Birthday Message for John 2009

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  1. mami@webmaster [07/31 23:45]
      Let's send your heart-warmed message to Mr Deacon for his 58th birthday!

  2. Kao [08/01 20:08]
      Dear Jhon
      Happy birthday!!
      Some day, please show us your fine appearance.

  3. Dodge [08/02 11:29]
      Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Deeeeaaaaacccccyyyyy happy birthday tooooo yoouuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! And many, many more.

      Sincerely, the L.A Queen fan club!!!!!!!!

  4. Eva [08/03 00:51]

  5. Riccardo [08/03 17:27]
      Happy Birthday John!!! I really hope to see u soon again!

  6. Charlotte [08/04 01:22]
      Happy Birthday Mr Deacon and may you have many more.

  7. rachel [08/04 11:35]
      happy b-day john
      i love u

  8. Den [08/04 17:34]
      Happy Birthday John. Live long and prosper ...
      Love and best wishes to you always. You'll always be my (bass)Guitar Hero!

  9. Kit [08/05 09:07]
      Happy Birthday to the best bassist/songwriter I have ever known anything about! I love your music!

  10. Raisa [08/10 08:00]
      Happy Birthday Deaky!!! You're the best bass player [ever] in my eyes and ears :) Have lots of fun in your special day.


  11. SORA mama [08/12 22:05]
      Happy Birthday Mr John Deacon!
      Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health.

  12. Sarah [08/13 02:43]
      I hope you have a great birthday.
      I swear I started to cry when I heard your voice live in concert. :D

  13. Sakyuu [08/14 10:34]

  14. C.O.T [08/14 13:56]
      Click HERE to see in original size
      Many happy returns of the day!

      May your birthday be filled with fun and laughter.
      Hope everything is going well with you.
      Please take good care of yourself.

      The existence of you heals me:D
      I'm always on your side.
      With all my love,
      C.O.T from Japan ~~~

  15. lemon [08/15 23:32]
      Happy birthday,John!!
      Wish You all the best for this great day.
      Hope you continue to shine.

  16. Bethanyblueberry [08/16 05:42]
      Happy birthday John! We love you and miss you!

  17. chardon [08/16 22:33]
      Click HERE to see in original size
      *collaboration between me and S.TONE's artwork*

      A very very happy birthday to you, Mr.Deacon!
      So, many happy returns!!
      I will be a fan of yours forever:-)

      Lots of love from Japan,

  18. naoco [08/16 22:39]
      Happy Birthday Mr.John Deacon
      You are the only one.

      We wish your happiness and someday we come across you.

      from Japan with love!

  19. Miss@Queen [08/17 10:44]
      Happy birthday John,
      May you keep big charming smile through this year!
      I still love Queen. I miss 4 original member. I want to see your performance again. I know it's impossible, for Freddie can't come back. But you can do it. I'm afraid that such message might bother you,if you want to spend peaceful life time. But I dare say,"JOHN COME BACK !"

  20. maysea [08/17 19:37]
      Happy Birthday John!!

      You must be enjoy your life.
      But you don't know how I feel miss you whenever I listen to your music, do you?!

      Anyway, I wish you and your family another wonderful year of happiness and joy.

      with love, love, love, ...!!

  21. kapeo [08/17 21:36]
      Click HERE to see in original size
      Dear Mr John Deacon,

      Best wishes on your birthday.

      How are you getting along?
      I hope you are having a funny good time with your family this summer.

      From Japan, I truely wish you and your family spend rest of this year with smiling faces...

      Happy to leave a message for you also this year,

  22. Grisel [08/18 00:05]
      Happy Birthday Sir! The far.
      I wish you the best, always.
      Love from Argetina, Grisel

  23. Barin [08/18 15:54]
      Happy Birthday John!
      We all love you!!

  24. froglegs [08/18 21:00]

  25. SETONE [08/18 21:52]

  26. klara [08/18 22:30]

  27. Leon Z Feris [08/18 23:47]
      Dear Mr John R Deacon, I really wish you a wonderful Birthday. There will be only one powerful bass player. Enjoy your birthday with your family. Leon from Namibia, Africa

  28. yatti [08/19 01:11]
      Wish A Very Happy Birthday and many more to come.
      All the very best for Days to come.
      May Gos Bless you with Health, wealth and prosperous life.

  29. M.Kassy [08/19 1:30]

  30. kathleen & ellen [08/19 05:42]

  31. Kontsu [08/19 08:04]
      Dear Mr. John Deacon

      I heartily congratulate you on your birthday!
      I hope you'll have a lovely day.

      My heart has been full of tender thoughts for you,
      I LOVE YOU!!!

  32. Masako S. M. [08/19 08:19]
      Thinking Of You On Your Birthday!

      You were Mr. FRIENDLY.

