Birthday Message for John 2008

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  1. mami@webmaster [07/31 15:26]
      Let's send your cheerful message to Mr John Deacon for his 57th birthday!

      ** If you want to send your artwork, please send it to me first (I'll put it on the message board later).

  2. Kate [08/01 11:43]
      Happy Birthday John!!!

      I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day with your family and friends!! We're always thinking about you and we love you dearly!!

      Don't eat too much Birthday cake.... Oh, why not? Go ahead! You deserve a nice big piece with lots of yummy icing!!

  3. Riccardo [08/01 16:15]
      Happy Birthday John! Have a great day with your beautiful family, you are the best!

  4. daga [08/03 03:59]
      Happyyyyyyyy Birth. STO LAT STO LAT
      Take away from Q+PR

  5. nakajima [08/03 18:15]
      Happy birthday!John!
      Many happy returns of the day.

  6. Swanceva [08/08 07:20]
      Dear John,

      If you're reading this, I wish you all the best for your birthday, but most of all I wish you to be happy and in peace. I just want you to know that I love your work and you are one of the few celebrities I truly respect. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  7. Dan P [08/08 22:02]
      Hope you have a good birthday John, hope you have some nice cake =). Shame you didn't join with Brian and Roger, I miss you.
      All the best.

  8. Daniel Morgan [08/09 07:56]
      Happy Birthday to my hero, and BEST Bass player to ever grace the music scene!


      Dan (Hornet)

  9. lina [08/10 18:35]
      happy birthday John!

  10. Mirco Geldermann [08/10 20:47]
      Happy Birthday John!

      Have a nice day and... I know... its hard... be free :-)

      Life goes on... sadly.

      We love you!

  11. Mirco Geldermann [08/10 20:49]
      Happy Birthday John!

      Have a nice day and... I know... its hard... be free :-)

      Life goes on... sadly.

      We love you!

      By the way... Forget Brian and Roger... Queen died with Freddie and You... its just the money...

      Youre a good guy!!!

  12. Meagan [08/13 14:17]
      Happy Birthday John
      Thank you for all you have done
      I wish you all the best

      All my love,

  13. Dianne [08/14 09:50]
      Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday John, have a wonderful day. Miss you heaps but I admire and respect your decisions... I'll have a drink for you, mines 3 days before yours...So CHEERS...

  14. suz [08/14 19:14]
      I wish you the happiest birthday in your life!
      I love all you have done and what you are.
      Please take care of yourself :-)

  15. Eva [08/15 00:48]

  16. yasuko [08/16 06:35]
      Congratulations On Your 57th Birthday!!
      Many happy returns!!
      I miss you sooo much,but hope your happy day:D
      Love and Kisses from Yasuko!

  17. Hizume [08/16 17:37]


      Happy Birthday

      h wish you luck!!!


  18. Ellie Schultz [08/16 19:16]
      Dear John!
      Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true. We love you.
      Million kisses from Russia...

  19. Rogerco [08/17 10:03]
      Hi!John,happy birthday to you(LEցM)

  20. Sakyuu [08/17 20:46]

  21. Laetitia [08/17 22:29]
      I hope your happiness forever.
      Have a great birth day.

  22. Joandro Melo [08/18 07:06]
      Parabns John Deacon!

  23. Iku [08/18 10:30]
      Happy Birthday To John.

      I hope you spend your special day.

      We keep on Queen Rock!

      lots of love. iku

  24. kapeo [08/18 12:14]
      Dear Mr John Deacon,

      Congratulations on your birthday.

      How are you doing these days?

      In my hometown Sendai, where you have visited once in the spring of 1976,
      it is now beautiful viewing season with green tree-lined vista.

      What scenery are you watching now?

      I hope from far country town in Japan that you and your family have a happy life.

      Take a good care,


      P.S. Here's a birthday cake for you!
      Click HERE to see in original size

  25. Miss@Queen [08/18 19:51]
      Click HERE to see in original size
      Dear John,

      Happy Birthday. I wish, may your 57th year be full of happiness and health. I want to see your performance. Even if it's once every four years like the Olympic Game.
      If you participate in the Olympic what competition do you choose. I think you are good at the turn around, so how about thisH

  26. kimie [08/18 20:28]
      Happy birthday Mr.John Deacon!!
      If I don't meet your music, my life would be different from now.
      You gave me really much happiness.
      I'm always wishing for happiness of you and your family.

