Dear John,
Belated Happy 65th Birthday to you! I'm sorry I'm late.
I hope you had a wonderful birthday.
Wishing you many, many more happiness!

suton 2016/08/21(Sun) 23:38 No.18
happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy 65th Birthday,Dearest John!
Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health.

M.Kassy 2016/08/20(Sat) 09:40 No.17
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday, John
Wishing you a wonderful birthday, and the following year will be another wonderful one for you and your family.
Best Wishes.
Mitochondria 2016/08/19(Fri) 23:59 No.16
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, John!!!
Ifm happy I can celebrate your birthday with people in the whole world!
I wish you and your family are happy.
Love and respect.
pasta 2016/08/19(Fri) 23:33 No.15
otajo:bi omedetougozaimasu

sutekinaitinen wo osugosikudasai
nagomiya 2016/08/19(Fri) 20:37 No.14
Happy Birthday!!
How do you do?

I practice to sing english songs with good pronunciation in these days.
I believe I can do that someday...and that is never too late to try,isn't that right?

So,Mr.deacon,let's practice SINGING!!_(^o^)^

Enjoy yourself every day!!

with love

gomaae 2016/08/19(Fri) 20:28 No.13
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday dear John!
I hope that you are enjoying lovely summer and that are having a wonderful day with your sweet family.
Please be well !!!
Lots of love, s.xxxx
stmk 2016/08/19(Fri) 18:50 No.12
Happy 65th birthday!
Happy 65th birthday,dear John!
I hope to buy the electric bass soon and practice in order to playing it well like you.
Songs of Queen and your smile are precious treasures to me.
I wish your happiness...

Shiho 2016/08/19(Fri) 17:33 link No.11
Happy Birthday John!
You and your music and your lovely smile are always in my heart.
I hope you enjoy this special day with your important people.
NAKO 2016/08/19(Fri) 17:31 No.10
Congratulations on your 65th birthday!
You are the best musician for me forever.
Wishing you good health and happiness in life!
Kontsu 2016/08/19(Fri) 11:32 No.9
You're happy at home
Happy 65th Birthday, John Deacon! We fans all miss you and hope you have a wonderful, quiet day with your family...

But actually I'm still looking foward to your bass play on stage!
Eureka 2016/08/19(Fri) 09:24 No.8
Happy birthday
"The world as we know it,is coming to an end."Why everything must be in a constant move, D.. ? Enjoy your life. Best wishes.
marta 2016/08/19(Fri) 05:40 No.7
Greeting from Tokyo, Japan !
Happy birthday dear John!

You're always #1 rock bassist for me! Have a wonderful 65th year!

Please drop a line or two for us, the Deaconists on BBS in this world's best Deaky fan site...

( Click the picture to enlarge!)

Kero 2016/08/18(Thu) 23:05 No.6
Dear John, Happy Birthday!
I'm listening to Queen songs every day.
When I feeling down, your misic always cheers me up.
Thank you very much.
Love xxx from Japan
Yoko Mori 2016/08/17(Wed) 23:30 No.5
Happy birthday ,Mr.Deacon !
Happy birthday! You make my everyday so special. With Love.
la chat 2016/08/17(Wed) 21:31 No.4
VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR JOHN DEACON! Enjoy your days! Btw, miss you bro
azzhrne 2016/08/15(Mon) 21:58 No.3
Happy Birthday John!!! Have a great one, God Bless You!!! I really hope to hear about you very soon again, cheers from Italy.
Riccardo 2016/08/15(Mon) 18:10 No.2
Happy Birthday!
Let's send your wishes to Mr.Deacon for his 65th Birthday!

mami@webmaster 2016/08/14(Sun) 23:56 No.1

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