Birthday Message for John 2012

  1. mami@webmaster [08/11 23:19]
      Let's send your cheerful and sweet messages to dear John for his 61st birthday!

  2. Riccardo [08/13 20:43]
      Happy Birthday dear John, I hope you'll have a great day, you are still in my heart and in my mind, please never forget your fans, we all need you and your precious presence sometimes again! Cheers from Italy!!

  3. yoko [08/14 00:41]
      Dear Mr.John Deacon
      Happy birthday!
      Please remember you have lots of your fans in Japan.
      We love you...We miss from Tokyo

  4. jhxnl` [08/15 05:33]
      Hope this year brings you a lot of happiness and good health!!

  5. MICANKO [08/15 11:35]
      Happy Birthday ,dear Mr JOHN DEACON!
      Did you enjoy the London Olympic Games?
      I always hope you to be happy and cheerful from Japan!

  6. kei [08/16 13:26]
      Your bass play is my object!
      I like your humor sense and cheerful smile!
      I want sent my heart and a kiss!
      Congratulations!! And happy birthday!!

  7. Kero [08/16 22:30]
      Click HERE
      Dearest John, Happy 61st birthday!
      Please drop a line or two for this fansite... From Kero In Tokyo

  8. Sakyuu. [08/17 21:17]
      Click HERE
      Happy 61 th birthday John!
      Please remain a nice smile.
      You have a healthy well forever :-)

  9. kurotokagespica [08/18 19:28]
      Happy Birthday.

  10. dekipema [08/18 22:15]
      Happy birthday, John!
      May you have many more and more!!
      Keep going your own way.
      I love it.

  11. la chat [08/18 23:12]
      Happy Birthday John!
      May your days be filled with happiness.

  12. kimie [08/19 01:12]
      Happy Birthday Mr. John DeaconI
      I love QUEEN and your beautiful songs forever.

  13. gomaae [08/19 02:58]
      Happy birthday,John!!

  14. yatti [08/19 06:19]
      Happy Birthday John!!
      Hope this year brings you lots of happiness , joy and good health.
      Love always xxxx. yatti

  15. Kontsu [08/19 07:26]
      Dear Mr. John Richard Deacon,
      With my best wishes to you for your HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
      And many happy returns of the day.
      You are my sunshine! I love you now and forever.

  16. Jonathan [08/19 07:41]
      Happy Birthday John!!
      I always love you!!!
      Please take care of yourself.

  17. pasta [08/19 09:05]
      Happy Birthday,John!!
      I love you...!!!

  18. Masako S.M. [08/19 09:06]

      We were so happy to see you in the opening and the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games.

      I hope you have a nice summer vacation with your family!

      Thank you so much for your beautiful songs!

      From Japan with love,

      Masako S. M.

  19. Anthony [08/19 15:23]
      Many Happy Returns Of The Day, John

  20. [08/19 16:33]
      61 years old and as wonderful as ever.
      We still love you!

  21. maysea [08/19 17:43]
      Dear John. Happy 61th birthday!!
      I'm celebrating this special day in Japan.
      Wishing you many more years of good health and happiness.

  22. Setsuko [08/19 19:22]
      Happy Birthday, John!!
      I still love you
      I heard@gOnc Visionhvideo Wembley,1986

  23. M.Kassy [08/19 21:25]
      Click HERE
      Happy 61th Birthday, Dearest JOHN!
      I Pray For Your Health and happiness.
      M.Kassy from Japan.

  24. Meagan [08/19 21:59]
      I come here every year to say..
      Happy Birthday John! I hope you have a wonderful day!
      You will always be close to my heart.
      <3 Meagan (Buffalo, NY)

  25. Hiroko [08/19 23:40]
      Happy Birthday John!
      I love Queen and you forever!

  26. Mitochondria [08/20 00:52]
      Happy Birthday!!!
      Your image in Bohemian Rhapsody music video was featured for a moment in the Olympic opening ceremony's rock music part :-D
      It made me happy :)
      However, while "Queen" was playing in the closing ceremony,
      I could not help thinking that if you had been there...
      Of course, I always respect your decision...but I miss you, John.

  27. S.tone [08/20 01:08]
      Click HERE
      Happy Birthday,John!
      Lot's of people are thinking of you on your birthday.
      I just wanted to let you know I'm one of them.
      Have a wonderful day!

  28. Suzanne [08/20 01:13]
      Happy Birthday to a wonderful musician - your music lives in our hearts forever! Love you!

  29. Claudio Todeschini [08/20 01:31]
      Happy Birthday Mr. Deacon!

  30. Kate [08/20 04:46]
      Hello,John!Congratulations!I wish you health,longevity and happiness! And I want to thank you for your amazing musi. Thank you very much!!!
      Your a great fan.

  31. igor [08/20 06:20]
      grazie di esistere.auguri grande uomo

  32. meipin [08/20 11:15]
      Dear Mr.Deacon, Happy Birthday!

      I watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics, and the impression of the Wen bully revived.
      I thought that you should have been in the stage.

      Than the person who still loves your works.

  33. Barin [08/20 13:08]
      Happy Birthday John!(*^^*)

  34. sevenseasof_rye [08/23 07:01]
      we would love to see you play again john with brian and roger freddie is missed so carry on with his music

  35. Steph [09/02 01:37]
      I love you, John, more than I can put in words. It would take me a lifetime to describe how much you mean to me. I miss you very much. Hope you had an amazing birthday and have many more!!