Birthday Messages 2001 (2)

41.Sweet [08/09 10:15]
  1. QUEENに対してファン側の意見を 持っているところ。
    [Because he has the opinion leant toward us as for the way of Queen.]
  2. 『Mustapha』
  3. 『手をとりあって』
    [Teo Toriatte]
  4. “こんなとこで何してんの?”
    [Hey, what are you doing here?]
    Dear Mr. Deacon,

    I sing from far Japan so that you can hear it.
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday Dear Mr.Deacon
    Happy birthday to you.
    Whatever happens from this as well, I support you.

42.YUKARINGO [08/09 13:19]
  1. 多面性。
    [His various character]
  2. The Millionaire Waltz
  3. You're My Best Friend
  4. 今でも少しだけ姿を見せるのはディーコニストを 悶えさせるため?
    [Is it to have us 'Deaconist' writhe that you show up a moment still now?]
    50歳のお誕生日、おめでとうございます。 もうとっくに50過ぎてるんじゃ?と思えるほど落ち着きのある あなたですが、これからも注目していたいです。 人生の先輩としても、とても興味があります。 そして、ずっと元気でいてくださいね。

    [Congratulations on your 50th birthday. You're always perfectly cool, as if you've lived over half century already. I'm very interested in you, so I'll continue to keep an eye on you as a mentor of my life. Live long forever!]

43.あゆ (ayu)[08/09 14:33]
  1. 考えたこともないのでワカリマセン。うっ。
    [don't know, because I've never thought this...]
  2. ベースラインを意識して曲を聴いたことがないので…。うぅっ。
    [I've never listened to Queen songs being conscious of his bass-line...]
  3. えっ、あの声で? …遠慮しときます。 え〜ん、mamiさん、ごめんよ、ごめんよぉ。
    [What? In that voice?, thank you. (sorry!)]
  4. どうしてもうプレイしないの?
    [Why do not you play anymore?]
    Dear John,

    Happy 50th Birthday!!!
    I hope you have a great birthday and
    great days throughout this year.
    And I wish to see you play again!

    Love from Ayumi

44.ジョージバーンズ (George Barnes)[08/09 22:38]
  1. Sheer Heart Attack!!......
  2. Sheer Heart Attack
  3. Sheer Heart Attack
  4. Sheer Heart Attack??......

    [Please, please come to Japan again!]

45.t-sakamoto [08/09 22:40]
  1. 確実なプレイでバンドをまとめ上げたところ・・・。
    [His reliable play which unified the band]
  2. Jealousy
  3. Who Needs You(ギター弾き語りヴァージョンで!^^^;)
    [Who Needs You (want him to sing to his guitar accompaniment ;-)]
  4. バンドが大成すると確信したのはいつ頃なのかしら・・・。 ジョンの言葉で聞いてみたい・・・。
    [When were you convinced the band's success? I'd like to hear it by John's own words...]


    [Happy 50th birthday, John!! Well, your 60th birthday will be coming soon also ;-) Remain as you are forever. We will keep on loving you, whenever and forever.]

46.Angelo Russolillo [08/10 03:28]
  1. for his quite personality
  2. Dragon Attack
  3. just done
    Hi John, happy birthday.100 of this days.I'm Angelo and i'm come frmo italy.
    One question for you: Why don't you come back with Brian e Roger?
    Bye Bye from Angelo, Italy.
    P.S. i'm sorry for my einglish

47.Mayuko Abe [08/10 19:51]
  1. ホンワカしてカワイイところ☆
    [Because he's mild and cute :-)]
  2. オウガ・バトル
    [Orga Battle]
  3. Love Of My Life
  4. 普段は何をしてお過ごしですか?
    [What are you doing usually?]
    Happy birthday, John!!
    May your future be full of happiness.

48.Minae Megumi(惠 美奈枝) [08/11 03:10]
  1. 全て許せるような、キュートな笑顔!
    [His cute smile which makes me trust completely!]
  2. バイシクル・レース(すいません、マニアックです…)
    [Bicycle Race (sorry, a little maniac...!)]
  3. ミスファイアー
  4. 本当にその状況に立たされたら、私はきっと何も 言えないんじゃないかと思います。 ただ、にっこりと微笑みかけるだけのような気がします…。
    [If he really appeared on my side, I can't say anything. Only I can do is to smile at him...I guess.]
    (I hope my poor English make sense to you...)

