Birthday Message for John 2007

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  1. mami@webmaster [07/30 23:19]
      Let's send your cheerful message to Mr John Deacon for his 56th birthday!

      ** If you want to send your artwork, please send it to me first (I'll put it on the message board later).

  2. Rei [07/31 23:10]
      dear john, you're always in my mind and in my heart! i wish you a fantastic birthday, i love you so much my dear

  3. meredith [08/01 03:19]
      happy birthday. =]

  4. azka [08/01 21:39]
      happy birthday!keep on smiling ;)

  5. Riccardo [08/01 22:22]
      Happy Birthday dear John, I really hope to see u soon again!

  6. robert [08/02 10:17]
      happy birthday john!
      I wish you the best.

  7. Alan [08/03 12:15]
      Hi John, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!. You're the greatest bass player in the whole world.I started playing bass because of you, you're my inspiration.Thanks for being so great. Bye.

  8. Rocio [08/03 13:27]
      Happy Birthday Mr. John Deacon!!

      Fan Club, Chile,!

  9. Jose PInto [08/03 21:05]
      Parabéns John

  10. Mechi [08/03 23:34]
      HI John! I am Mechi from Argentina, and Im 17. Happy Birthday master! You're god in the bass guitar! I love you so much!!!

  11. jersy [08/04 02:18]
      holas soy queenera

  12. Tessa [08/04 05:24]
      What can I say? Happy birthday, love to the family. and thankyou for You're My Best Friend and Spread Your Wings.

  13. xgladiador [08/04 08:01]
      nah poh vuenve a queen porfa te queremos john

  14. enzo [08/04 10:28]

  15. ayako [08/04 17:42]
      Happy Birthday,John!! I wish your health and happiness.

  16. Leonardo [08/05 00:48]
      Happy birthday john.. we miss your performing on stage.. you are the best.

  17. Francisco [08/05 07:52]

  18. juanillaa [08/05 08:11]
      hola feliz cumple y gracias por todo

  19. Santiago [08/05 09:32]
      You're great John. Thanks!

  20. A.N [08/05 10:02]
      Happy birthday john!!
      Many happy returns of the day

      I practice bass now, I want to play like you.

  21. lizbeth sanches solorzano [08/05 12:47]
      que lo pases bonito en tu compleaños te quiero y te asmiro mucho .que te vendiga dios . chau

  22. Fire [08/05 16:21]
      Happy birthday john!!
      I like your smile.
      and I love you!

  23. Froglegs [08/05 16:25]

  24. Dafodilus [08/06 00:09]
      Dear John,

      If you are reading this right now, whereever you are, I just hope that you are content with life as it is for you right now. Happy birthday!

  25. ?eandro camacho [08/06 05:15]
      John no te imaginas lo que queen y tu musica han despertado en mi desde que naci hasta hoy.
      pase 19 años escuchando tu musica, mi papa ponia queen cerca de la pansa de mi madre para que yo pudiera sentir las vibraciones,y desde que naci me cultive con su buena musica.
      ahora soy compositor, intento homenajearlos con algunas de mis cansiones...

      les estoy eternamente agradecido por lo grandiosos que han sido

      feliz cumpleaños John!


  26. Leandro Camacho [08/06 05:19]
      soy de Argentina y su paso quedo guardado en nuestra mente para siempre.
      no hay nadie que no se acuerde de ello

  27. George Iturria [08/06 09:00]
      Jhon Richard Deacon = the maryor man of bass

  28. sara [08/06 20:09]
      Happy Birthday, Mr. "JRD" ;) You are awesome ;)

  29. Miss QUEEN [08/07 22:04]
      Click HERE to see in original size
      DEAR JOHN,
      AUG.19 2007

  30. cedric [08/07 22:24]
      joyeux anniversaire! je vous adore, si je devais apprendre Ejouer de la basse, vous seriez mon jimi hendrix.

  31. chris [08/08 05:29]
      john deacons bass playing is truly an original style. John Deacon is an amazing player... i only wish he could make a few litle public apearances just so queen fans can know what hes up to...anyways i wish him a very happy birthday!!

  32. Rodrigo [08/08 07:54]
      Happy Birthday from Chile Sir John Deacon, I admire you, your personality is just lke mine.

