Birthday Message Board 2015

[20] HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Name: Ston Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/20(Thu) 01:29
Happy Birthday,John!

Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health.

We miss you!!

[19] Dear John! Name: stmk Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/19(Wed) 22:26
Happy birthday our dearest John.
Hope you are well and enjoying life.
Stay be stubborn as you have been ;)
Thinking of you...
Lots of love xxx

[17] HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Name: gomaae Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/19(Wed) 22:00
Happy Birthday, John!!

Your songs make me happy, cheer me up and make me want to dance!;D

Have good days full of happiness!!

[16] 無題 Name: HAPPY BITRHDAY♪ Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/19(Wed) 21:53
Happy Birthday John♪
Your songs always make me happy.
So,I am grateful to you.
Please spend a great year.
We are looking forward to seeing you someday somewhere.

[15] HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Name: pasta Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/19(Wed) 21:06
Happy birthday John!!!
I always respect you.

[14] ... Name: marta Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/19(Wed) 15:23
I wish you lots of love and friendship in life. Stay save and happy... as much as you can.

[13] Dearest Mr.John Deacon! Name: M.Kassy Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/19(Wed) 15:10
Happy Birthday to YOU.
I wish you good health and happiness.

You of the day with Queen are very precious to me.
Thank you for wonderful songs.

We still LOVE YOU !!!

[12] 無題 Name: Tiger lily of the valley Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/19(Wed) 13:58
Dear Mr. John Deacon

Happy birthday dear John!
Lots of your songs make me happy always.

You must be 'Happy-happy at home'.
Take care!
Love you!

[11] HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Name: Eurika Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/19(Wed) 11:42
Happy birthday, John Deacon!
We always wish your happiness. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.
We still love you.

[10] HAPPY BIRTHDAY Name: Kontsu Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/19(Wed) 09:52
Happy Birthday John!!
Wishing your continued health and happiness!

[9] Happy birthday ,Mr.Deacon ! Name: la chat Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/18(Tue) 22:05
Life is GREAT at any age.
Have fun!!

[8] 無題 Name: Michi Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/18(Tue) 12:45
Dear Mr.Deacon

Happy Birthday!

I still love your works!

[7] Happy Birthday! Name: Setsuo Kaedei Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/17(Mon) 09:24
Happy Birthday Mr. Bass Guy!
I wish you all the best!
God bless you!
Setsuo, from Brazil.

[6] 無題 Name: Letter Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/16(Sun) 23:04
Happy Birthday John!!
I hope you are always happy.

[5] Happy Birthday Name: maysea Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/16(Sun) 19:19
Happy Birthday, John!!

I'm happy to be able to celebrate your birthday this year too.

Wishing you many more happiness!

[4] Dear John, Name: Precision Bassist Kero Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/16(Sun) 17:33
Happy Birthday from Tokyo,Japan!

May your 64th year be wonderful☆

I love your bass lines & Queen music♪

[3] Happy birthday Name: Yoko Mori Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/14(Fri) 00:19
Dear John,
Happy birthday!
When I was in my teens, I went to see "Queen live at the Nippon Budokan".
That was the most exciting concert I have ever been to.
Thank you for your amazing performance in Japan.

[2] 無題 Name: Riccardo Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/12(Wed) 18:06
Happy Birthday John! We really miss you and I hope you will spend some of your time interacting with your fans!

[1] Happy birthday! Name: mami@webmaster Date(UTC+9) : 2015/08/11(Tue) 23:31
Why don't you send your heartfelt messages to our Mr Deacon for his birthday!