Happy Birthday John
First of all, happy birthday ~ (late) hahaha, actually as a fan I probably don't know too much, emmm doesn't know what else to say... You are such a charming person. It's amazing! Once people know a little about you, they fall in! I hope you and your family can be happy and smooth!
Biscuit S 2020/08/23(Sun) 11:29 No.107
Happy Birthday John!
I haven't known you very long, but you've been like a mentor to me, and I've been inspired by your music and your serious attitude towards your career (or hobby I
mean ).Hope you have a good time every day.

Freddie's teeth 2020/08/23(Sun) 11:15 No.106
Happy Birthday John!
I haven't known you very long, but you've been like a mentor to me, and I've been inspired by your music and your serious attitude towards your career (or hobby I
mean ).Hope you have a good time every day.
Freddie's teeth 2020/08/23(Sun) 11:14 No.105
Happy Belated Birthday!
Happy Birthday, John!
Sorry for being late. I think you had your happy birthday with your family.
I pray for your and your family's happiness and health.
While listening to my favorite your bass play. It' s make me so happy...
kaori 2020/08/22(Sat) 11:46 No.104
Happy belated birthday!
!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JOHN!! (I'm sorry I'm late.)

When I'm feeling down I listen to “Spread Your Wings” and it cheers me up.
Your songs reaches fondly, sometimes happily, sometimes romantic in my hearts.
Your smile is sooo fabulous.
May you and your family be always surrounded with happy smiles.
Love from japan.
MN 2020/08/20(Thu) 22:20 No.103
Happy Belated Birthday!
John, happy 69th birthday! Stay cool, stay safe and live a long and happy life. We really love you!
JohnJohn 2020/08/20(Thu) 20:08 No.102
Happy late birthday wishing you a happy birthday hope you had a beautiful day xx
Jacqueline 2020/08/20(Thu) 16:51 No.101
Happy Birthday! from Japan
Happy Birthday, John!
I love your songs, especially "Spread your wings". I got so much courage from this song! Thank you very much. Please take care of your self. from Japan
Isaki Yuto 2020/08/20(Thu) 15:10 No.100
Happy 69th Birthday, John!
Best wishes to you, John, as you celebrate your 69th birthday! Thanks so much for all the beautiful songs you wrote, your outstanding basslines that made each and every Queen song sound so amazing, and also thanks for your very entertaining dance moves! Please stay safe and enjoy your time with your family. With love from the USA.
Patty from California 2020/08/20(Thu) 14:04 No.99
Happy birthday John! <3
Happy birthday John! <3
I hope you had an amazing, nice and warm day!
Here in Guatemala it's still your bithday so I hope you're still enjoying. I just want to let you know how wonderful you are, we love and appreciate you a lot.
I wish you and your family all the love and the best of the world. You're an inspiration for many of us. <3
Francesca 2020/08/20(Thu) 11:38 No.98
Disco Birthday
Happy birthday to John Richard Deacon born on August the 19th 1951 the god of bass and a queen seriously I hope someday one day you write a book on his life also funny number don’t misfire John
Rylan Quinn 2020/08/20(Thu) 11:35 No.97
Happy birthday to my dearest John!
Happy 69th birthday, John! I hope you're healthy and happy. You are a very important person in my life, you really give me the most encouragement all the time. Anyway, I hope you have a good time every day. Love you!
FERN 2020/08/20(Thu) 11:33 No.96
Happy Birthday John!!!!
I wish you to be healthy and happy John!!!
always miss you
yz 2020/08/20(Thu) 11:04 No.95
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday John! My favorite bass player! Hope you enjoy your special day! We still love you! Love from Myrtle Beach South Carolina USA
Colleen 2020/08/20(Thu) 10:07 No.94
Stay Fine Forever
Happy birthday John

I don't want you to play. Please show your face on your son's SNS from time to time. waiting.
Chiharu 2020/08/20(Thu) 08:46 No.93
On your 69th birthday
I find myself trying to find you behind QAL's fantastic and brilliant performances over the past year. I know it's just a dream that won't come true, but as shown by the fact that there are so many HB messages on this board, we still respect you, sing your songs you've left us with, and are overcome with your smile. On this special day, I wish you and your family good luck.
Boutis 2020/08/20(Thu) 07:58 No.92
Happy Birthday John!
Happy happy birthday John!!