    John! Happy happy 50th birthday!!
    This year, my age is half of your age.
    Your cute smile, warmhearted songs, reliable bass line, unique and respectable life...
    They have made my life invaluable!
    I wish you lead a free and gentle life, and please show us your lovely face now and ever after!


49.ベニーナ (benina)[08/11 17:23]
  1. いつでも自然体なところ
    [Always unaffected]
  2. Bicycle Race
  3. Another One Bites The Dust
  4. お孫さん居るんですか?(爆)
    [Do you have any grandchildren already? ;-)]
    Congratulations on your 50th birthday, John!
    I wish you have a good time with your family.
    Do you still play bass, and sometimes write songs ?
    Please come back onto the stage! I miss you very much.

50.Christina-Louise Taylor [08/12 06:19]
  1. He is a awesome bass player and a great songwriter.
  2. Under Pressure
  3. Boheimian Rhapsody
  4. How was it working with Freddie,Brian and Roger?
    Happy 50th Birthday John. May your day be full of joy and Happiness as well as all your dreams and wishes come true

51.まりんのママ (marin no mama)[08/12 22:35]
  1. ごくフツーの人のように見えて、 ぜんぜんフツーじゃないところ。 (能ある鷹は爪を隠す?!)
    [Looking like an ordinary man, but not ordinary at all. (Still waters run deep...?)]
  2. ごめんなさい。どうしても一つに決められなかったんです。
    [Sorry, I can't choose one.]
  3. One year of love
  4. あなたにとって今音楽は、聴いて楽しむだけ? それとも演奏することも楽しんでますか?
    [Do you enjoy playing music now? Or just enjoy listening?]
    Happy Birthday John!!!
    I know you're enjoying your quiet life now.
    But,I think you should play the bass guiter again to keep yourshelf
    young.(Don't you think so?)
    Best of luck in your fifties!!

52.queenie_borap [08/13 01:56]
  1. Millions of reasons
  2. under pressure was the best!!!
  3. can't think of just 1
  4. If I can ask some more questions
    Happy birthday and everyone loves you.

53.Lauren [08/13 06:51]
  1. He is the greatest
  2. Dragon Attack
  3. We Are The Champions
  4. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?
    Have a great 50th birthday! You are the absolute best! Thank you for all of your music! :) (you inspired me to begin playing the bass guitar)
    Hi! I wrote a message earlier, but I made a small mistake. I haven't actually began taking bass guitar lessons yet, but I own one and when I get the time, I will take lessons. Sorry about that. Thanks for your time and have a fabulous birthday. :)

54.Jessica [08/13 09:16]
  1. He is a truely beautiful person.
  2. '39
  3. ?? John doesn't sing does he?
  4. Do you remember coming to Dayton Ohio in '74???
    Happy Birthday John!!!!
    I want you to have a wonderful birthday full of happiness spent with the people you love. You have been deeply blessed with a wonderful talent of music and family. Keep on giving and you will recieve!!
    Much love and birthday kisses,

55.Aija Virtanen [08/13 17:04]
  1. Because of his interesting character and excellent musical skills.
  2. Another One Bites the Dust
  3. You Are My Best Friend
  4. What is your favorite song of all and why?
    Happy birthday, John! You are absolutely the best bass player I know. I also like your compositions very much. You And I and You Are My Best Friend are great, for example. I have been a Queen-fan since the first time I heard Bohemian Rhapsody and you are my favorite. So, congratulations one more time!