  33. C.O.T [08/08 15:33]
      Click HERE to see in original size
      Happy birthday, John!!

      Your smile and sound of the bass are always my great healer.
      I truly,madly,deeply love you ;-}

      With best wishes,

      C.O.T from Japan xxxxxxx

  34. Emily [08/08 18:13]
      Dear John, wishing you a fantastic birthday! I'll probably never meet you but you have been a huge influence on me, thank you! I hope you're happy, wherever you are. Lots of love from me here in israel :)

  35. Santiago( [08/08 21:34]
      Happy birthday,Mr. Deacon!!!
      From Tucumán,Argentina.
      We want to know about you!!!

  36. Lara González [08/09 05:15]
      Hello John! I'm 15 years old. I'm from Argentine and a Queen's super fan...I'm just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! for the best bass player in the world...And one of my 4 GODS (Freddie, Brian, Roger and...obviously you) Well see you soon

      I love you so much

      Thank you for all

      Loves and many many kisses for you

      Lara González (Argentine)

  37. yasuko [08/09 23:51]

      I miss you very much.
      I want to see you sometime somewhere.


  38. Eva [08/10 01:33]

  39. SADA [08/10 01:42]
      HELLO JOHN!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! o como dirú}mos en Spain !ke lo pases de puta madre!! a ver si te dejas caer por algún lugar de Spain con tu bass y podemos verte en directo... BYE,ciao,adiosssss

  40. walhal [08/10 07:32]
      happy birthday from Chile,
      I hope you come someday to my country...
      enjoy your love for this art...
      see you

  41. kimie [08/10 22:36]
      Congratulations on your birthday!
      Your music is a part of my body.
      I can't live without it any longer.
      I am always wishing you to be happy.

  42. daga [08/12 06:08]
      STO LAT STO LAT NIECH NAM ZYJE DROGI JANEK! HAPPY! For You and your wife :) An please back to US :)

  43. czarny [08/12 16:59]
      wszystkiego najlepszego John <Jasiu>
      polnish fan

  44. Lisseh [08/13 00:54]
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNY!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Arti [08/13 14:40]
      Happy , happy birthday ! We love you !
      I want to break Free !!!

  46. Syneloi [08/13 16:52]
      Pokój Tobie!

      Szczêœliwego ¿ycia w ka¿dym miejscu i czasie wraz z zaproszeniem do uprawiania Eltaoo i czytania oraz wpisywania siEna stronach Królestwa Eloi po³¹czonych linkam z stron¹


  47. Kapeo [08/13 23:52]
      Click HERE to see in original size
      Mr John Deacon,

      Best wishes on your birthday.

      I hope this message finds you well.
      My child became fully adult, and my thoughts rest happily on traveling across the county during summer are your summer holidays this year?

      I pray from far, far away Japan that all of your family are safe and keep on smiling.

      Take care,

      P.S. that hand-painted character represents myself :-)

  48. Dominik [08/14 02:16]
      Best wishes John :D

  49. sakyuu. [08/14 23:28]

  50. [08/15 05:13]
      have a good one belisha

  51. [08/15 05:28]
      Ps keep smiling john ur the best be happy whatever ur doing

  52. yoshiko t [08/15 12:09]
      Dear John.
      Last year Mr. Nuno Bettencourt came to JAPAN.
      An interviewer asked him "Which record will you take with,if you go to a desert island?"
      Mr.NUNO answerd on th instant "A night at the OPERA."!
      We still love QUEEN. We still love you.

  53. Akane [08/15 20:06]
      Happy birthday Jhon
      please come back for us
      spread your wings

  54. Kao [08/16 00:00]
      Dear John,
      Happy Birthday To You!!

      If you don't mind,could you come to Japan Again?

  55. Natalie [08/16 16:24]
      Mr. John Deacon is the man who is really worthy of being hold in VERY HIGH respect. I always wanted to tell him how I adore him all these years.
      " Why don't you go get him - I'm his biggest fan
      You gotta tell him - he's still the man".
      So, happy-happy birthday, Mr. Deacon! I hope, all the bad in this life will skirt you.

  56. Thomas Stotz [08/16 16:48]
      Happy Birthday to you, John!
      You're one of the best bass guitarist ever!
      I hope you will join Queen again anytime! All the fans are missing you.
      But if you don't like, i accept your dicision.
      best wishes

  57. ‚xukari [08/16 21:36]
      Happy birthday,Dear Jonh!