I hope you are now healthy, calm and happy.That's what makes me happy!
Please keep smiling and stay as healthy as ever.
We love you forever!

(Sorry for the late celebration.Did I make it on time on UK time?I hope you'll read this message board.)

YOKO.D 2020/08/20(Thu) 07:18 No.91
Happy Birthday!
Wishing you a happy birthday wherever you are! I hope you get to see your family and enjoy whatever fun you have planned. Be well and know you are loved and wished a healthy and happy retirement!
Beatlegirl1968 2020/08/20(Thu) 06:15 No.90
Wishing a WONDERFUL 69th birthday &#127881; hope the day was Fabulous And enjoyable!!!
Jane Settle 2020/08/20(Thu) 05:46 No.89
Happy 69th and many more!!!
John, Happy 69th. Hope you celebrated your special day surrounded by your lovely family.

Wishing you the best for you and your family this world can possibly offer.

Love from Miami
Boxerconan 2020/08/20(Thu) 05:02 No.88
Happy birthday, John
First of all, happy birthday dear, the truth is that i cannot find the way or the words to say how much you mean to me, the strenght and joy that your beautiful songs and the images in which we can see your beautiful smile transmit to me. It's strange, you are one of the most important things in my life, even if i don't know you, i always appreciate the fact of having met you and having meet QUEEN.
I hope, with all my heart, that you are happy, that you are safe and that you have many more years

Andrea 2020/08/20(Thu) 04:30 No.87
Birthday wishes from Spain!
Happy birthday dear John. You continue to inspire me every single day in my music journey and for that I'm so thankful. Wishing you and your lovely family the very best!!

Lots of love, Ines &#10084;
Ines 2020/08/20(Thu) 04:03 No.86
Birthday wishes from Spain!
Happy birthday dear John. You continue to inspire me every single day in my music journey and for that I'm so thankful. Wishing you and your lovely family the very best!!

Lots of love, In&#233;s &#10084;
In&#233;s 2020/08/20(Thu) 04:00 No.85
Happy birthday, John!
Happy birthday, John!

My dearest John,
Happy 69th birthday!
Thank you for your smile , your songs and your bass.
I hope you healthy and happy life from Japan.

I love you so much.
kira 2020/08/20(Thu) 03:51 No.84
Happy 69 John!
Hello, John. I want to wish you the happiest birthday. I hope you're having a great time with the company of your lovely wife, children and grandchildren.

You're an inspiration to me. I used to think there was something wrong with me for being introverted, quiet, and bit different than the rest. Thanks to you I'm learning to accept myself how I am <3

Love you! And Happy Birthday :-))
Daphne 2020/08/20(Thu) 02:58 No.83
Happy Birthday!
Dear John.
I would like to wish you a very happy birthday!
erute 2020/08/20(Thu) 02:50 No.82
Dear John &#9825;
Happy birthday to the talented, inspiring musician and bassist, and of course my favourite human being, John Richard Deacon!! You're the reason why i got into classic rock music. Your musics inspire so many people out there, including me and im so thankful for that. Im sending you the best wishes for your success, health, and good fortune today and in the year to come. I hope you enjoy your special day with your beloved one, Mr Deacon.

