Christmas and New Year Message For John

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  1. mami@webmaster [11/30 23:58]
      Please leave your warm and thoughtful message to Mr Deacon :-)

  2. Etien [12/01 02:57]
      To my best member of Queen... HELLO!I wish you be happy!:-))

  3. Maria jo [12/02 02:44]
      For the first time, a Merry, Merry Christmas John! And of course a Happy, Happy New Year!!

  4. Francesca [12/02 03:57]
      Hi! I wish you a fantastic christmas with you're beautiful family my dear John! You're the best in the universe, don't forget that we love you so much!
      With love,
      forever your, Francesca
      I'm italian, sorry for my english :-)

  5. Seraph [12/02 12:24]
      Dear John
      How have you been?
      I hope you and your family are fine.
      Whenever I listen to the Queen, I concentrate your bass line.
      Thank you for your music.
      May peace be with you and those you love,
      and may all the happiness of this joyous season be yours, now and in the coming year.

      Saraph, your fan in Japan

  6. Ayana [12/04 16:30]
      Merry Christmas,John!
      I was very happy to see your message on "Happy Birthday" message board.
      May your days be merry and bright...
      I love you from the bottom of my heart.

      Cheers xxx Ayana

  7. Ean [12/05 00:42]
      To our beloved bassist Deacy, and to all his fans out there, have a good Christmas.

      May you be blessed as the new year arrives :3

  8. Paul mc [12/05 05:53]
      John, hope you have a great christmas and a happy new year. Thank's for the inspiration "my band starting work in studio now" Paul your fan in Newcastle.

  9. Maike [12/06 03:22]
      Dear John, I think of you every single day. Merry Xmas! Please do us the favour and send us some words to let us know how youre doing!
      I would never be the girl I am without you in my heart.
      Love from Germany,

  10. astrid veldhuisen [12/06 20:01]
      Dear John, Veronika and the children,
      Happy holidays and a healthy and happy 2006 to you all!
      Lot of Dutch Greetings,

      Fam. van Rijn-Veldhuisen

  11. Carol [12/07 05:00]
      Dear John!
      I wish you a fantastic christmas and a happy new year!
      from spain!
      with love, Carolina

  12. Hime [12/07 18:25]
      How do you do,John.
      My name is Hime.I'm 13 years old.
      It's winter now.Japan is considerably cold.
      Is that place cold?
      I always hear the music that you made. I love it.
      I think, 'If You Can't Beat them' is the more wonderful in your made music.

      It becomes colder from now on, but please do not get your body out of order.
      Please have pleasant Christmas and end of the year beginning of the year too much.


  13. Dodo [12/07 20:59]
      Merry Christmas John!

      I love you

  14. Lisette [12/08 03:58]
      Happy Xmas, John.
      Love you.

  15. Net [12/08 04:16]
      Dear John! And all your pretty family! I love you and wish you Merry Christmas!

  16. nika [12/08 07:10]
      Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you John and your beatiful family!!!))) We miss you and love you our friend! You are the oldest friend to me,I have been admiring you since I was very small child,and still I am))I hope some day we'll see you again, I live so far away from England and so many years are between Queen and me,but your beautiful music is part of me,my dreams and my joy ))I m so glad there are such wonderful people as you !I m just trying to say that I love you so much and wish your family the most wonderful and Happy Christmas!!;)Many delights to you in everything,my dear John!!!!

  17. Karen [12/08 10:54]
      Have a Happy Christmas and all of us hope to hear from you soon!

  18. Reedster [12/08 21:26]

      Seasons greetings. I saw the new Queen venture this year and the band really misses you and your signature style of bass playing. Would love to see you rejoin the band and go on tour.

      Whatever you do next year, all the best to you and your family for 2006.


  19. ernesto [12/09 09:11]
      john merry christmas and happy new year for the best bass player of the world

  20. ms [12/09 11:09]
      Miss hearing you play!! But your music still lives on. Love to you and your family.

  21. Mic [12/09 16:02]
      Have a happy christmas and hope the new year brings you many joys! Thanks for inspiring me to play bass, and as it is so often said, keep on rocking the free world!