56.みっしー (michie)[08/13 23:16]
  1. ぴょんぴょん
    [His leaping]
  2. Under Pressure
  3. Misfire
  4. 毎日何してんの?
    [What are you doing everyday?]
    John, Happy Birthday!
    I love Misfire & I Want To Break Free.
    They are sweet just like you and make me so relieved.
    I miss you so much!
    Love always, michelle

57.pete [08/14 16:12]
  1. quiet, not outspoken ,great bassist
  2. invisible man
  3. I know John isn't a singer so I will spare him
  4. can you teach me some bass moves please?
    Happy 50th birthday John,
    I am a great fan of your bass play and the band Queen and even though we don't hear much from you these you still have alot to offer the music world. I am an aspiring bass player and I want to be just like you some day. Anyway enjoy your 50th....the 4th and final member of the band to reach that milestone and many happy returns
    Pete Irvine

58.KOB (KOB) [08/14 23:17]
  1. 飄々としてる所
    [aloof from the world]
  2. Liar
  3. Who Needs You
  4. 充実してた?
    [Have you lived a full life?]
    happy Birthday for 50th anniversary!
    I love your all smile.
    I will wait till you comes.
    Thank you! and See you again!

59.Mary [08/15 03:09]
  1. He's so quiet, so nice, and he's very good playing his bass.
  2. Under Pressure.
  3. John did backing vocals for "Cool Cat" with Freddie right? I like to hear that song again.
  4. So how are you feeling today, John?
    Happy Birthday John! May your 50th birthday be as sweet and pleasant. And in good health too.

60.Julie Woodruff [08/15 07:04]
  1. His quiet strength
  2. I Want to Break Free
  3. Friends Will Be Friends
  4. Would you PLEASE perform with Roger and Brian again?
    Dear John ~

    Happy happy happy 50th birthday!!! Hard to believe we're hitting this age, isn't it? Thank you so much for your work with Queen - the music is timeless.

    Again, I hope you have a wonderful birthday with all those you hold dear, and many, many more!



    ps: don't you think a trip to Houston would be a great idea???

61.MAOMAO まおまお [08/15 23:19]
  1. 自分の気持ちに正直
    [Honest on his own feelings]
  2. ミリオネア・ワルツ
    [Millionaire Waltz]
  3. 永遠の翼
    [Spread Your Wings]
  4. もう、音楽はしないの?
    [Don't you play music anymore?]
    Happy Birthday John!!

    [Happy Birthday John!! Wish your happiness, whenever, forever. (But please entertain us sometimes!)]

62.ハルヲ (haruo)[08/16 10:56]
  1. 髪型。 ひとことはむつかしいですね。
    [HIs hairstyle. (hard to say it by one word)]
  2. 冴えてるかはわからないけどWe Will Rock Youのライブ版とか
    [We Will Rock You (live version)]
  3. ブレイクフリーとか 歌わなくても出てきてくれるだけで十分。
    [I Want To Break Free (enough if he show up)]
  4. でかい蝶ネクタイはなんなんですか?
    [What in the world is that big bow tie?]
    50歳ですか。 半世紀ですね。

    [Happy birthday to you. You've lived half century. I'll keep on cheering you from Japan. Hope you have a peaceful time with your family.]

63.SQUEAKY [08/16 16:14]
  1. 精神的に自立している所
    [independent Mentally]
  2. Too Much Love Will Kill You
  3. Need Your Loving Tonight
  4. 無性にセッションしたくなるときはありませんか?
    [Do you still have a feeling to do sessions?]
    Congratulation on your 50th birthday, John!
    Do you have days spent gently?
    Don't forget that many fans who keep loving you are in Japan, please.

64.のろん (noron) [08/16 18:22]
  1. ニコニコ笑顔で、和ませてくれる所〜。
    [His shinning smile that makes me happy:-)]
  2. 「ドラゴン・アタック」だと思います!
    [Dragon Attack!]
  3. 「ONE VISION」ですかね〜。 (歌ってくれればなんでも最高です!)
    [One Vision (any songs are OK if he sings for me!)]
  4. どんな時に誘惑されますか? (おいしそうな匂いがする時とか・・・。)
    [When and what cause do you think you were tempted?]
     Happy birthday Mr.John!!


    [Happy birthday Mr.John Deacon!! I love your songs which cheer me up. Thanks for that. I wish you keep up the healthy life. Congratulations again!]

65.Filippe Van Kets [08/16 19:50]
  1. He's faithfull, smart, cool and friendly!
  2. Rain Must Fall
  3. Spread Your Wings
  4. Were you ever jealous of Freddie, Roger or Brian for any reason?
    Hi there John, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and a happy further life. Not wining, but please try and play some with the others again if you find the time. Screw Robbie Williams. He ain't so great. Sorry about Freddie.
    Say hy to Veronica and the kids for me. Write me something if you will. BYE!!