Love you lots &#9825; &#8212;Tyra
Tyra 2020/08/20(Thu) 02:15 No.81
happy birthday, john!!
happy birthday!!! you’ve been a big inspiration to me, my first inspiration to play bass, and my biggest songwriting inspiration!! i hope you have a wonderful birthday, you definitely deserve it. we all love you <<3
sock 2020/08/20(Thu) 02:01 No.80
Happy Birthday&#128144;&#127881;&#127874;
We all love you and your songs&#128588;

Valine 2020/08/20(Thu) 01:39 No.79
Happy Birthday!
Dearest John,
Happy 69th birthday!
I hope you and your family are living a happy and peaceful life.
Thank you for writing splendid song.
Hirono 2020/08/20(Thu) 00:52 No.78
Dear John,
Happy 69th Birthday!!
I wish you happy and healthy forever,and I hope things get back to normal soon.
Please take care!

suton 2020/08/20(Thu) 00:33 No.77
Dear Mr. John Deacon
Happy birthday John!
Your songs are the source of my strength.I wish you much happiness.
With love from Japan xx
F.Decoy 2020/08/20(Thu) 00:30 No.76
happy b’day!!
happy birthday john!
wishing you all the best for today and everyday. thank you for being such a massive inspiration for myself and many others worldwide; we all miss you so much, but hopefully you’re doing well!
stay happy, healthy and safe!
with love from australia :)
jem 2020/08/20(Thu) 00:27 No.75
Happy 69...th!
Happy birthday John!

It has been many many years since you retired, but not a single day has gone by where you are forgotten. You continue to be a greatly appreciated figure and an inspiration for musicians, today and for many more years to come. Wishing you well and happy, sending love from Indonesia. Cheers!

Roger posted this photo earlier and it looks lovely.

Ri 2020/08/20(Thu) 00:18 No.74
Happy B-Day!!
Happy birthday John!
Hope you have a happy time with your lovely family. We do love you now and forever!
Jeanne 2020/08/20(Thu) 00:17 No.73
Dear John&#9829;
Happy 69th birthday!!

I miss you...but just being under the same earth sky makes me happy!

You have become an integral part of my rest of my life...It's annoying!

Please be healthy and live long.
I wish you happiness!!

<with &#9829; Japan>

hiromi 2020/08/20(Thu) 00:11 No.72
Today is your special day!!
Happy Birthday, dear John! オメデトウ、ジョン!
Hope you are well and smile a gentle smile as always.
We are happy when you are happy!
Send you lots of love and a big hug from Japan.
Megu 2020/08/19(Wed) 23:48 No.71
Happy birthday John!

I hope you'll come back to Japan and enjoy well-chilled beer.

keiko 2020/08/19(Wed) 23:37 No.70
Happy birthday!! John:)))
The coolest bassist in the world
Happy birthday John:))
I miss you....
I pray for your happiness & I love John:)))
Best wishes
Emi 2020/08/19(Wed) 23:34 No.69
Birthday wishes from down under!
Happiest of birthdays to you, John!
It’s already the next day in Australia (bloody timezones!), but I thought I’d leave a message anyway.
I hope you had a marvellous day & were surrounded by the people you love most. Also hoping you’re staying safe during this horrid pandemic!
With love, Talia x
Talia 2020/08/19(Wed) 23:32 No.68
Happy birthday Mr. greatest bass man!
Live, love, laugh and be happy!

Nyaomixi 2020/08/19(Wed) 23:09 No.67
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, John!
I'd like to say thanks to you, it's because I always get vigor from your songs.
I wish that you and your family are happy.
Love and respect.
pasta 2020/08/19(Wed) 23:01 No.66
Happy Birthday!!!
Dear John,
Here's a long-distance "Happy Birthday" to you from Japan.
JUN from OSAKA 2020/08/19(Wed) 22:42 No.65
Dear John
I am hoping you smile a lot and feel well loved today, you make so many people happy and inspired. Please take care of yourself, we love & miss you so much. Happy birthday :D
nobody of consequence 2020/08/19(Wed) 22:41 No.64
Hi john
I hope you and your family are doing good
I’m here to wish you a happy 69th birthday and I hope you have a great day
I love you so much
Julie 2020/08/19(Wed) 22:19 No.63
Happy birthday John !!
I went to Queen exhibition in January, in Tokyo, saw your costume in Radio Ga Ga and many photos. World has changed after that so rapidly.
Queen music always makes me feel better even if these hard days.
I hope you and your family are doing well during this difficult time.
Stay safe and stay healthy !!
Mitochondria 2020/08/19(Wed) 22:08 No.62
HBD John!
I hope your health from Japan.
Best wishes
SM 2020/08/19(Wed) 22:05 No.61
Happy Birthday!!
John, Happy Birthday!!