  22. sandy [12/10 01:38]
      Hello Mr. Deacon:

      I hope you're having a great time. You're my favorite bass-man... and I hope one day I could meet you. Meanwhile, I wish you all the best for the next year.

      Have a great Christmas and New Year.

  23. AYA [12/10 04:23]
      Dear Mr.Deacon,

      Merry Christmas!! And A Happy New YearI
      Nice to meet you. My name is Aya.I became a fan of QUEEN in September, this year.
      The opportunity was conversation with a boyfriend. Because a name of QUEEN came out in conversation with him, I have begun to be interested. And I purchased a ticket of a concert of this year first above all.
      But I knew that you did not do music activity after I bought a ticket.( You may think unpleasantly. I'm sorry.) However, only it has been charmed in a short term by music of QUEEN. In addition, I think that there was power only for it in music.There is still a lot of people listening to music of QUEEN and music of John. It is a very wonderful thing.
      My friend greeted a birthday the other day. She is a friend since a kindergarten. At her birthday party, I intend to present "The John Best" that I edited. Of course the last music chose "Friends Will Be Friends" because it was music to present to a friend.
      You are very disappointed with music not being active, but please please spend healthy days well.
      And I love you!

  24. Anthony [12/10 05:00]
      Best wishes and immense happiness for 2006 and may you continue exercising your freedom to choose how you occupy your time.
      You are part of something special and I hope you realise that.
      Never cease to create.

  25. Siobhan [12/11 00:04]
      Merry Christmas John and family!
      You are our number one and we wont ever forget you, I wish you all the happiness in the world. Love you!!!

      Siobhan XXX

  26. Sophie Hindes [12/11 09:56]
      Merry Christmas
      All the best for the New Year, to you, your wife & your children!
      Hope you are living happily and enjoying your life.
      Love & hugs xoxoxo

  27. MASAKO [12/11 23:52]
      How are you,John? Your `A DAY AT THE RACES`reminds me X`mas,especially-Somebody to love,You& I. Thank you for your lovely music! I wish you a HAPPY X`MAS!
      Hug&kisses from Japan. I still love YOU,how can I forget about YOU since `76 :-)

  28. Pasta [12/14 17:57]
      To Bassist who is sweetest in the worldcc! ;-)
      I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

      Winter is the best season to visit Japan.
      You may be relaxed in a hot spring.
      And fishes and vegetable are delicious in winter.
      Here in Japan there are a lot of fans of you!!!
      Prepare your favorite delicious Japanese meal and liquor and we waiting for you heartily.
      Would you come to Japancc?
      However, it is slightly cold only with one piece of aloha shirt! :-))

      Respect and love

  29. LLLLLLLLLL [12/14 19:03]
      Merry christmas and Happy new year. Take care of yourself and those around you.

  30. fat botommed girl [12/14 23:46]
      hello sweetest queen's member!!!!
      i hope you have a great xmas and a very good new year...
      i still hope that next year you will be in another tour with your friend you miss us so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      1000 very big kisses roberta

  31. maysea [12/18 19:10]
      Hello, John!
      Where are you spending the Christmas holodays this year? Are you enjoying excellent dinner and Christmas carols??
      Anyway, I love you wherever you are. Of course I can enjoy with your beautiful songs every single day.
      I wish you and your family a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
      From Japan, xxx

  32. Samuel FOLLIOT [12/19 03:45]
      I'm a young french bass player and john is my favorit Bassist. Thank you very much john. Happy christmas and happy new year.

  33. NAOKO [12/20 01:37]
      Dear John

      What is carried out now?

      I am glad to speak to you here.

      But English is weak...

      May the great new year comes!

  34. igor [12/20 04:48]
      john sei semlicemente la persona migliore e il piu grande bassista di tutti i tempi.sono il piu grande tuo fanatico ammiratore del mondo,pagherei per sapere che fai in questi anni,se qualcuno sa qualcosa vi scongiuro inviate una email al mio indiizzo.HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!john unico

  35. Yukari [12/20 07:32]
      Dear John
      I wish you a Merry Christmas and
      A Happy New Year!

  36. Akki [12/21 00:01]
      Dear Mr John Deacon,

      How are you? Is everything all right?