  27. M.Kassy [08/18 21:45]
      Click HERE to see in original size
      My dearest John!
      Happy birthday to you.
      I wish you and your family good health and happiness.

      You of the day with Queen are very precious to me.
      Thank you for wonderful songs and performances.
      I am waitingC believing that the day will come when we can see you enjoying music again.

  28. yoshimi [08/18 22:29]
      Happy Birthday John!

      I respect your smile&generosity.
      All your songs are warm hearted.

      May your birthday bring you all the joy you bring to others.

  29. Ai [08/18 22:48]
      A very very happy birthday to you, John!
      So, many happy returns!!
      I will be a fan of yours forever.

      Lots of love from Japan,

  30. Masako S.M. [08/18 23:04]
      Happy birthday,John!

      Thank you so much for the beautiful music,especially for `YOU AND I'.

      I hope you'll have a nice time with your family and your friends.

      From Japan with love.

  31. zey [08/18 23:37]
      Dear John,
      Peace, love and good happiness stuff forrever and ever!!!!!
      Hugs from the Mexican fans.

  32. froglegs [08/19 00:51]

  33. Queen Fan Club Mexico [08/19 00:34]
      Dear John,
      Happy 57th birthday John Deacon!!,
      An amazingly talented & skilled musician & composer.
      We wish you all the best forever and ever.
      Hugs from the Mexican fans,

      Muchas felicidades John Deacon en tu cumpleaos 57!!,
      Un msico y compositor sorprendentemente , hbil y talentoso.
      Te deseamos lo mejor siempre.
      Abrazos de los fans mexicanos.
      Queen Fan Club Mexico

  34. Mitochondria [08/19 01:10]
      Dear Mr. John Deacon

      Happy birthday to you!!
      Last month, I watched "Queen Rock Montreal" at the film theare in Tokyo.
      I have never been to Queen concerts, so it was very exciting experience for me.
      You, wearing blue clothes, were so cool in the screen!!
      Your music...your great plays of bass and wonderful compositions...cheer me up everyday.
      Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health:-D

  35. basenok [08/19 04:41]
      Happy Birthday dear John! We remember you! We love you! We miss you! You are the BEST, so stay same!
      Cheers, Olga Seitz
      from St-Petersburg, Russia. 'Hello' from all queeniacs from Russia

  36. Kontsu [08/19 06:42]
      Happy Birthday Dear Mr.John Deacon!

      I hope this special day brings lots of smiles your way.
      I love you dearly,and you are my sunshine!!

  37. Mirane [08/19 08:12]
      Happy birthday my Deaky !!!!!

      I can't tell in a message how much i love you and how much you changed my life..But if you're reading this, I just hope you'll spend a great day, because it's YOUR day today ! But for me it's your day everyday.. I think of you every minute of every day, you're the only one for me, i can't tell how much I would like to be with you today, but it obviously cannot happen.. No matter i'll live with that all my life.. Well, i'm not here with the aim of describing my life and the love that i have for you.. So i'll just say again : HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE !!
      And as Buddy Holly said "you are the one that makes me glad..."
      Now be happy Deaky, and i'll be happy too.

      19th August 2008 2.10 am

  38. pasta [08/19 08:46]
      Dear Mr.John Deacon

      Happy Birthday!!!

      I love you and your music for long time.

      Much love and full of respect.

      pasta from Japan

  39. jodi [08/19 09:33]
      Belated birthday greetings from the USA!!

  40. NORIKO [08/19 09:48]

  41. Kiyomaa [08/19 10:27]
      I hope your happiness and health.

  42. C.O.T [08/19 10:46]
      Dear John,
      Happy birthday to you!!
      May this birthday bring you happiness and joy :-)

      My bijou is your smile.
      My bijou is the mellow tone of your bass.

      Hope everything is going well with you.
      Please take good care of yourself.

