoru, TOHRU, Squeaky, t-sakamoto, Yuki, Kuro-tokage

11pt[5] 10pt[4] 9pt[5] 8pt[2] 7pt[7] 6pt[1] 5pt[1] 4pt[5] 3pt[1] 2pt[1] 1pt[2]

Best Pix [Top]

Best 3

No.1 (19votes) : [14] '89 ("Invisible Man")

    [*I've never seen such a cool guy like this!] [*I love the PV of "THE INVISIBLE MAN" very much!] [He looks really good in this one!] [perhaps because it's the only photo with him wearing a hat?!? don't know, I simply like this one] [I really like this hat!]

No.2 (16votes) : [4] early '70s

    [*I like younger days] [*Fascinating!] [*So beautiful!]

No.3 (15votes) : [3] Cowdray '93

    [*Dandy] [*Like a movie star!] [*So cool! Anyway, was that microphone on or of?] [Never seen this look before,surprised me.Looks cool!]


13votes : [12] July '85 (Live Aid)

    [*Good to see him playing with such concentration] [*I like this hair!] [What care!]

10votes : [7] September '85 ("One Vision")

    [*Smile is the best!] [Deacon is doing what he does best- SMILE] [He looks so quit normal and very happy] [Looks happy, and if Deaky is happy, I am happy too] [I just need somebody smiling at me today!]

10votes : [11] Japan '81

    [*Looks cool and wise] [because he has come to bed eyes and snoggable lips]

10votes : [16] Jazz Tour

    [*Serious side look] [He looks so concentrated 100 % do his job and love his job.] [I like this one :)] [brings out the jaw line and because it's in black and white and make him look really sexy]

8votes : [1] Japan '84

    [The Afro of 1984 is truly memorable] [He looks so nice and friendly]

8votes : [5] '91 ("Headlong")

    [An Innendo pic shows Deacon reflecting on the past] [always liked this because of the light (and the smile and the looks)] [Always a beautiful pic,nice to see him smiling.]

8votes : [9] '97 (rehearsal for Bejar premiere)

    [*I like his aging style] [Beautiful bass]

7votes : [2] winter '77

    [*Good hair and good angle!]

6votes : [13] '76 (after Hyde Park)


5votes : [6] Japan '75

    [*Young, and red nose ;-)] [Great Heavy-Hard rock bass player]

3votes : [15] May '85 (Japan Tour)

    [*So sexy!]

2votes : [8] Hot Space Tour

    [because the haircut brings out facial features]

1vote : [10] '86 (Magic Tour)

    [*Seems to singing]

Best Songs [Top]

Best 3

No.1 (30votes) : SPREAD YOUR WINGS

    [*I like the lyrics] [*Familiar melody] [*Simple but juicy bass-line] [*Gives me courage] [*Very impressive song] [Strong rock balled with superb solo] [Very melodic ballad] [I really LOVE this one.. don't ask me why] [a very well-written song...uplifting,catchy and unforgettably great]

No.2 (18votes) : YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND

    [*Feel so tender] [*easy to sing] [*Nice piano] [*Represents his style well] [It's so warm and full of love]

No.3 (15votes) : FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS (with Freddie)

    [*Very Queen song] [*Good lyrics] [*I also like the PV. John looks so happy!][*The very best song that makes me John's fan] [Very exciting song]



    [*Cool rhythm'n bass] [*His masterpiece!] [*Contributed to activation of the band. No Queen history should be told without this song.] [Most famous bassline ever] [First Bass-line I learnt] [very catchy tune]


    [*Full of love] [*Lovely. Good piano] [*It makes my imagination spread. How about making a movie featuring John?] [Simply Beautiful] [I actually quite like the 'Jazz' album as a whole and this song makes a good contrast to all the heavier/gloomier songs on there (by the way, John's other song on Jazz has got great lyrics) ;) (I would also perhaps have chosen 'Cool Cat' if you had meant the version with David Bowie)]

11votes : YOU AND I

    [*Lovely, and a bit sexy] [So warm at heart] [powerful and great lyrics! (especially the 'Not tonight' verse - ever noticed John has a very special kind of logic?) ;)] [Another great song,VERY catchy with sing-along-guarantee and it's musically good as well]


    [*Interesting song that can use for every situations] [*I like the PV] [*It reminds me that John and Freddie had some sympathy inside while they seemed to have very diffirent personality] [It's one of his best songs he ever worte.]