66.西塔星夏 (saitoh seika) [08/16 22:06]
  1. 自分自身で在り続けるところ
    [Keeping on being as he is]
  2. Dragon Attack (一つなんて無理です!ライブで聞きたい曲という事で)
    [Dragon Attack (want to hear on lives. Hard to choose one!)]
  3. You and I
  4. Are you Happy?
    We heartily felicitate you on your birthday and send our wishes that you are enjoying life more than ever these days.

    We take pleasure in hearing your music still now.
    You have sown seeds in our heat, we are watching them to grow.

    A many thanks, and I wish you keep smilimg for ever and a day.

67.nave [08/16 23:25]
  1. 顔…?(笑)と裏番長なところ。
    [His face...? and being the hidden leader ;-)]
  2. あれこれ頭に浮かびますが、やっぱり印象的なのは Under Pressure。この答え多いだろうなー。
    [Under Pressure. (Is this answer common?)]
  3. やっぱりYou're My Best Friend。 これも同一回答多の予想。
    [You're My Best Friend (maybe this is common also)]
  4. 「Hot lineを教えて下さい。」 (質問と違うぞ。)
    [Would you tell me your Hot Line?]
    Happy Birthday, John!!

    [Happy Birthday, John!! I hope you and your deary people spend happy days. Best wishes and celebrations for your important day.]

68.じぇら (jerra)[08/17 02:35]
  1. クイーンのメンバー4人で写真撮影するとき、 いつも1人で見当違いな方向を向いているところ。
    [Always looking at another direction during shooting photos with Queen members]
  2. 「ミリオネア・ワルツ」が好きだけれども、 ライブ盤の「ワン・ビジョン」も捨てがたい。
    [Millionaire Waltz (also like a live version of One Vision)]
  3. フレディと一緒に「アンダー・プレッシャー」を歌ってほしい。
    [Want him to sing Under Pressure with Freddie]
  4. もちろん本当に引退したつもりなのか聞いてみる!
    [Of course I ask him, "did you really retire?"]

    [Congratulations on your 50th birthday, John! There are lots of news about Queen recently, but I feel dissatisfied because you didn't take part in. It has been only one year that I became a fan of Queen (especially YOU!). I'd like you to show your fine figure occasionally!]

69.sato [08/17 03:41]
  1. dependable
  4. Do you play the bass or guiter at present?
    Happy Birthday, dear John!
    I wish you another great year full of love, smiles, and good health.
    Please give us your great smile some day again!
    With love,

70.Boh [08/17 14:49]
  1. 不思議なところ
    [Misterious character]
  4. 今までで、どの髪型がお気に入り?
    [Which hair-styles did you like best?]
    Happy Birthday John!
    I wish you have a good time.
    I like your songs.

71.Nao [08/17 23:00]
  1. かわいらしさ
  2. You're My Best Friend
  3. Dear Friends
  4. もう人前でベースは弾かないの?
    [Don't you play bass in public anymore?]
    Happy Birthday Dear John! I don't believe that you are 50 years old...(you too?) I think there were lotta of things past 50 years in your life,but now you are happily with your family. I hope your health and happiness.
    Whole Lotta Love.

72.Nobuko Mukaida (Nobuko Mukaida)[08/17 23:48]
  1. いつも幸せな気分にさせてくれる!
    [always makes me happy!]
  2. ライアー
  3. 心の絆
    [Friends Will Be Friends]
  4. 今も熱心なファン達に一言!
    [Please say something to us ardent fans!]

    [Happy 50th birthday John! For a Queen fan from very early days, I'm impressed that you've lived half century. I wrote this message because I'd like you to know that there are a lots of fans of you (and Queen) in Japan. Please come to Japan again!]

73.Yuki [08/18 00:43]
  1. cool & mysterious
  2. You're my best frriend
  3. Love of my life
  4. Which do you wear usually, brief or tranks?
    Happy 50th birthday, John!

    A strange thing is going on here...The number of your fans seems
    to be increasing...just seeing all different people who newly became
    deaky addicts is attract people regardless of time!