      I hope so your health and happiness.
      I like the best bass player all of the worldI

  58. iku [08/17 12:03]
      Happy Birthday, John!

      I am very happy.
      Because I can hear yours songs.
      They have lots of love.

      Have a special day.


  59. lemon [08/17 23:56]
      Happy Birthday,John!

      I hope your special day is filled with happiness and love.

  60. joe [08/18 00:34]
      felicidades chavalote

  61. uko [08/18 12:58]
      happy birthday!!

      i hope your happiness.

      much love

  62. pasta [08/18 14:32]
      Happy Birthday,Dear John!!!

      You are my favorite musician.
      Your splendid songs give courage and an ease to me.
      and... your sweet smile lets my heart melt away...!
      I'm praying that you and your family are happy and safe.

      Respect and love.

      pasta from Japan

  63. Kaboko [08/18 14:40]
      Happy Birthday to You!

      I Love You Forever(^_-)-™

  64. Asami [08/18 17:29]
      Hi, John!
      Happy Birthday to you!!
      I hope you have a nice day;-)
      I love you.

  65. Ponyopikoru [08/18 23:03]
      Dear John,

      Happy birthday to you!
      I'm glad you celebrate birthday.

  66. Letter [08/18 23:39]
      Dear John.
      Happy Birthday!!
      I love you and your songs so much.
      I hope that you are always energetic and happy!

  67. maysea [08/18 23:48]
      Happy Birthday, John!!

      You were born to make us happy with your beautiful songs, weren't you? :-)

      Thank you for being with me through your lovely tunes all the time!!

  68. M.Kassy [08/19 00:00]
      Click HERE to see in original size
      Happy birthday to you.

      You of the day with Queen are very precious to me. Thank you for wonderful songs and performances.

      I am waiting,believing that the day will come when we can see you enjoying music again.

  69. Ryo.M [08/19 00:15]
      Happy Birthday, John! (^J^)

      ((^J^) indicates your smiling face...ô)

  70. MIKAN [08/19 00:59]
      Happy birthday,John!

      Thank you for having made a lot of splendid music. I feel happy whenever I hear your music and the tone of your bass guitar. I wish you good health and happyness.

      with love from Japan

  71. erute [08/19 01:35]
      Happy Birthday, John!

      May your days be filled with happiness.

  72. Yuki [08/19 02:42]
      Dear John, Happy Birthday!!
      Thank you so much for giving your great music to my life.
      Take care,

      with much love & kisses xxx

  73. JEgen Bilcke [08/19 06:23]
      Cheers John !!!
      We still love you...

  74. Kontsu [08/19 06:37]
      Dear Mr. John Deacon

      I send my greetings of gHappy Birthdayh to you far away from Japan.

      Your smile and music make me blissfully happy!!

      I will always love you and I pray you and your beloved people be fortunate forever.

  75. Masako S.M. [08/19 08:48]

      I still remember the day I met you!
      You were Mr. friendly.
      Thank you so much your beautiful music!
      Especially ADATR is my No.1.

      Love and peaceXX

  76. Susie [08/19 11:28]
      Birthday wishes from the USA!!!

  77. Jason [08/19 12:31]
      On this day a year ago I was celebrating a 55th birthday for you. Now its the big five-six! Happy Birthday John! And don't worry about 'biting the dust' any time soon!

  78. Joe-El [08/19 12:42]
      Hi John!

      I hope you have a very happy birthday, here's wishing you happiness and the best wishes. Hail to the silent one!!!

  79. Barin [08/19 13:00]

  80. nakajima [08/19 16:26]
      Dear Mr.Deacon

      Happy Birthday!!!
      Best wishes for your continued success.

      Sincerely yours,

  81. la chat [08/19 16:28]
      Dear John
      Congratulations on your 56th birthday!!

      May all joys combine to you in this splendid life!!

  82. kaori [08/19 17:07]
      Happy Birthday!
      I am in love with your base sound, and about 4 years passes.
      And it will be so from now on.
      Then a good birthday! !

  83. Agi [08/19 17:24]
      Dear John! I would like to wish you a very joyful birthday and a very happy life in your future!
      Yours sincerely, one of your fans from Hungary :)

  84. Alina from Russia [08/19 17:26]
      Dear John!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!!
      I wish you to be the most happy person in the world!!!!!!You're cool!!!!!!!