      Although I think I'd like to go to England someday,
      My Santa Claus (do you think there's Santa Claus for Mama?)
      doesn't still make my wish come true.
      Well, actually I'm so naive that I thought they sell
      the passport at a travel agency!

      I truly wish from Japan you and your family all the best
      for a very happy and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

      Take care,

      One of your big fan, Akki

  37. ikuko [12/21 20:17]
      Dear John

      +++ A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year +++

      I got many laughs and tears of joys and some sad tears.
      And there are unforgettable tears.
      It's the picture passed toethese are the days of our livesfandebohemian rhapsodyfingreturn of the championshdvd.
      It was too beautiful...

      Thank you,John.

      I hope you have a first-rate christmas.

  38. M.Kassy [12/21 23:31]
      Best Wishes for A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

      We Japanese 'Deaconists' are always thinking of you.
      Please come to Japan!
      And if it is being able to do, please delight us with your music once again.


  39. Asuka [12/22 01:43]
      Dear John

      Hi! I'll spend this Christmas,watching Queen'video and talking about Queen with my friends who loves Queen!!
      May you enjoy the Christmas filled with love and a wonderful New Year!!

      Thank you for answering my Birthday message to you!!
      When I noticed your answer,I felt just fantastic!!!

      I love you and your music forever!!

      All my love,

  40. Cristobal [12/22 03:22]
      Dear John:
      You're best bassist of the history, but I have two question: Why you aren't now of Queen?. And where are you now?.

      Merry Christmas dear John a happy New Year 2006..
      And I have a notice to John:
      What don't live more in Australia, why tomorrow or in 20.000 years more Australia explot.


  41. C.O.T [12/22 16:15]
      Dear John,

      *** May best wishes you for a joyous Christmas & a happy and healthy New Year.***

      Hope you're doing all right.

      I take pleasure in listening to Queen Music everyday.
      I love the sound of your cool bass, especially harmonizing well with Freddie's beautiful voice.
      Thank you for your nice sound, lyrics and pictures that has been made me happy and cheer up!
      Then I'd like to gift myself as a Christmas present to you... oh, sorry, I'm a wife and a mother. So I can not. ;-}

      It was great to have many nice surprises by you this year. I'm looking forward to a new surprise in 2006.

      I'll follow you, wherever you go or whatever you do!!
      Ooo, you make me live.

      with love
      C.O.T from Japan xxxxx

  42. yoshiko T [12/22 20:20]
      Dear Jhon.

      I'm not a christian, but I like this season.
      Because pepole become a little tender, gently, and kindly.
      27 years have passed since I listened to Queen at first.
      And I've never got weary of listening Queen.
      I like most of Queen music(sorry not all), especially Freddie's vocal & your bass-line.
      My favorite songs are [spread your wings],[save me] and [thanks God it's christmas].
      My favorite bass-lines are [breakthru](sorry not break free) , [the invisible man] and
      [anothe one bites the dust].
      Please listen to us your play, when your motivation blaze up.
      Thanks God I can listen to you Queen.

  43. la chat [12/22 23:23]
      Je vous souhaite un joyeux Noel.

      Last night, I dreamed a dream of Santa Claus with a black Fender Precision Bass instead of a big bag on his shoulder.
      He gave me a great big smile for me, and vanished.

      Then I woke up, I thank God it's Christmas.