Do you eat peanuts today, TOO? ;-)
Hope you have a wonderful day with your family!!

Best Wishes<3
gomaae 2020/08/19(Wed) 21:21 No.60
Happy birthday John! Just look at your smile when I'm sad, I will feel the energy from photos, supporting me to move on.
You are my light in the dark. It's my second painting for your birthday ;-)
Wish you and your family happy and health!!

fluffyblender 2020/08/19(Wed) 21:06 No.59
Happy birthday !!
Happy birthday dear Jon!!

I love you
I wish your happy
Meg 2020/08/19(Wed) 20:50 No.58
Happy birthday John!!
I wish your health & great happiness★
rie 2020/08/19(Wed) 19:45 No.57
Happy birthday John Deacon!
I hope you have an amazing day.
Love from turkey :)
sammy 2020/08/19(Wed) 19:26 No.56
Happy Birthday!
John Happy Birthday!
I pray that you and your famijy will stay
healthy and happy.
I love you forever.
marie 2020/08/19(Wed) 18:44 No.55
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear John!!
Happy Birthday To You

I wish your HAPPY!
mill 2020/08/19(Wed) 18:34 No.54
Just a "happy birthday" to show my love :)
Happy birthday to the most amazing, talented, sassy, gorgeous, attractive and cute bassist ever existed on this planet, who keeps inspiring and motivating maaany people, including me! Personally I'm preety new to this fandom but I really find it very interesting and nice, and I feel loved here too. All, thanks to him. To sum up, I wish, to our lovely Deaky, happy birthday from my bottom of my heart, and I also wish him to be happy at home with his family and the people who loves cause he deserves to&#129395;&#10024;
Chrissoula 2020/08/19(Wed) 18:29 No.53
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday John!!
I wish you be always filled with Happiness!
Letter 2020/08/19(Wed) 18:25 No.52
'I love you, I love you, I love you
that's all I want to say'
Have a great one, mate. I hope us new wave of teenaged fans aren't too much for you :-)! Anyway, thanks for everything you've done for us, I met some of my closest friends through your work. Although none of us know you, I can safely say that you sound pretty cool!
Stay well, cheers from Australia! x
jess 2020/08/19(Wed) 18:16 No.51
My dearest Mr. John Richard Deacon:

the last message I promise

I love you and Happy Bday <3
Camila Aguilar 2020/08/19(Wed) 17:58 No.50
My dearest Mr. John Richard Deacon:
Hello, It's me ... again lol
(I am the same girl of the message 31)
This is a drawing I made for your 69th birthday :) I hope hou like it.

I wish you a Happy Bday, health and hapiness in these uncertain times. I hope you be very happy with your wife, children and grandchildren.

We loveee you in M&#233;xico a lot <3

I remember when my dad (he passed away 2 years ago) put IWTBF in the pc, I was 7 and I love it!!!

Im just 17, but I love your music and I admire you. I know my love for you and Queen will be for more years, maybe when Im 64, or 69 like you uwu

God bless you <33
Keep shining <33

Te amo John <333333 mucho amor y abrazos

Camila Aguilar 2020/08/19(Wed) 17:55 No.49
Happy Birthday!
Dear John Deacon,
How are you? I hope you and your family are doing well.
Happy 69th birthday! You truly are a wonderful person, Mr Deacon, surely you must know that. Thank you for being you. We love you <3

Lots of love x
Selma 2020/08/19(Wed) 17:15 No.48
Happy Birthday John !!
Hello John!
Happy birthday for you!!!

You're my favorite bassit !! I admire you too much since I was 5 years old . I love your work, your song are my favorite!

