happy birthday
rhoda hongcuay   
wish more birthdays to come in your life!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/09/19/16:20:12   [66]

Happy Birthday John

Happy 51th birthday to you!
I am sorry that I missed the chance to meet you on TV,
but I am assured that you enjoy your own life.
There are lots of fans of yours.
Hope you will make an appearance as a member of Queen.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/24/13:53:09   [65]

Happy Birthday ... Mr ... Bassman ....
Wohooo!!! Happy 51!!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/20/04:16:03   [64]

Dear John,
Happy Birthday!
I wish you many many happiness today and always.
I like you, John!!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/20/01:31:29   [63]

happy birthday john
christine bovill (miss)   
hi john hope you have a nice birthday to day hope to see you soon a big fan
you are the best lots of love
take care all the best
christine xx
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/20/01:26:51   [62]

Happy Birthday to John from Germany
I would be happy to see you again live on stage
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/20/00:07:08   [61]

 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/19/23:50:01   [60]

HAPPY Birthday dear John!!!
I wish you have a happy and a grand day!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/19/23:36:15   [59]

buon compleanno
buon compleanno dolce john.anche se non suoni pi醇ゎ con i queen, per me resti sempre il migliore.ti auguro altri cento anni,di felicit醇A.sei sempre nel mio cuore. ciao my best frend.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/19/21:59:51   [58]

happy birthday !
I'd like to see you playing bass.
Show us ! will be waiting.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/19/18:02:24   [57]

Happy Birthday John!
How are you?

I want to see you playing a base guitar again.

Happy Happy Birthday!!!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/19/17:07:41   [56]

To you, Mr.Deacon!
Happy birthday,Mr.John Deacon!
Have a great birthday with your friends,with your family etc.....Keep on being a kind daddy for your kids! But, play the bass for us from time to time,please! I would like to see your playing,so much! I would like to hear your voice so much, I would like to listen to your musics, so much too!
Finally,I would like to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you, again! Love, Tink.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/19/02:12:49   [55]

happy birthday?
Click for a bigger image. May you be happy with what you have achieved and come to terms with the past.
Date(JST): 2002/08/19/01:05:13   [54]

I hope..
Dear John

Hello! My name is Masumi.
Please call me Jane...(Why?)
If you don't know me,it is not your fault.
Don't mind.(I'm a just only your fan)

By the way...
Time...flies like a bullet.
25 years have passed since I've known you first.
When I was a junior high, I thougt "You" are my only one.
Ofcause it was my it too late,isn't it?
Realy? (laugh)


[Happy Birthday!!!!!]

I hope you will have a good time in the future with your family.
And take care of yourself.
It is only my wish.
So long.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/18/20:47:56   [53]

Happy Birthday,John!!
Marin no mama   
Your songs and your bass playing have been lightning little but warm candles in my heart.Thank you, John.
I wish you a wonderful year!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/18/18:09:45   [52]

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday,John!
it's the first time to say "Happy birthday to you" because I knew your song last year.
Now I'm hooked on your song!
I'm very glad to celebrate your birthday.I hope you and your family will be happy!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/18/13:51:43   [51]

Happy Birthday!
Seika Saitoh  
[Men may construe things after their fashion.
Clean from the purpose of the things themselves.]

Please, you continue following the way which oneself desires.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/18/10:36:03   [50]

On This Wonderful Day!
Dear John,

Happy 51st birthday! Wish you will have a joyful day with your family.

I respect your decision to retire from music, but to tell the truth, I miss you and want to see you.

Love, michelle
ps August 19th is also my birthday! A feather in my cap!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/18/00:44:09   [49]

Happy Birthday!!
Happy birthday to you!! I think your songs reflect your gentle character. I love your smile. Please enjoy your birthday!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/17/22:47:32   [48]

Happy Birthday, John.
I wish you a good life !