      May peace and Joy be yours at Christmas and throughout the new year.
      From Japan with love x x x

  44. Akko [12/23 00:19]
      Dear John Deacon
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for Mr. Deacon and your beautiful family!
      In Japan, we had so many chances to see or listen to the Queen this year, like the great musical gWE WILL ROCK YOUh or concerts gQUEEN+PAUL RODGERSh .Almost every day, we could listen your songs from TV or the radio. And a lot of TV programs aired about the Queen as special features. The live events were so attractive to me, even though I am a high-school girl student. Actually, I had to spend the most of my money just to see those live events, but of course they were worth to do that!
      I wish you a wonderful and happy new year to you and your family, and hopefully to my wallet!
      I went to the live event of gQUEEN+PAUL RODGERSh, because you said that you would support it. It was so great! I loved it so much! And their fans! From teens to fifties, they were so many, and even they knew you didnft come there, some wore the T-shorts printed your face on it! See? That made me so happy! They love you, like me, I know!
      When I heard about your retirement, I was very disappointed about being not able to see your live performance on the stage or TV any more. It was too bad, I thought. But I understand your decision and support you. Because of this retirement, you chose the slow life with your family and it might give the happiest time forever, I believe.
      I will always love you and be your fan forever, same as you support Mr. May and Mr. Taylor.

      With a lot of love.

  45. ykk [12/23 18:24]
      Merry Christmas, John!
      What gift do you want?
      I can't give you what you want,
      but I always love you and your music.

  46. gi [12/23 19:21]
      Hello Mr. Deacon!
      I'm hungarian and I can't use english properly, so I just would like to wish you and your family MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
      A 16 year old Queen fan from Hungary

  47. froglegs [12/24 10:31]
      Click for the bigger image
      2005 has been a great year for me, as many Queen related things I've got and events I've joined. What's more especially, us The Deaconists felt you very close! Please keep in touch with us, let us know that you're doing all right. Drop a line again sometimes!
      I hope you'll enjoy the Christmas holidays and have a wonderful new year!
      (From Froglegs, your fan in Japan)

  48. Kuniko [12/24 17:54]
      Dear John,
      I wish your happy Christmas & joyful new year ! I love your music. I miss you! Someday, please present us your new song.
      Lots of love & kiss
      from Kuniko

  49. Riccardo [12/24 18:50]
      Dear John and fans, Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year!

  50. linen [12/25 01:20]
      Merry Christmas ,John !!

      In summer, thank you for a message here. I was very glad.

      I am your fan forever.

  51. lemon [12/25 20:07]
      Dear John.

      Wishing you a beautiful Holiday Season and a New Year of Peace and Happiness.

      Thank you John, your music makes my daily life pleasant.

  52. ariko [12/25 21:34]
      Merry Christmas, John!

      I love you!

  53. himawari [12/25 21:58]
      Dear John,
      I wish you a merry Christmas, and hope you and your family a happy holiday. Where are you , and what are you thinking about in this Christmas time c.

      In this summer, you gave us some of big surprise! Those were like Christmas & birthday presents for me. So I do not want them anymorec.

      I hope next year will be an even better year for you. Please remember that many fans are here in Japan. I wonder if you will come to Japan c:-)

      love xxx

  54. Ryo.M (nyan) [12/26 00:25]
      Happy ChristmasNew Year, John!
      Your music gave me a peaceful state of mind.
      Thank you.

      We wish you beautiful days to come,

      I'm afraid, but I feel......
      that it's about time that you have your
      grand-children!? LOL
      (Oh,my apologies!)

      ...Anyway,please take care of yourself
      and may peace be around you!

      from your Japanese fan, Ryo.

  55. marta [12/26 01:27]

      my real dad has passed away this year at the age of 52 so for me that's the weirdest and the most shabby Christmas I've ever had.

      Hope you're doing much better this festive season.Wish you always all the best ever.Still admire your strenght and intelligence.Take care


  56. kiyomaa [12/26 03:11]
      I wish you a merry Christmas.
      I hope you'll be healthy and happy.

  57. Taylana [12/27 07:45]

      Happy New year for you all.

  58. Little Queenie [12/27 17:47]
      Hi, John!

      I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas with your family; with your grown children, and with your young grandchildren perhaps?!

      John, we all still love you, and pray that everything is going well with you.

      If you ever decide to come to Japan, please let us know through this site. You will have crowds of fans waiting for you at the Narita Airport with banners saying, "John, welcome back!"

      You are missed, loved, and appreciated so much after all these years. No other person can take your place.

