Birthday Message for John 2013

  1. mami@webmaster [08/11 22:02]
      Let's send your cheerful and sweet messages to dear John for his 62nd birthday!

  2. yatti [08/12 12:51]
      Happy Birthday John! I hope the following year will be another wonderfull one:D

  3. Noriko [08/12 23:54]
      Happy birthday John and best wishes for a super day. A lot of kisses from Japan.

  4. Yoko Mori [08/14 15:40]
      Dear John
      Happy birthday!
      When I was in my teens, I went to see Queen Live in Japan.
      Your performance was great !!!
      This is the reason why I became your fan.
      Do you remember Nippon Budokan? xxx

  5. Riccardo [08/14 16:46]
      Happy Birthday John! I wish you all the best and remember you have MANY fans around the globe looking forward to see you again!

  6. kimie [08/15 11:26]
      Dear John
      Wish you a happy birthday and many happy returns of the day!

  7. Sakyuu. [08/15 20:37]
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      To John
      Happy birthday!!
      How are you doing?
      QUEEN of the time when I was your not it was amazing! Was shining!
      I think it could not have know in real time, but music is not determined Na If you do not think the sound of your bass.
      I love the sound of gentle your base!
      Look at Luke son of for you to have a music career, vestiges of you could see is, I'm glad these days.
      Also, please come out to the table stage If you're so inclined,Waiting.
      It's up forever!

  8. froglegs [08/17 21:58]
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      Dearest John, Happy Birthday! May your 62nd year will be wonderful!

      I enjoy playing my precision bass, especially those fabulous lines you played for great Queen songs

  9. kuromame [08/18 11:05]
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      Dear John
      Happy birthday!
      I wish you good health and happiness in life!

      I am university first year student.
      When I attended the entrance ceremony at Nippon-Budokan in this April,
      I was very excited to imagine Queen did gig there.
      I am really sad not to be able to see your live play with Freddie;-(((
      Though I can listen to your music through audio, itfs a bliss:-D
      And I enjoy making seals made of a rubber of Queen:-)

  10. maysea [08/18 13:15]
      Dear John,
      Congratulations on your 62nd birthday! *<l:-))
      I hope that this year will be full of all that makes you happy.

  11. KIYOMAa [08/18 17:53]
      Happy Birthday Mr.John Deacon !
      Best wishes for your 62nd birthday.
      I hope the following year will be another wonderful one.

  12. M.Kassy [08/18 22:00]

  13. S.tone [08/18 22:24]
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      Happy Birthday,John!
      Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health.

  14. Hiroko [08/19 00:28]
      Happy Birthday John!
      Congraturations on your 62nd Birthday.
      You and Queen always make me happy.
      Wishing you good health and happiness in life!

  15. stmk [08/19 01:31]
      happy birthday john dear!!!
      how are you? hope you are well and enjoying lovely summer.
      miss you lots but your songs help - still, though, look forward to hearing from or seeing you somehow ; )
      please be well!
      much love and big hugs xxxxxx

  16. Setsuo Kaedei ( from Brazil ) [08/19 04:57]
      Happy Birthday Mr. Bass Guy!
      I wish you all the best!

  17. Young fan :D [08/19 05:15]
      Everyone says have a wonderful Birthday, John. However, I say have a Meritorious Birthday! We love you! I hope I can meet you one day. A kid at my school looks just like you.

  18. Kontsu [08/19 07:55]
      My Dearest John
      Best wishes for your 62nd birthday!
      You are really splendid musician!
      Your wonderful music makes me smile anytime.
      I love everything about you.
      Hope that you are continuing to enjoy good health.

  19. pasta [08/19 13:07]
      Happy Birthday,John!!
      Everyday Happy!!!

  20. Masako M [08/19 17:02]
      I'm so happy to remember to meet you at your party in 1976!
      Thank you so much for your lovely songs!
      My favorites are `YOU AND I'`Spread your wings'.
      I hope you have a happy retirement life!
      From Japan with love xxx

  21. dekipema [08/19 21:01]
      Best wishes for a very happy birthday(^^)/
      Not a single day passes by in my life without your music.
      Thanks a lot.

  22. Mitochondria [08/19 21:39]
      Happy Birthday John!!

      A few months ago, remastered Live In Budapest was aired on Japanese TV. Even though I have watched this video many times, I found so many magically beautiful moments in there. I was so impressed by your professionalism. I respect it very much.

      I hope you have a cheerful birthday and the following year will be another wonderful one for you and your family :)

  23. gomaae [08/19 23:47]

  24. marta [08/20 07:30]
      In 1991 your being with Queen reached far beyond the length of my own lifetime then and seemed to be an eternity to me.Nowdays I realise that there is more time behind us without Freddie than your regular career lasted.
      It's hard to understand and be happy with the fact how time flies.
      Best wishes on your B-day ! ;-)

  25. Emily [08/20 07:44]
      Happy birthday, John!

  26. la chat [08/20 09:29]
      Happy birthday,John!
      Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health.