Birthday Message for John 2011

  1. mami@webmaster [08/14 19:36]
      Please send your cheerful and original Birthday Message to John!

  2. CHIFUYU [08/15 17:23]
      I love your music!

  3. Riccardo [08/15 18:06]
      Happy Birthday John, I wish you all the best!

  4. MICANKO [08/16 08:05]
      In March of this year,Queen's music encoured me greatly.
      I like your impressive and melodious baseline,and I'm getting to love you.Thank you for your music,and Happy Birthday John!

  5. Riko [08/16 18:27]
      Happy Birthday John
      I love you ...

  6. Kimie [08/17 00:53]
      Happy Birthday Mr John Deacon!!
      Thank you very much for making a wonderful tune.
      I love your songs all my life.

  7. Eva [08/17 02:29]
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      Dear Mr. Deacon,

      I wish you the very best for your 60th birthday. Years go by, but the love of your dear friends will stay forever.

      Greetings from Vienna

  8. Michael [08/17 03:58]
      Very happiest of birthdays, Mr. Deacon. I hope that (if you haven't already) you get together in a quiet way with Brian and Roger. As one of the most iconic and influential rock bands of all time, your place in history is assured. What is less assured, at least from an outsider's perspective, is whether you and your co-creators remain close in any way. It would be nice, just as a fan, to know that you and Brian and Roger have mended any fences that need mending and remain friends. After all, don't we wish, in our heart of hearts, to believe that John and Paul rekindled their relationship? While Freddie is gone, three of you remain. As the years creep up on all of you, I suspect you'll be happier re-cementing those friendships formed in your youth. Even if you never play another note together, it's the relationships that remain important. All the best to you and thanks for your music!

  9. viviena [08/17 19:56]
      Happy 60th John! Thank you for the many years of joy that your music playing has brought us, and I hope you and your family are doing well.

  10. Chika [08/17 22:20]
      Happy Birthday John!
      I still love you!

  11. Kero [08/17 23:00]
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      Happy Birthday Dear John !
      I hope you're having wonderful holidays with your family.
      with love from Kero@Tokyo.

  12. meipin [08/18 06:36]
      Dear Mr.Deacon

  13. Chardon [08/18 08:32]
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      Happy Birthday Mr. John Deacon!!

      Your songs always lift me up :-)

      I wish you many happy returns!

      With lots of love,

      Chardon from Kochi, Japan

  14. Sakyuu. [08/18 12:29]
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      Happy birthday,John!!!
      John,I love you!
      Keep your smile :-)
      Than me loving your smile with love.

  15. Jacqui [08/18 14:33]
      To an Amazing 60th, John!
      You remain a very special musician and person for many of us in the blue yonder.
      Much love and happiness on your milestone.

  16. Meagan [08/18 19:15]
      Happy Birthday John! =]
      I hope your day is filled with happiness and goodies
      Thank you for everything you have done
      Much love from Buffalo, NY

  17. M.Kassy [08/18 20:00]
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      Happy 60th Birthday Mr.JohnR.Deacon!
      I Pray For Your Haelth and happiness.
      M.Kassy from Japan.

  18. S.tone [08/18 22:33]
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      Dear John
      Happy Birthday!
      Wishing you a future filled with happiness.

  19. Masako S.M. [08/18 23:54]
      Happy 60th birthday, John!

      I moved into tears when I listened to eTEO TORRIATTE'@after 3.11.earthquake from the radio.

      Thank you so much toeYOU AND I'.

      I hope you have a nice time with your family!

      Love and peace!

      From Saitama, Japan, with much loveX


  20. Kontsu [08/19 05:08]
      Happy Birthday my dearest John!!

      The best of all good things for this birthday
      And all the many more to come.

      You are my sunshine and I love you forever...

      Kontsu from Akita,Japan

  21. Kazuki [08/19 12:31]
      To the world, you may be one person.
      But to me, you are the world.
      Happy birthday,John!
      Wishing you all the best on your speacial day.