      Have a happy new year, and keep in touch with us!

  59. helen [12/27 20:01]
      hello guys,not posted on here in ages,but hope you all had a great christmas! very happy this site is still going :) thankyou!

  60. Alex Grimaldo [12/28 03:17]
      Happy new year John!!!, hope to hear from you soon...or at least someday!!!

      Stay Beautiful


  61. Alina from Russia [12/28 18:32]
      Dear John!I wich you Happy new year! If you can, please,send to me some letter,please. I'm 13!!! I like you very much

  62. RK [12/28 21:26]
      May happy memories to bring you joy today!
      Wish all happiness and health for Mr.John and beautiful people gethering this site.
      I'd like to thank many cheers that you gave me in this year.
      Have a happy holiday!
      RK from Thailand

  63. Francesca [12/30 02:21]
      Happy new year my sweet love!!!!!!!!
      We miss you so much!!! I wish you and your family a very good year! Lot of love my dear!!

  64. Lilac [12/30 14:51]
      Dear Mr.Deacon

      Wishing you Good health,
      Love and Happiness,
      And more than anything else,
      Peace to you in the coming year.

      Happy New Year!

      I am hoping against hope that you will come again to Japan someday!!

      Love and kisses

      Your big admirer in Japan

  65. Christie and Andrea [12/31 01:03]
      Hello again, dear John and friends/fans. We have just dropped in again from the USA to say merry Christmas (although belated- sorry about that), happy holidays, and happy New Year.

      May 2006 bring you all great happiness and joy. :D

      Andrea and Christie

  66. tony holmes [12/31 05:17]
      happy xmass j`d .p.s you should talk more queen fans need you.all the best T

  67. Doze [12/31 23:11]
      How do you do, Mr. John Deacon?
      I hope 2006 will be the best year for you!
      A happy new year, Jonh!

      Doze,your fan live in Japan!

  68. ROKUYAN [01/01 18:03]
      Dear John
      Happy New Year! I wish this year will be the happiest and best for you.:-))

  69. Letter [01/04 00:03]
      Dear, John

      A Happy New Year!
      Please be happy!! I love you everyday.

  70. acc [01/04 12:36]
      A Happy New Year!
      It be a substantial year for you.
      I look forward to can see you on stage again.

  71. lDj [01/06 11:36]
      My dearest ingmI


      I wish you and your family good health and happiness.

  72. Olga Seitz [01/06 22:04]
      Hello Dear John. I'm the bass-player from Russia. In our country today is day of Christmas. So I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish you to be healthy, lucky and happy. Memories of your playing bass gives me a power to play on my Fender Precision in our cocerts.
      Please write some words about how are you and what are you doing?

      With Love, OLGA from Saint-Petersburg

      P.S.: It was very cool when i saw you message on Birthday message board.

  73. alejandra [01/09 08:07]
    http:// john I love you
      john you are the best, I love you from argentina..... kisses..


  74. Francesca [01/14 03:43]
      John, the 18th of Jannuary is your wedding's anniversary, I wish to you and Veronica a fantastic day!!!!! You greet me your numerous and beautiful family! I wish you a wonderful year. Lots of love

  75. igor&roberta [01/15 19:04]
      Hello john you are the best for us!!!!!!!!
      we love you so much and we hope you have a great day for your wedding's anniversary....
      there's no words for tell you that we love you, and igor said that he will see you one day because he can't live if he can't see you...roberta loves you so much and ask if you can say hello to roger from her... :)))))
      ok now we wish you all the love of the world bye bye dear.
      P.S. can you say hello to veronica and all your children from us??? thank you bye bye dear....

  76. mija [01/16 08:52]
      Hello, My name is mija and i have been a very good fan of Queen for so long and i am only 11 ive known you guys sence......i was 9...ive loved ya from the start. Did you no that you inspired me to love to play first song was another one bites the dust. i love you not a big fan of your little singer dude and i never have been a fan of elton john so i hope you send somthing back.(sorry for the spelling errors)
      Mija E. Bean (meeya)