    We have been anxious about what you were doing, but we are glad to
    know you are still alive by reading news coverage of your opinion
    on new queen;) That's enough for all fans to know you are doing ok!
    However,at the same time we are dying to see you...
    we all love you and are looking forward to seeing your humble smile again!

74.TOHRU [08/18 00:49]
  1. Cool
  2. The Millionaire Waltz
  3. Friends Will Be Friends
  4. Are you playing the bass these days?
    Happy birthday, John!
    Are you enjoying your life?
    I have loved QUEEN all the time for 25 years.
    I also play the bass guitar,and would like to play it like you do.
    Anyway,I wish you the best luck!

75.Nicholas Byron Hale [08/18 01:53]
  1. Precise, Focused, and Experimental.
  2. Another One Bites The Dust
  3. Spread Your Wings
  4. If you were too change the type of music on Hot Space, what type of music would Queen and you make?
    Happy 50TH Birthday John Deacon! Hope you have a good future ahead of you, and never stop rocking in the 21st Century! You, like Freddie, Roger, and Brian, will live on!!!

76.こうちん (kohchin)[08/18 13:04]
  1. おちゃめなところ
  2. The Millionaire Waltz
  3. Under Pressure
  4. どこから来たの?
    [Where did you come?]
    Happy Birthday,John!

77.おいのこ (oinoko)[08/18 16:33]
  1. 控えめでいながら頑固なところ
    [modest and also stubborn]
  2. The Invisible Man
  3. Who Needs You
  4. 幸せですか?
    [Are you happy now?]
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Silence sometimes means more than eloquence.
    But I wish to hear some news about you once in a while.
    I've been anxious about you all the time.
    from your fan,Oinoko

78.Kimie Ogawa [08/18 16:50]
  1. 一筋縄ではいかない、ものすごく奥が深い所。 自分の最初の印象とはかなり本物は違いました(笑) 益々惚れました。
    [Very experienced and is not easily deceived.]
  2. 挙げたい曲は幾らでもある! でも昨日もそして聴けば何時も泣いてしまうこの曲を。 "The Millionaire Waltz"のオープニング! ピアノとの絡みが堪らん!!
    [Millionaire Waltz]
  3. ジョンさんの歌声を聴いたことないだけに一番難しい質問(笑) 彼の穏やかさと優しさを考慮して ”These Are The Days Of Our Lives" このPVのジョンさん、胸が熱くなるんです。。
    [These Are The Days Of Our Lives]
  4. 本当に彼の言葉で聞いてみたいものです。 「あなたにとってQUEENとは、FREDDIEとはどんな存在でしたか?」
    [For yourself, what is Queen? And what is Freddie Mercury?]
    When I was 9 years old,I was very shocked by "Bohemian Rhapsody"!I'm 20 this year,but I love QUEEN now more much than then.And I'm sure of loving you in the future more than now.I'll listen to QUEEN's songs till I die.Please don't forget to be still such fans of you all over the world!May you long live happily!!

79.deaconist [08/18 17:31]
  1. 優しくて、いい人そう。
    [gentle and seems good person]
  2. Under Pressure
  3. Stone Cold Crazy
  4. 今何してるんですか??
    [What are you doing now?]
    Happy birthday, John. I love your songs, and Queen's songs!! You are my hero! Please come to Japan again!!

80.Xenia and Tatiana [08/18 23:22]
  1. Because he's not like a celeberty and more like a regular person (appearance, lifestyle, ect.), and because he's very talented.
  2. Under Pressure
  3. You're My Best Friend
  4. Are you happier now, or were you happier when you were in Queen? (and why)
    Dear Mr. Deacon!
    Happy Birthday!
    We're too young to actually remember you in Queen, but we're still huge fans.
    We (along with hundreds of other fans) really admire you for not taking part in the collaborations with Robbie Williams. Freddie cannot be replaced!
    Again, Happy Birthday, take care and be happy.
    Your loyal Russian fans,
    Xenia and Tatiana.

81.Terry Cavanagh [08/19]
  1. Under pressure
  2. Breakthru
  3. What is the best song you have ever wrote?
    Happy Birthday John how are you Squeaky Deaky

    Terry Cavanagh