9votes : MISFIRE

    [*Represents his character well] [*It takes me to Heaven] [It's a very good song]


    [together with 'Who Needs You' - I always wondered where he got the ideas for the bittersweet lyrics from. plus I like the somewhat upbeat/easy-going music as a contrast to the lyrics] [Another excellent,catchy tune with an uplifting vibe]

5votes : WHO NEEDS YOU

    [*Stylish acoustic guitar][*I like the lyrics. What's going on...?]


    [*So beautiful melody] [One of the very first songs I ever danced with a girl ;)] [nice song and appeared in a good film too] [*Thanks to it, I fall in love with him]

4votes : COOL CAT (with Freddie)

    [*Activates Freddie's voice well]


    [*I like "JAZZ" because of this song]

2votes : BACK CHAT

    [*Thrilling and sexy bass-line]

2votes : PAIN IS SO CLOSE TO PLEASURE (with Freddie)

    [good callaberation between Mercury and Deacon]

Best John [Top]

Best 3

No.1 (16votes) : Noble Prince with Long Hair

    [*I think he seemed not to show himself well in this period, so I'm curious to know what he thought or what the other three regarded him] [*So noble] [I like the look of Queen's early years] [Because at this time he looks so nice and sweet and very young.] [he looks young and cute] [*I want to see such a beautiful person before my eyes!]

No.2 (13votes) : Swelling and Shrinking

    [*I've never met such a man who kept hurting his own hair!] [*Looks so alive] [*Very characteristic period, hardly reading] [*Against lots of works, responsibilty and pressure he seemed to be very human in this period]

No.3 (10votes) : Living On His Own

    [*Want to know what he's doing now] [*I'd like to know why he hide himself so deeply] [*I'm into the beauty of the past among aging process]


7votes : Docile and Sincere Short Hair

    [I like the way he looks this way] [ooh, difficult question! I actually like John best from the late 70s onward..... (don't ask me why, perhaps because he looks a bit wiser, especially with his greying hair) ;)] [He looked very juvenile and intelligent with these short hair. He seemed to be at his peak in those days.]

2votes : (extra)

    [*I like all times!]

1vote : Sexy Curly Forelock

    [Take me back to the 1980's, please.]

Favorite Pages [Top]

Best 3

No.1 (28votes) : Looks Nice? Mr. Deacon

    [*Lots of pix, very funny caption] [*Happy to see various John] [Exacelty as it says "Looks Nice"] [And I love to look who he looks.] [because of the good pictures] [I like your comments :) and there are so many pictures 8)]

No.2 (23votes) : Deaky Weekly

    [*Compact, easy to read] [Always interesting] [I like to know al these facts about John's lofe] [latest news] [I like the extra info] [Interesting and fun. Always great when you want to know what is going on in the world of John Deacon.]

No.3 (19votes) : Eternal Wings

    [*Very impressive] [*Though they're fictitious, they make me imagine inside of characters]


15votes : Rain Must Fall

    [Very interesting page about John's life] [I like to read Articels and so one] [so many (German) articles I couldn't lay my hands on until now - Thanks! :)] [Lotsa rare articles (many of them can't be found anywhere else).Most of them are extremely interesting,too.And the section is often updated!]

15votes : Ai aru Hibi (Japanese only)

    [*Funny] [*Because of interactive pages]

11votes : Bass'es Bassinet

    [I like to see how many instruments John is able to play!] [I'm a bassist myself. And I love basses.] [because it shows a lot of good information] [VERY interesting with exclusive information. Absolutely unique.]

10votes : EVERYONE Bites The Dust

    [*Meet rare John] [*So deep] [Funny and clever]

9votes : Yoru No Tenshi (Japanese only)

    [*I'm interested in what John said in Japanese magazines at that time] [*Funny comments]

5votes : Disco. Deacon

    [It's beautiful the fact that John has worked with many greats artists.]

5votes : In Only Seven WORDS

    [I like to read what he said.] [Just to know who you're going to find here.]

1vote : Jiyuu Eno Tabidachi (Japanese only)

    [*Japanse translation of lyrics makes me feel the depth of his songs]

1vote : If You Can't Beat HIM