Birthday Message Board 2014

[23] Dear John, Happy Birthday! Name: S.tone Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/21(Thu) 23:41
Belated Happy Birthday ! 
Hope your birthday is beginning of a year full of happiness.

[22] Happy Birthday!! Name: KaoRi Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/20(Wed) 21:25
Happy 63rd birthday, John!
I hope you enjoy your life.
Please take care of yourself :)
Lots of LOVE from JAPAN

[21] Happy birthday、JOHN! Name: Masako s.m. Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/20(Wed) 12:09
I hope you’ll enjoy your day!
I’m happy our daugher played your 2 songs in their wedding party@the Ritz, Tokyo in June.
I moved into tears!
My favorite is ‘YOU AND I’’.
Hug and kisses from JAPAN.

[20] JOHN DEACON FOREVER! Name: SETSUO Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/20(Wed) 04:40
Happy Birthday Mr. Bass Guy!
Miss you!
All the BEST! ^^

[19] Dearest John, Happy Birthday! Name: Froglegs Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/20(Wed) 00:35
Dearest John, Happy Birthday!

I hope you're having a great time right now.

Cheers for you and your music!

Love from Tokyo

[18] HAPPY BIRTHDAY Name: Mitochondria Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 23:41
Happy birthday John!
I hope you have wonderful birthday :D

Two weeks ago, I looked your handwriting of 'I Want To Break Free' lyrics which was displayed at a Tower Records in Tokyo. It was a pleasure to see it.
I often listen to or sing the song when I get frustrated or do hoovering ;)
Your songs always give me energy.

Wishing you good health and happiness!!

[17] Happy Birthday Name: maysea Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 21:52
Happy Birthday, John <|:-)
Are you always well? I always enjoy QUEEN songs. They are my energy source.
I hope you have a great day and a wonderful year to come!

[16] Happy b-day ! Name: marta Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 21:10
"He can be incredibly considerate and inexplicably rude, make someone curl up and die with a couple of sentences" - how not to love you, d.. ! ;)I adore that about you :)

Stay happy and calm.

I wish you ALL the best.

[15] Happy birthday ,Mr.Deacon ! Name: la chat Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 20:59
May your birthday be filled with excitement,joy and laughter. Happy Birthday!

[14] Dearest JOHN !!! Name: M.Kassy Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 20:56
Happy Birthday to YOU.
I wish you good health and happiness.

You of the day with Queen are very precious to me.
Thank you for wonderful songs.

We still LOVE YOU !!!

[13] Happy Birthday! Name: pasta Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 20:33
Daisuki na John!
Happy Birthday!!!
19th August is a special day of all of your fans.
I'm very happy I celebrate your birthday with a lot of your fans every year and this year too.
Love and respect forever.

[12] Great! (^^) Name: gomaae Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 17:55
John, Happy Birthday!!!!!
I love your songs, 'cos that's so beautiful!
Have a good birthday! Best wishes!!

[11] HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. DEACON! Name: Ai Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 10:52
Congratulations on your birthday :-D
I love all Queen songs, especially your songs such as 'YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND' and 'SPREAD YOUR WINGS'.
And my 10 year-old brother and I love to sing them.
Wishing you lots of happiness and good health.
Love xxx

[10] 無題 Name: Kontsu Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 10:00
Happy Birthday John!
Your music always make me smile and happy.
Please remember we are all thinking of you.
Wishing you good health and happiness in life!
With LOVE from Japan

[9] Hello! Name: stmk Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 06:04
Happy Birthday our dearest John!!!
I hope that you are well and that are having a wonderful day.
Miss your lovely smiles... Love you forever as well as Freddie ; )
Please please be well.
Big hugs xxxxxx

[8] Happy Birthday John Name: KN Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 03:11
Happy Birthday, John!
I just wanted to tell you that your song, "Spread Your Wings" always cheers me up whenever I'm down.
I hope you have a lovely day with your family, filled with lots of love!!

[7] 無題 Name: kr Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 00:50
Happy birthday John.
I really like your songs, bass lines, and adrable smile.
'Spread your wings' and 'Friends will be friends' always cheer me up.
thanks a lot.
I wish you and all your family happiness.

[6] HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Name: kimie Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/19(Tue) 00:16
This summer seethes by news that QUEEN participates in the rock festival of Japan.
I will have run from the far provinces if the bassist was YOU.
After all, I miss your sound, your performance.
However, I pray that you live happily with the family in above all.
Wish you a happy birthday and many happy returns of the day!

[5] Happy Birthday Name: S.T Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/18(Mon) 23:29
HAPPY BIRTHDAY John! I am one of the millions of fans that love you and your songs so much. I've overwhelmed how beautiful your songs are and how great your songwriting was for you're not a singer though. I sometimes wish I had a boyfriend who could write as romantic love songs for me as you did for your wife. Hope you're having a happy retired life!

[4] Happy birthday Name: Yoko Mori Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/17(Sun) 01:04
Happy birthday,John!
I'm looking forward to Live at the Rainbow '74.
If it was possible to return to the past,I wanted to go to this concert. Lots of love xxx from Tokyo

[3] 無題 Name: Riccardo Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/12(Tue) 21:06
Hi John, have a great Birthday, I really hope you are fine cause we haven't any recent news about you we all really miss you both like musician and person.
Please don't forget about the MILLIONS of fans you have around the world and sometime just let them know about yourself and if you are doing well.
I give you an huge hug from Italy!

[2] Нappy birthday Name: Oktyabrina Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/11(Mon) 20:57
Нappy birthday John!Thank you for all your great songs!
I wish you a good health and happiness!

[1] Happy birthday! Name: mami@webmaster Date(UTC+9) : 2014/08/10(Sun) 22:00 1.jpg
Let's send your cheeful and heartfelt messages to our Mr Deacon for his birthday!