      Your `YOU AND I'is brilliant!

      I hope I see YOU again, soon.

      From Saitama with LOVE.

  33. pasta [08/19 08:46]
      Dear Mr John Deacon

      Happy happy birthday!!!!!

      A lot of happiness must visit you.


      Love and respect

      pasta from Japan

  34. Deaky [08/19 13:12]
      Happy Birthday to our Deaky.Hope to see you,just one time.

  35. Win [08/19 14:20]
      Happy birthday,JohnI
      I'm a big fan of youD

  36. 15can [08/19 14:44]
      Dear John,
      My best wishes for many happy returns of the day!
      I hope that you have a peaceful day.
      And also I'm really looking forward to listening to your new bass guitar playing someday.

  37. Mi-Honoka [08/19 15:47]

  38. Ms. Passing-by [08/19 16:25]
      Dear John
      I hear you're fine and doing well with your family.
      And that makes me happy.
      Live like you like.

      Lots of love,

  39. BAZZY [08/19 17:38]
      Happy birthday dear John! We love you. Stay same

  40. la chat [08/19 17:38]
      Happy birthday, Mr.John Deacon!
      May your birthday bring joy and happiness to you and your family. All the best for your future.

  41. Chacho Coudet (Argentina) [08/19 19:11]
      Happy Birthday, John! You're the dog's bollocks! I love you, man!

  42. Hizume [08/19 21:59]
      Dear Jhon
      Happy birthday!!!

      I love youiLMjI

  43. [08/19 22:04]



  44. Mitochondria [08/19 22:21]
      Happy birthday dear Mr. John Deacon!
      I hope the following year will be another wonderful one:-)

      When I get so nervous, I image your bass play, especially in "Under Pressure".
      Your sound of the bass makes me feel better. I love you and your music forever!!

  45. Helen D [08/19 22:46]
      You changed my life when I was 16!
      Wherever You are, wherever I am
      You will always be in my heart!
      Happy Happy Birthday!

  46. Ryo.M [08/19 23:35]
      Happy birthday!

  47. Letter [08/19 23:48]
      Dear John.
      Happy birthday!!
      Please keep on smiling.
      With love.

  48. Juliet [08/20 01:15]
      Happy Birthday!! Johny!!!
      i love your music!
      you are a great musician!
      we love you!! 4ever!

  49. Agnes Kovacs [08/20 01:36]
      Happy Birthday John :)

  50. Charlotte [08/20 02:44]
      Happy Birthday Mr Deacon and May You Have Many More :)

  51. Enzo [08/20 02:45]
      Happy Birthday Mr. Deacon.
      I really think that you are the best bassman in the world and I'd like to see you play the bass again....., but I also think that will be a dream!!!

  52. Maya [08/20 11:10]
      Dear Mr. Deacon,

      I wish you the best on your birthday today.
      You have inspired me so much.
      Because of you, I took up the bass, and I have never been happier.
      I hope you know how much you have made a large a difference in this little existance of mine.
      I hope to meet you one day, but until then, have a happy birthday.
      And many... many more.



  53. erute [08/20 22:54]
      Dear John.
      Happy BirthdayI
      Your smiling made us happy.

      Wishing you many more.

  54. Arist Mercury [08/21 00:25]
      Happy birthday John, I love u forever

  55. Serge Kozlov [08/21 19:45]
      Dear John! Happy birthday to you! You are the most beautiful bass player forever. Keep your strings singing! Best wishes and Good Luck!

  56. Kiyomaa [08/21 22:54]
      Happy Birthday to John! I wish your happiness and health;)

  57. lhbgh [08/22 16:13]
      gappy BirthdayCMr Deacon.

      I am glad and think that I tick away time same as you to be it today even if I leave it distantly.
      This one year rose happily

  58. lhbgh [08/22 16:17]
      Happy Birthday Mr Deacon.

      I am glad and think that I tick away time same as you to be it today even if I leave it distantly.
      This one year rose happily

  59. MICHI [08/22 16:24]

  60. just me from massachusetts [08/31 14:00]
      hi jay... a very happy belated birthday, sorry it's a bit late... think about you so often,... miss you in worcester ..

  61. donna [09/03 17:26]
      we hope you had a great birthday!!! we miss you terribly! may God grant you more years to live. The world needs your smile = )

  62. dawn [09/03 17:36]
      whenever i am tired and weary, all I need to do is listen to your heartwarming music, browse, or look at your pics...just a glimpse of your smiling face takes away all the weariness I feel...i'm glad that in this dreary, busy and sometimes chaotic world, a great person like you is born. Belated happy birthday john! somehow you make this world a little brighter and a little happier.