      With all my love from Japan,

  43. kikiriki(Rie) [08/19 15:48]
      Happy birthday!
      I wish your happy and peaceful days.
      But, I want see your come back.

      I'm in ambivalence.......(^^;)

  44. klara_n [08/19 16:45]
      Wherever you are, I wish you the bestest on your 57th birthday!
      --celebrating this day with I Want To Break Free.-- :D

  45. himawari [08/19 18:12]
      Click HERE to see in original size
      Happy Birthday John!!

      I wonder that you have a great birthday party with your family and friendsc:->
      Don't drink too much!!

      Hope this year brings you a happy and healty life.

      We love you forever !!

  46. lhbgh [08/19 19:35]
      Having a birthday, Mr Deacon?
      How old you are but for me, first and the best Bassist, forever!
      I wish your health and happiness.

  47. Ryo.M [08/19 20:23]
      Happy Birthday!!

  48. SK [08/19 22:11]
      Wishing you a day as special as you are... Happy Birthday!
      There will never be another you.
      You are special to us!

      With all my love,,,SK

  49. lemon [08/19 22:16]
      Happy Birthday, John!!

      I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  50. Beth [08/19 22:29]
      Happy birthday John! I hope you have a great day.

  51. erute [08/19 23:00]
      Happy Birthday John !

      Hope your day is as special as you are.

  52. Kaedei Setsuo ( from Brazil ) [08/20 04:09]
      Happy Birthday John! God bless you!

  53. marcelo [08/20 05:16]
      Parabns, Mr Deacon, por mais um ano de vida

  54. Ian [08/20 05:35]
      Going home to blast the Millionaire Waltz! Keep it real forever man!

      Check out my band, Snack Pharm.

      Deaky for life!

  55. Mirane [08/20 06:00]
      And again from the deep of my heart Deaky : Happy Birthday !!!

      M.D 19th August 2008 11.59 pm

  56. maysea [08/20 08:08]
      Happy Birthday, John!!
      And many many many happy returns on the day!

      I'm so happy to celebrate your birthday every year.

      You are special.
      And, you know, Queen is still special!
      Thanks for always being there.

  57. Mlanie [08/20 20:20]
      Happy birthday John ! Your music will be in our heart for ever ! We hope to see you soon.

  58. Kao [08/24 13:41]
      Happy Birthday Dear John !!

      I am sorry to have become late.
      Of course, I remembered your Birthday.

      Could you please visit Japan again.
      We are waiting for THE DAY.

      May this year be a year wonderful for you !!

  59. Rei [08/25 03:06]
      happy birthday my sweet love!!! sorry for the late (i haven't internet!:-D) i love you so much since i was a little child! you're my favorite person in the world!! have a great life with your wonderful family! i miss you!

  60. Barin [08/25 16:08]
      Happy Birthday John!!!

      We all love youI@(*^ ^*)v

  61. ivana [08/29 04:15]
      dear deaky i wish you everything best for your 57th birthday i want you many more birthday like this. i want you to know that you are not forgaten. love you john whit all my heart you beatiful man.

  62. flavio a.c.losada [09/01 10:34]
      from brasil, my name s flavio, i am 44 years of age and big time admiring of your and queens work. u made love bass guitars. my message to you is, GOD bless you, your family, home, and buseness, and may JESUS CRHIST be living in side of you, guide your steps by the Holy Spirit. please. people who loves another one give then the best. this is the best i could ever wish for you. happy birthday, full of new songs given to you by the Holy Spirit of Jesus. Try it is really amazing. cheers up.See u in heaven. flavio e Suely losada, maca, r.j. brasil. 2008, 08-31.

  63. donna [09/02 12:08]
      Very Belated happy birthday mr. deacon!!!...i feel bad i wasn't able to greet you on time. Here's wishing you all the best in life! (",) Keep on smiling and shining! =)

  64. fabio [10/08 19:43]
      ciao... I'm an italian fan of john! Happy Birthday Mr. Deacon!
      Please.... play the bass again! I PRAY YOU ! thanks! happy birthday! p.s= Sorry for my very bad english.... in my language we say : TANTI AUGURI SIGNOR DEACON! TORNA A SUONARE E E E E ! CIAO!