We love QUEEN forever...
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/17/20:13:07   [47]

I hope we can meet someday....And I wish your happiness...
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/17/16:48:29   [46]

John! Happy birthday!
Minae Megumi   
Happy Birthday!!
I'm fine because I feel your heart.
John, I love you.
I love your smile.
I want you to be happy.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/17/13:04:00   [45]

Wish you happiness anyday
Click for a bigger image. tantalizing hearsay will do for me
to think of the day to feel on the body
the sound pressure YOUR bass makes
Wish you to be fine anyday
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/16/21:37:52   [44]

Happy Birthday
Amy Mc Cloughan   
Happy birthday John and have a splendid day. I hope the weather is good where you live.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/15/23:20:44   [43]

Happy Birthday
Amy Mc Cloughan   
Happy birthday to the best bass player and enjoy yourself.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/15/23:14:19   [42]

Happy Birthday John
Amy Mc Cloughan   
Happy birthday John and have a rockin day.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/15/23:12:35   [41]

Happy Birthday John
Amy Mc Cloughan   
Happy birthday John and have a rockin day. I am from northern Ireland
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/15/23:10:48   [40]

Happy Birthday John
Amy Mc Cloughan   
Happy birthday John and I hope you have a good time. your birthday is three days before mine(mine is on the 22nd)and I am from northern Ireland. Have A rockin birthday and enjoy the most of it. My favourite song that you have written is You're My Best Friend.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/15/23:06:03   [39]

Happy Birthday!
I listen to your songs every day because I love your songs and these make me warm. Even though the music scene forget you, I shall never forget!I'm happy just thinking you're alive. So happy birthday! Long live John Deacon!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/15/12:26:12   [38]

Happy your 51st birthday,John!
I am glad to celeblate your life with many fans of you via very much.
I hope you will live in peace and quiet with your family.
Anyway we still love you if you won't make your apperance in public.

Best wishes.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/15/02:58:56   [37]

Super Happy Birthday!!
Congratulations on your 51st birthday, John!
I wish you have a great time with your family.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/14/14:37:58   [36]

Happy Birthday!
How do you do, Mr. John Deacon?
I am one of your fans in Japan.

Happy Birthday to you!

The songs you wrote and your danceable steps you showed in the live concerts and the promotion videos of Queen are most favorites of mine.
The Jubilee concert of Queen Elizabeth was broadcast in Japan. I missed you very much. But your songs and your image are loved now and forever, I think.

By the way, what kind of music have you listened to recently?

Please visit Japan again someday.

With best wishes,
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/13/13:42:36   [35]

Happy Birthday
Click for a bigger image. I hope you and your family are doing well. Please keep writing. You are my idol and the reason I started to play the bass.
Date(JST): 2002/08/13/10:12:40   [34]

Happy Birthday!!!
Flory & Mari   
Click for a bigger image. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!!!!
We wish you happiness and serenity for your BIRTHDAY!!!
We wish you to have always everything you want and to do everything you want to do!!!!
A Special Thank you from Mari: Thanks again for saying lately all those kind words about Freddie and his We Are The Champions!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/13/08:14:57   [33]

Congratulations on your birthday! (^v^)
Mao Ogaeri   
Click for a bigger image. Dear Mr.John Deacon

Hello. Congratulations on your birthday! I am a big fan of yours. When I heard your music for the first time, It greatly impressed me. The lyrics of your song are so romantic and filled with the sweet-sour taste of youth. I feel it matches your image as an artist. I learned about love from your songs!

Let me introduce myself. I am a Japanese girl. I am fifteen years old, so I am a junior high school student. I live in Tokyo in Japan. My hobbies are reading books, playing the piano, and listening to musics. I like to listen to your music very much. I am really fond your music, which refreshes my body and soul even when I am badly exhausted.I am working hard to be like you some day.

Along with this message I am sending you a picture of Japanese river. I took this picture at the beginning of August. If you like it, I will be glad.

I am sorry.... I think that my English is bad. If you understand my English, I will be very happy.

Please take care of yourself. I will be fan of yours forever. See you again.

From Mao Ogaeri
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/11/22:22:20   [31]

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday,John! I hope you have a good time with your family.
Take it easy!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/11/18:50:43   [30]

Cheers with Cocktail in Your Eyes' Colour!
Happy 51st birthday, Mr John Deacon!
I believe you enjoy your private life with your family you love.
How do you like the first year in your 50s?
May your days be delightful eternally!

PS. We would be glad if you made your appearance somewhere...
You can write here on this message form:-)

from BanK(Ban_Kei) in Japan with lots of LOVE!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/08/23:29:01   [29]

Happy Birthday! John
Happy Birthday! John.
I love your wonderful melody.
I will present you this message in the hope of your happiness.

