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Sleeping beauty

(Translated by Yuki)

(Sleeping beauty = JD, Good witch = RT, Demon = FM, Prince = BM)

A princess had been wanted so long in this country, and finally she was born.
The king summoned a good witch who lived in the woods, and asked her to
use her magic for the princess.
"That's a piece of cake. I can do three magics for you.
First...may she be cuter than anybody."
The witch with a husky voice waved the stick in her hand. The baby in the
cradle smiled broadly.
"Next, may she sing with the most beautiful voice...Oops, ...s**t!"
The stick slipped out of her hand and fell on the ground. She was tipsy after a party.
(Never mind!)
She was about to make her last wish.
"Why didn't you call me!"
The demon appeared before her eyes.
The king's country was so poor that he couldn't summon the flamboyant demon.
The angry demon traced over the baby's cheek with his black nails, and
made a fearful prediction.
"This baby will...die on her twentieth birthday, while playing a bass guitar!"
Suddenly he disappeard into the smoke.
The good witch said to the lamenting king,
"Don't worry, she wll be just sleeping."
It made everyone relieved, but the king was afraid that the prediction would
come true, so he had all the bass guitar in the country burnt.

Years passed, princess Aurora grew to be a quiet, pretty girl with a cute smile.
However, the second wish didn't seem to have an effect.

On the day of her twentieth birthday, princess Aurora was attracted to the beautiful
voice coming from high above the tower, and she climed up there by herself.
A man in white was singing and playing the piano.
"Mama...I'd better die..."
The man singing looked so sad that she wanted to help him.
"Why are you so sad?"
The man in white stares at her with his sparkling black eyes,
and casts his eyes down.
Besides the piano stood a guitar with four strings which she had
never seen before.
"Let me play this."
She then took the guitar, and played it to the piano and the
beautiful voice.
However, she felt a pain in her fingers. The moment she licked her finger,
she fell down to the ground.
The bass guitar was poisoned.

"Yes! It worked!"
The man pulled his white clothes off and throw them. Now, he was
the demon of twenty years ago.
At the same moment, the good witch appeared.
"You are wrong, Mr.demon. She is not dead."
The demon answers quietly.
"I know that because I've read the original story! She is just
sleeping, right?
I'll take her home and then... hehehe..."

When he was about to hold her in his arms with a defiant laughter,
the prince of neighboring country reached the top of the tower,
out of breath.
(gasping, panting)"Oh, I'm tired..I don't like physical labors.."
"You are too late! Now, you beat the demon and get the princess back!"
The witch passed on her job to the prince, but his moves were so slow
that he quickly became under control of the demon.
"Get us back Princess Aurora!"
"Nooope, I don't pass her to you! Don't think you can beat me with singing."
His mysterious voice killed the prince's feeble voice, although it was his best.

The situation became unfavorable for the prince, but he took the last resort.
He throws an acaustic guitar to him and says,
"then, let's fight with guitars. Play it!"
"Mumm...All I know is only two codes..."
The princess played his handmaid guitar so loud, killing the demon
with his ears coverd with hands.

"The guitar is stronger than the sword."
The prince headed home happily.

...He completely forgot the princess...

The princess in oblivion is still sleeping.

-The End-

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