  85. ila [08/19 18:22]
      happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      have a nice day and remember:56 years are unforgettable!!!!!!!!!!

  86. ilaria (from Italy) [08/19 18:35]
      happy birthday john!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      have a nice day and remember:56 years are unforgettable!!!!!!!!!!
      I'll hope to see you again with rog & bri, because together you are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. SIMI [08/19 18:44]
      hello, mr. deacon ;D... i'm simi frm india n i'm 19....well, i'm at a loss 4 words 2 wish the person who means so much 2 me..
      wish u health n happiness in the years 2 come..
      have a wonderful day!!
      greetings frm India!!

  88. Kotanuki [08/19 18:53]
      You are greatbassist for me.
      Good Luck!! xxx

  89. rock'n'rolla [08/19 18:56]
      Dear John!

      Happy Birthday!!

      I am a big fan of you.
      I really want to meet you.

      You are just getting cooler!


  90. yossy [08/19 19:54]

  91. Queen-Freddie [08/19 19:54]

  92. Przemek [08/19 20:46]
      Long live Deaky! Johnny be good! :D


  93. marika [08/19 21:21]
      happy birthday

  94. Lilac [08/19 21:21]
      To Mr. Deacon
      Wishing You A Very Happy Birthdayô
      From Japan

  95. Ai [08/19 22:22]
      Dear John,
      A very very happy birthday, John!!
      So many happy returns!!!
      I love you!!!!
      Take care,

  96. Mechi & Sole [08/19 23:38]
      Dear John,
      first of all, happy birthday!.Even when you aint part of Queen anymore, we always think about you and remember you as the uncle we never had.Love you so much!

  97. Jakub Bana¶ [08/19 23:39]
      All The Best for you John... :)

  98. Arjan Schepenaar [08/20 00:39]
      happy birthday John!

      we all still hope that someday you'll appear on stage again, because there are many good bassplayers out there, but still: "No one but you"

      cheers mate

  99. David & Irene Taylor [08/20 03:14]
      Happy Birthday John you are the Greatest!!!

  100. michi [08/20 04:44]
      Dear Mr.Deacon
      I celebrate it heartily on your birthday of 56 years old.
      I pray for hapiness of you and your family from Japan.

  101. Kaedei Setsuo [08/20 06:22]
      Happy Birthday Mr. Bass Guy! I wish you all the best! God bless you always! Setsuo, from Brazil.

  102. himawari [08/20 07:36]
      Happy birthday, John!

      Your music encourage me every time:-)

      I hope the following year will be another wonderful one to you and your family.

      I always love you!!!

      himawari from Japan

  103. Remy [08/20 21:05]
      Best is yet to come and many more

  104. raira [08/20 21:09]
      May you be very happy!!!
      I hope you'll have a good 56th year.


  105. mat slu [08/20 22:24]
      Happy Birthday Mr Dacon!!

      I hope you enjoy your life and especially your Birthday :)

      Walk on!!!

  106. Juan Garelli [08/20 23:17]

  107. geryqueenero [08/21 03:33]
      john i love you xd

      bueno queiro pedirt q vuelvas a queen

      queen + paul rogers noooooooooo

      queen yes(jonh deacon, brian may, rogertailor

  108. etsu [08/21 22:34]
      Happy Birthday John.
      Come back please to us and show us a good smile.

  109. roxy [08/22 21:49]
      Happy Birthday John, wishing you all the happiness in the world. Hope you had a brilliant day. You are thought of often and just wanted to say thankyou for your music and the way it touches our hearts. Cheers from Australia.

  110. Gery [08/24 18:55]
      Long life Deaky.I love you.
      Gery Romania

  111. kikiriki [08/25 14:14]
      Happy birthday John!
      I wish you happy and joyful days.

  112. sara lindquist [08/26 21:19]
      You are just getting older and older... Well John you are still the best :)

  113. marry [08/28 01:42]
      hello john feliz cumpleaños me gusta mucho queen y tioco guitarra tenquiu bay.

  114. RICK SILVA [08/30 05:20]

  115. T. V. [08/31 03:36]
      Long live Master Deacon! Happy birthday to our all-time favourite bass player.