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Snow White

(Written by Yuri, Translated by Yuki)

(Snow White = JD, Queen = BM, Dwarf = FM, Prince = RT)

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess, named snow white.
She didn't like to go out, but she devoted herself to make and fix her own electric appriances.

One day, the king welcomed the new queen to the castle.
She was a highly nervous person and once she gets angry, she gives snow white a long preach, so she didn't like her.
The queen sometime wanted to do electric repairing, but she often made a mistake, so it was whispered among servants that the queen was all thumbs and snow white did much better, and that queen's curly hair was exploded when she failed in repairing.

The queen, who heard the rumor, asks servants about it, but they never tell her the truth.
The impatient queen asked the magic mirror which she brought in when she got married.
"Is the rumor among servants true? I want to know the truth."
"It is confirmed to be true." The mirror answerd.
"Is my technique on electronics inferior to snow white's?"
"...Probably...perhaps...maybe...possibly...Oops, I have somethig to do now! Bye!"
"What's the heck are you going to do, Mr. mirror? Tell the truth!"
The mirror now kept quiet.
"I have to keep my power. I have to capture snow white!"

This rumor spreaded over the castle soon, and snow white came to know it.
"The queen is going to capture you."
Sensing imminent danger, snow white rushed out of the castle without anything in her hand, followed by servants. After the dark, however, she got lost and lost sight of servants. She was all alone.
"What should I do? I can't go back to the castle..."
Then, she smelled something good from the nearby woods.
"I'm so hungry... Guess I'll ask for some food."
She walked into the woods.

In the woods, a dressed up dwarf was making soup in a tumbledown house.
He sensed someone standing by, looked back, to find snow white looking at the soup.
"You can eat however you want, if you like. Take a seat here."
The dwarf generously served her a big portion of soup.
"You saved my life."
"That's ok. But for what reason a beautiful girl like you came down here?"
"Someone is seeking my life."
"I don't get what's going on, but you seem to be in a trouble. You can stay here for a while."
"Thank you. By the way, aren't you dwarf a group of seven?"
"I am a dwarf with seven faces."
He smiled mysteriously.

In the castle, the queen was torturing servants since she new snow white had disappeared. None came out with the truth. She asked the mirror again.
"Where is snow white? I'll dump you in the garbage collection if you don't tell it."
The mirror answered,
"She knew your plot thourough servants, and ran away from the castle."
"I'm asking you where she went and where she's hiding!"
"I don't think I know about that... Please, I don't want be dumped!"
The poor magic mirror was collected as a garbage on Thursday morning.
The queen kept questioning the servants, and finally one servant confessed where she was staying.
She made poison apples, disguised as a witch, and headed for the woods.

"Don't speak with the strangers",
said the dwarf and he disappeared into the deep woods.
Snow white was so bored that she began repairing the tumbling down house.
Before long, someone stepped onto the entrance.
"Hello, girl. Would you like an delicious apple?",
An old lady in black asked.
"I don't want to eat anything now."
"This is very good. I'll give you one, so try it."
"I'm stuffed now."
"...I'll leave you one, so please eat it later."
The old lady left the house. Snow white began working again, but she was getting hungry in the evening.
She ate the whole apple she left.
"ooh...I'm sleepy...so tired..."
The dwarf came back. Looking at the sleeping snow white, he was about to carry out his secret plan of sneaking into her bed, but however he shaked her, she never woke up.
He felt something wrong and did everything he could, in vain.

He lamented, and he lied her body in the coffin stuffed with her favorite roasted peanuts.
Passing by this scene was the princess of the neiboring country.
He had a big crash on her the moment he saw her. He said,
"How come a beautiful woman like her has to die...?I'll bring her back to her life again with my kiss...!"
The princess got down on all fours and he was about to kiss her.
"Don't touch snow white, you are breaking the coffin!"
"How dare you can say that?! You don't know my weight!"
The dwarf, yellow with gealousy and fury, attacked the prince with his microphone stand.
The prince fought back with his drum stick. It was a fight to win her.
Then, the man who was playing the role of "tree" in the back walked to the coffin and put a peanuts into snow white's mouth, and she came back to her life.
After making sure she was awake, he closed the lid of the coffin and rushed away with coffin on a cart.

The man playing tree was the queen.
"Huh? why is queen here?"
"I am not the queen anymore. We don't have any more pages left in this stupid script."

"You were playing three different roles, weren't you??"
"Thinking of you turns a pain into pleasure."
"You say things like freddie says."
"...let me change the topic..."
Brian was edging over John.
"We had a lot of fight, but I like you anyway..."
"Wait, I have six kids ..."
"That's the same with me. And you have promising kids."
"I'm not taking about that...Stop Brian! Uuuuuugh!"

After the dark, the dwarf and prince were tired from fighting.
They somehow found a kindred sprit each other, and disappeared into the deep woods.
"Let's have a party tonight!"

-The End-

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