I remember when my father put the video clip of "I want to break free" on television, I was 5 years old , And despite not knowing the English language I loved the song from the first moment! When I grow I knew that you had composed it!

I hope that you're pretty well and I wish a great and happy birthday!!!! Please Enjoy this beautiful day

Greetings from Mexico
Victoria Orantes 2020/08/19(Wed) 16:56 No.47
happy birthday! have a great one &#128572; hope you celebrated it happily with your fam &#128175;&#128175;
hana 2020/08/19(Wed) 16:35 No.46
Happy birthday John Deacon!!!
Hi, John!!!
I wish you a happy birthday!!
you are the best bass player i ever met!

Thank you very much for your beautiful and amazing songs And great sounds!!! I admire you too much!!

Please have a great time and Happy this day

Greets and a hug

Lucy 2020/08/19(Wed) 16:34 No.45
Happy birthday!
I like you just the way you are
Please stay healthy
Kimiko 2020/08/19(Wed) 16:24 No.44
Happy birthday !
Happy 69th Birthday, John!
I hope you have wonderful days with your family.
Please stay safe and healthy.

Kirakira 2020/08/19(Wed) 15:17 No.43
john bday
happy birthday john u sexy beast &#128540;&#128540; ur 69 now , know what that means xox
michelle 2020/08/19(Wed) 14:57 No.42
Happy 69th birthday John!
Please stay happy forever.
We love you forever and ever.
With love from &#127471;&#127477;
ひろこ 2020/08/19(Wed) 14:16 No.41
Happy Birthday John!
Happy Birthday John!

Your songs always make me happy.
Queen fans will love you forever!!
chi-chan 2020/08/19(Wed) 13:54 No.40
thank you so much for inspiring me to play the bass! &#10084; you're one of the most wonderful guy i know! &#10084; happy birthday!!

Rosie Rosie 2020/08/19(Wed) 12:52 No.39
John Deacon's 69th birthday yey!
HAPPY 69th BIRTHDAY, MR. JOHN RICHARD DEACON!!! I hope you're doing okay today,, keep safe always and we love you! &#128521;&#10084;
Rosie Rosie 2020/08/19(Wed) 12:50 No.38
Happy 69th birthday!
I hope you and your family are always happy at home♪
Please stay safe, and have a wonderful and beautiful day:)
I love your music, thank you!
KMR 2020/08/19(Wed) 11:58 No.37
Happy birthday
Happy birthday John. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. Best wishes for the next year &#127874;&#127874;
Karleigh 2020/08/19(Wed) 10:35 No.36
Happy Birthday John!
I’d just like to say thank you for bringing so much joy into my life! I really do hope that you are happy wherever you are and you stay safe and healthy today and everyday. Have a wonderful day! <3
Shannon 2020/08/19(Wed) 09:35 No.35
ジョン、オタンジョウビ オメデトウ!
Happy Birthday Mr. John R. Deacon!
Wishing you and your family health and happiness.

M.Kassy 2020/08/19(Wed) 08:52 No.34
Happy Birthday John!!!!
Have a beautiful day with your family! Stay safe!
shuu 2020/08/19(Wed) 08:51 No.33
Happy Birthday John!!
Wishing a very Happy 69th Birthday to Mr. John Deacon!
Hope you're spending a happy time with your family.
You are missed so much!!
yokoyoko 2020/08/19(Wed) 08:17 No.32
My dearest Mr. John Richard Deacon:
Happy birthday John! I wish you a beautiful and joyful day with your wife and family :)

You're one of the most incredibles musicians and bassists ever, the bass line on "dragon attack" is my favorite (well, all of your work). I love you and I love your pretty and dreamy eyes.

