Birthday Message for John 2010

  1. mami@webmaster [08/01 21:14]
      Happy birthday John!
      Keep on smiling :-)

  2. Riccardo [08/02 17:21]
      Happy Birthday John, we all miss you so much!

  3. sakyuu. [08/11 21:34]
      Happy Birthday to John.
      In addition, your smile wants to look.
      Take care!
      I attached an illustration to the following uniform resource locator on a birthday.
      Please look by all means.

  4. yasuko [08/11 22:52]
      Wish a very happy birthday! May your birthday bring joy and happiness to you and your family :D

  5. Fraser [08/13 23:04]
      Happy birthday John!
      Queen is the greatest band ever!

  6. kimie [08/14 11:36]
      Congratulations on your birthday.
      I keep loving your music through life.

  7. John G [08/14 20:58]

  8. Win [08/15 22:55]
      Happy birthday John!
      I'm a big fan of you

  9. Dadde [08/16 23:43]
      Happy b-day, dear John!!!

  10. Lena [08/17 10:18]
      DEAR JOHN,
      Lena from Russia
      Hope you will read it...

  11. C.O.T [08/17 10:35]
      Many happy returns on your birthday, John!
      I hope you're in the best of health.

      I'm falling apart all around you;-)

      Best wishes, C.O.T from Japan

  12. Emilia [08/17 17:27]
      The shade of golden fall above
      Soft tingle dancing through the window
      Comes to the sky like the Sun herself

      Happiest of birthdays dear John!

      ~Your fan from Finland

  13. ayame [08/17 23:06]


      I am a junior high school girl who lives in Japan.

      I am a big fan of yours,
      and would like to wish you a very happy birthday!!



  14. S.tone [08/17 23:40]
      Click HERE
      Dear John,
      Best wishes for your 59th birthday!
      May your days be filled with happiness(^-^)

  15. kapeo [08/18 0:10]
      Click HERE
      Dear John,
      Happy Birthday!
      I truely hope that you are doing well and have a wonderful time with your beloved family.

      From kapeo in Japan, who has been and will be given courage by you

  16. chardon [08/18 13:13]
      Click HERE
      Dear John,

      Wishing You A Wonderful Birthday, for you!
      Congratulations heartily!! With Love.

  17. cherryblossom [08/18 14:38]
      May joy and happiness fill every minute of your day.
      And may life's most fantastic things always come your way!!

      Happy Birthday John!
      I love You...

  18. maysea [08/18 19:40]
      Happy birthday John!!

      May your days be filled with happiness and good music.

      I always love you and your music.

      maysea from Japan

  19. la chat [08/18 19:44]
      Happy 59th B'Day, Mr.John Deacon.
      Many many Happy Returns of the day!

  20. Mercuryphile [08/18 20:38]
      Happy birthday, John !

      I hope you always be happy with your family.

  21. M.Kassy [08/18 23:30]
      Click HERE
      Happy 59th Birthday, Dearest JOHN!
      I Pray For Your Haelth and happiness.
      M.Kassy from Japan.

  22. daga [08/19 01:26]
      Wszystkiego Naj John ;)

  23. SORAmama [08/19 02:10]
      Here's a long-distance "Happy Birthday" to John from Japan.
      I hope the following year will be another wonderfull one.

  24. Emma [08/19 02:16]
      Happy Birthday beloved John, hughs and kisses from Mexico!

  25. AKI.Y [08/19 03:09]
      Happy Birthday John. I got a lot of courage from you. I give thanks heartily.
      Than a Japanese loving your fashion sense

  26. Masako S.M. [08/19 07:08]

      Your music always heal me, especially `YOU AND I'.
      Hope to see you again,soon!
      If God's willing...

      From Saitama with LOVE,XXX

  27. 15can [08/19 10:07]
      My best wishes for many happy returns of the day!

  28. Twiggy [08/19 10:37]
      May your days filled with happiness.:-D
      God bless you and your family.

  29. Zey [08/19 11:41]
      Peace, love and a whole lotta happiness stuff John!
      Thank you for the music! :-)

  30. Techarmy [08/19 12:09]
      Happy Birthday John .. Wishing you all the best for today and forever. Have a drink for me..We all still miss you. Keep well and stay happy.. -- chris --

  31. arturo Mata [08/19 12:14]
      Hello Mr. Deacy !!!

      Congrats on your Birthday...your music is an inspiration for me and is an important piece in my life. I admire you so much. Thanks for all.

  32. Barin [08/19 14:03]
      Happy Birthday John!

  33. Kontsu [08/19 14:06]
      Happy Birthday dear Mr. John Deacon

      Warmest greetings to you on your birthday.
      You've always been special to meI

  34. oliviatruro [08/19 19:07]
      Happy Birthday John!
      Have a great day

  35. liv-bass [08/19 19:10]
      happy birthday john,
      hope that you have a great day.
      you really are a star and you keep shining.

  36. Elara FLippy [08/19 19:34]
      Happy Deacon Day everyone!

  37. Denis [08/19 19:42]
      happy birthday sir Deacon!You have my utmost respect and i live for the day i see you next Brian and Roger again..hope you're well and i am looking forward to see again a message of yours in this board!!With my regards from Greece!
      e.g:we miss you so much!

  38. pasta [08/19 20:45]
      Dear John
      Happy Birthday !!!!!
      A lot of happiness must visit you.
      DAISUKI !!!!!!!
      Love and Respect
      pasta from Japan

  39. Mitochondria [08/19 20:48]
      Happy Birthday John!!
      This week, the Budapest live was broadcasted in Japanese TV.
      Though I have the video of this live, I couldn't help watching you:-D
      Your bass play always makes me happy.

      Wishing you a cheerful birthday:-)

  40. lemon [08/19 21:42]
      Happy birthday John!!!

  41. Froglegs [08/19 22:10]
      Click HERE
      Happy birthday, dear John! I know you're warm and tender, but the crazy heat outside forced me to make it!
      Click HERE
      And a ice cool cake for you! May your 59th year be great!
      From Froglegs, your fan in Tokyo

  42. Kayla [08/19 22:55]
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!! We all love you and wish you a very merry birthday! =D Keep on Rocking!

  43. RAN [08/19 23:14]
      Happy Birthday to Mr.John Deacon!
      I love you!
      I want you to come to Japan again^^

  44. Letter [08/19 23:16]
      Dear John.

      Happy birthday!!!
      I hope you are always happy.

      With love.

  45. .crown [08/19 23:18]
      Happy birthday,Deaky!!!! Thank you for having been born!:) Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health!!:D <3<3<3

  46. Ts [08/20 01:01]

  47. Rudy (Argentina) [08/20 04:40]
      Happy birthday, John! You're the dog's bollocks, mate! We all love you very much!

  48. Martin [08/20 04:45]
      Very Happy Birthday to You Deacy!!!!
      We love You so much!!!!
      We appreciate your fidelity to Freddie

  49. Alan Queenero [08/20 05:01]
      Happy B-day dear John. You're the greatest.

  50. Rudy (Argentina) [08/20 05:14]
      Grande maestro!!! Feliz cumpleaos, genio!

  51. Brenda ( Mxico ) [08/20 07:46]
      Jhon! My Dear Jhon!!
      I wish you all the happiness!!
      All your dreams come true Forever!
      Thanks for the music you give to us all those years <3
      Truly, I wish you peace and health throughout your life!!!
      LOVE YOU!!
      Jhon Deacon!! <3<3

  52. Crystal [08/23 06:27]
      Oi Birdman
      I think we need to have a beer together.
      Happy birthday mate... you're catching up with me