  22. dekipema [08/19 12:43]
      Happy birthday, John!
      Your songs always make me feel happy and serene.
      Thank you:)

  23. Pavel Strashny [08/19 13:35]
      Dear John, I wish you the Happiest Birthday... Wow, you are already 60... Stay that cute, wise, and enjoy your life & time... God knows, you deserve all the very best... With lots of love and thanks for everything,

  24. Lusopeso [08/19 16:29]
      Happy Birthday John!
      Queen 4ever!

  25. emma [08/19 16:45]
      Happy 60th Birthday Deacy. We miss you loads and love you. Have a brilliant and lovely day. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  26. pasta [08/19 16:46]
      Happy 60th birthday John!!!!!
      Thank you for your music,
      And thank you for your smile!!!
      Love and Respect
      Pasta from Japan

  27. la chat [08/19 20:50]
      BEST WISH on your birthday, Mr. Deacon!
      Hoe does it feels to be 60 years old?
      And I feel so happy to congratulate this day.

  28. marta [08/19 22:14]
      Age is just a number. :)Keep rockin',D.. .Wish you all the best.

  29. Mitchondria [08/19 22:21]
      Happy Birthday John!!
      In Japan, 60th birthday is very special.
      People celebrate it wearing a red waistcoat called chanchanko.
      Why? oh, it's difficult to explain in my limited English,
      so please google "kanreki" if you are interested:D

      Anyway, this year is special for Queen too.
      I went to the Queen exhibition held in Tokyo, in May.
      It was not so big as that in London,
      but I was glad to see some photos which was taken when you came to Japan in 70s.

      I hope the following year will be another wonderful one!!

  30. Letter [08/19 23:00]
      Happy birthday John!!!
      I love you and your music.
      I hope you are always happy.
      Your smile makes everyone happy!
      With love.

  31. Marta [08/20 00:49]
      Dear John!Happy birthday!Long Life,with love from Russia)))

  32. marta [08/20 00:54]
      Dear John!Happy Birthday!Long life,with love from Russia)

  33. saltom [08/20 07:38]
      All the best & happy birthday John!
      Where ever you are, I hope that you're well & happy.

  34. Magdyna from Poland [08/20 08:26]
      Dear John,
      Uff, I'm a little bit late but I've spend last 2 hours to find such place where I can write this small greetings 4U :** wishing You all the best for another 60 ;)
      In 1986 I was very close to the concert in Budapest but have not enough luck.. somehow You were my favourite band member and Spread Your Wings, One Year of Love - favourite compositions!
      GREAT RESPECT for all Your artistic decisions..
      and finally all the best to You!!! BIG KISSES!!!
      Magda Mazur/Poland

  35. The Thinker, London UK [08/20 09:19]
      Happy Birthday Deaky...

      Please reunite with Queen one more time before the release of the Freddie Movie. Best Wishes !!!

  36. Natalie [08/20 09:45]
      Happy birthday John!! :)
      I love you ! ^_^

  37. Anders [08/20 17:55]
      Happppppy Birthday!!!

      se you soon!

  38. Rudy [08/21 05:00]
      Happy birthday, maestro!

  39. Alexis Herrera [08/21 08:07]
      Hi John, im a big fan of your work, im from Mexico and Happy Birthday...

      En Cada Pequea Parte del Mundo Siempre Habra Alguien A Quien Hayas Inspirado, Felicidades John "The Bassman"...

      Send From Chetumal Q. Roo Mexico

  40. Ruruka [08/21 09:13]
      Happy 60th Birthday John!
      I love you and Queen!

  41. lemon [08/21 10:42]
      Happy birthday John!@

  42. LEONARDO MORALES [08/21 23:26]


  43. C.O.T [08/22 18:12]
      Happy Belated 60th Birthday, John!

      How have you been?

      I was so happy to see a recent picture of you that you looked very fine.
      I am so grateful that your songs and bass riff have been the mental support for me! Especially COOL CAT and THE FAIRY FELLER'S MASTER-STROKE.
      I hope you'll keep on smiling and be happy with your family forever.

      Best Wishes,
      C.O.T from Japan

  44. maysea [08/23 19:48]
      Happy birthday John!
      I still love you and QUEEN.
      Have a great year!!

  45. Ben [08/25 00:42]
      Happy birthday John !!!

      Sto lat !!!

  46. Barin [08/31 00:36]
      Happy birthday John
      We love you and your music!!!