I wish you the best, and again, happy birthday <3

ps: the picture says "your mom made you so pretty" on spanish lol <3

Camila Aguilar 2020/08/19(Wed) 08:03 No.31
Dear John :-). So much I could say today, but I shall keep it brief. You've inspired me an unimaginable amount, and you've introduced me to many new artists (Adam and the Ants, Yes, etc)! I'm only young, but I can tell your work will continue to motivate me up until my adult years. Thank you for everything, and I hope you have the most beautiful day wherever you are.
Stay safe, we love you. XX
jessmarie &#10023;・゚: *&#10023;・゚:* 2020/08/19(Wed) 07:17 No.30
Happy Birthday Dear John Deacon!
I do hope you are happy and healthy.
I listen to your wonderful songs and bass sounds every day.
Thanks to you I feel happy.
Plese take care of yourself.
Lococo8 2020/08/19(Wed) 06:38 No.29
Dear John
Happy Birthday, John.
Your smile is the best!
May you live a peaceful life every day.
I hope your special day is filled with lots love and laughter.
parasol 2020/08/19(Wed) 01:36 No.28
Happy birthday
Dear john,
Happy 69th birthday!
Hope you and your family are well.
Have a great day today <3
Arabella 2020/08/19(Wed) 01:16 No.27
Happy Birthday John
Dear John,
Happy birthday! It's the 19th here.
Hope you are happier on this special day.
I pray that you and your family will always be happy and healthy.
John, we will never forget you. miss you so much.
You inspire me a lot. and I respect you.
Thank you for many things you made. Thank you, always.
You made me live again today.
I love you!

from Your fan who loves you in Korea.

Sua 2020/08/19(Wed) 01:06 No.26
Happy birthday Deaky!
To Dearest John,
Happy happy birthday to you! I hope you have the best day, because you deserve nothing but the best. Though you left Queen before I was born, your legacy has continued on and I want to thank you because I have made so many friends because of you and have been exposed to so many talented people who have been inspired by YOUR talent. I admire the way you have lived your life for you and done what you want when you want. You continue to inspire both myself and thousands of other younger fans every day so thank you so much.
Sending all my love to you on your very special day.
With love
Lucy (20)
Lucy Georgia Wright 2020/08/19(Wed) 00:56 No.25
Happy birthday, John!
Happy birthday, John! Your music has helped me through so much and I hope you and your family are well <3 Have an amazing day!
a person 2020/08/19(Wed) 00:37 No.24
Happy Birthday
Happy 69th birthday,John!
I hope your life is always healthy, peaceful and happy.

I always cheer myself up by listening to the songs you have written.
Thank you for you and your songs.

(Sorry for my poor English.)
"Happy at home" Chiet @Japan
Chiet 2020/08/19(Wed) 00:19 No.23
I wish you and your family good health and happiness.

I always support you from japan.
miyuki  Ima 2020/08/19(Wed) 00:14 No.22
Happy birthday!
Dear John

I hope you live happily with your family.

The songs you created still shining in my mind. Thank you for the wonderful works.

Please take care of yourself
KH 2020/08/18(Tue) 23:50 No.21
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, John!
Wish your special day would be great!
And, I hope your calm life with your family would be continue forever.

All I want you is just only your happiness.
Your smile makes me happy and your songs make my life fruitful.
I am always grateful for you.

From one of your admirers in Japan
ANNY 2020/08/18(Tue) 23:30 No.20
Happy birthday
Dear Mr. John deacon.
I hope You and your family are happy and safe.
I thank you so much. You made my life colorful.
Black Lily 2020/08/18(Tue) 22:57 No.19
To John
Happy birthday John.
I pray that you are well from far away Japan.
I love you forever.
May you be a wonderful 69 years old.
tazuko 2020/08/18(Tue) 21:22 No.18
Hi, John!
I hope you are so happy with your family.
I met you@ press conference & party, 1976!
Thank you so much your beautiful songs.
Stay safe, keep on smiling!XXX
Masako Misawa 2020/08/18(Tue) 16:18 No.17
Dear Mr. John Deacon
Happy birthday to you(^^).
How are you? I ’m poor at English, sorry.

Songs you made have encouraged me all the time.
When I listen Queen's songs, I concentrate on your
base play!! So that make me happy&#129392;
Only Freddie's piano and his vocal and your base.
One of these days,please come to Japan with your family.
Hitomi 2020/08/18(Tue) 15:58 No.16
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you.
I hope you are always in good health.
I love the songs you write and the sound of the bass you play.
May you always be happy.
KEIKO SASAKI 2020/08/18(Tue) 14:34 No.15
Happy birthday, John!
Happy birthday, John! I celebrate your 68th birthday. I believe you have been enjoying your quiet and peaceful life with your family.

It is a part of my life to listen to your songs and your bass play, and I am always encouraged. Thank you so much for your heartwarming songs and cool bass play.

Your fan from Tokyo, Japan
KEI 2020/08/18(Tue) 13:23 No.14
Dearest John
Happy 69th Birthday John!
I wish for you and your family good health and happiness from the bottom of my heart.
SHIO 2020/08/18(Tue) 07:51 No.13
Happy Birthday John Deacon(^^)
I want you and your family to have a peaceful year(*^^*)
aya 2020/08/18(Tue) 07:07 No.12
Happy Birthday!
Dearest John,

Wishing you a happiest birthday ever!
Enjoy your special day with your lovely family!
Please stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times.
Listening Queen's music is a therapy for me.

Love you a lot!!
Thinking of you always....

Izumi M
Izumi M 2020/08/18(Tue) 04:07 No.11
Omedetou gozaimasu
Dear John Deacon

Happy birthday!

I like the song you created and a performance of a base.

Queen's album is heard every day.

I needed the time quite far, but those are new.

Please be careful of your body and have time every day.

And please don't forget it, to have many people who think of you...
shizuka 2020/08/18(Tue) 01:57 No.10
Here's a long-distance "Happy Birthday" to you from Japan.

The day I saw "Queen Live At Nippon Budokan" was the best day of my life.
Thank you so much for your amazing performance.
Yoko Mori 2020/08/18(Tue) 01:06 No.9
Dear Mr. John Deacon,

Joy of knowing you
On this very special day
Hope you’ll feel how much we cherish you
No one enjoys Queen’s music without you
Don’t you know that we’ll never forget you?
Every moment you devoted your passion is
Absolutely our treasure
Can you hear the call of our heart?
Over the days over the sea
Now Japanese real fans are thinking of you

Happy happy birthday

Yours Truly,
Rika K Mattsu
Rika K Mattsu 2020/08/17(Mon) 23:17 No.8
Dear John
Dear John &#128149;&#128149;
Happy Birthday
I still love you, I love you
I wish you a smile and happiness forever

Once an important bassist for QUEEN
John &#128149;
Freddie called to God Brian and Roger decide to inherit Freddie's will
John &#128149; sticks to his will
I chose to retire
After that, John did not appear on the front stage at all and still sticks to his strong will &#128149;
How are you?
Are you spending a smile?
What do you want to do?

QUEEN is still four people
John Freddie &#128149;
Brian to roger
QUEEN is a QUEEN with 4 people.
This is a fact that will never change
Kumiko 2020/08/17(Mon) 20:47 No.7
Happy Birthday John!
I wish you and your family good health &#128155;

miffy 2020/08/17(Mon) 19:48 No.6
Happy birthday
Dear John

Happy 69th birthday. I’m happy to celebrate your birthday again this year. I wish you and your family a peaceful life.
Rikyo 2020/08/17(Mon) 19:44 No.5
Happy Birthday John!
Riccardo 2020/08/17(Mon) 16:53 No.4
Happy Birthday John
Happy Birthday 69 to our beloved bass player John
I wish many prosperity and health to you and All your family’s.
Your Bass play etc starts me to play Bass Thank you for inspiration
Your Fan from Japan Masami
Mmj9 2020/08/17(Mon) 15:52 No.3
Happy Birthday dear john!!
The pandemic is tough, please stay healthy.
With love from Japan.xx

Is this message too hot and too sweet? lol
Ayame 2020/08/16(Sun) 22:23 No.2
For his 69th Birthday
Why don't you send your hot & sweet message to John?

mami@webmaster 2020/08/16(Sun) 21:31 No.1