 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/08/23:21:05   [28]

Happy Birthday Mr.Deacon!.
I hope you may have peaceful days from now on.
Please take care of your health.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/08/06:21:07   [27]

Happy Birthday!
conguratulation to your 51th birthday!
I wish you have a happy life with your family.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/07/22:45:52   [26]

Happy birthday Mr Deacon
I wouldn't be late to say happy birthday to you... you're so sweet, smart, and good-looking... when will you go back ? i'm looking forward to hearing from you... and from your kids ! lol
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/07/20:30:39   [25]

Happy Birthday!
Dear Mr John Deacon,

I am The Queen fan since 1974.
When I'm sad, I listen to Queen. When I'm happy I listen to Queen.The Queen's music always gives me much dream and hope, I love very much the Queen.
I will listen to Queen's music forever.
Thank you for great music, I will never be able to thank you enough.

I would like to wish you and your family all the best for your birthday.

Keep smiling! :)
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/07/14:34:03   [24]

I've been listening to QUEEN for about 12 years, but the more time pass, the deeper my love for YOU grow. I hope that YOU and your family live happily for long!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/07/14:22:01   [23]

Happy Birthday!
Thank you for your wonderful songs. I really love them.
I wish your happy days!!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/07/10:58:42   [22]

Click for a bigger image. hello john,if your reading this!hope you have a very happy and birthday with your family!!you deserve it!if you ever want to be cheered just come on to this site,its full of your most dedicated fans! :0 we all LOVE YOU very much-your great!
best wishes,lots and lots of cuddles,
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/04/20:46:43   [21]

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday,John.
I hope you have good time with your family. Love,Naoppi
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/02/23:18:16   [20]

Happy Birthday!!
Click for a bigger image. Dear John Deacon.

Happy Birthday!!


The season has come, the season for beer and yakitori which you liked to eat in Japan. I will drink to your birthday with beer and yakitori. Here's to you, John! I wish you remain yourself, always well and happy. Happy Birthday!!

P.S. It's tasty to have beer & yakitori watching Japanese fireworks('hanabi'). Please come to Japan again with Veronica and your children. I'm expecting you.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/02/19:53:50   [19]

Izmir de Capadocia   
Freddie, Bryan and Roger did a good job finding you.
Thank you for your rock`n`roll. I hope you will enjoy your birthday with yours.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/01/08:12:22   [18]

Happy Birthday!
Hi, John! Are you enjoying your birthday party? Please be fine forever.I am praying your happiness.
God bless you.

By the way...this summer is very hot in Japan! How is it England? Take care of suffering from sumer heet.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/08/01/02:08:03   [17]

Happy Birthday
Hallo Mr.Deacon I wish you a happy 51 birthday with your family.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/31/22:58:09   [16]

Happy Birhday! John
I am wishing that you are surrounded by your great family and celebrate a happy birthday. And I am wishing that you do not forget the Queen's fan forever.

Happy Birthday! Mr.John Deacon
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/29/23:08:42   [15]

Happy Birthday! Mr. John Deacon
お誕生日おめでとうございます。今は、どんな毎日を送っているのでしょうか?きっと、奥様や子供達に囲まれ て、穏やかな時を過ごしているんでしょうね。仕事や家事や子供達の事に追われ、慌しく過ぎていく時間の中で、QUEENを聴いている時はとても穏やかな気 持ちになれます。あなたの弾くベースの音が胸の奥深くに広がっていきます。ずっとずっとあなたが大好きでしたし、今もこれからもこの気持ちは変わることな く私の中に大切にしていきたいです。日本の片隅から、あなたとあなたの家族の幸せを心から願っています。Happy Birthday and I love you,Mr.John Deacon!

Happy Birthday. How are you spending every day now? I hope you are living a quiet life with your wife and children around you. Although I've had busy days with my officework, housework and child care, I feel so calm whenever I listen to Queen. Your bass spreads through the depths of my heart. I've loved you all the time, and I will keep this feeling from now on. I truely wish for happiness of you and your family. Happy Birthday and I love you, Mr. John Deacon!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/28/22:22:44   [14]

Happy Birthday
and thank you.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/26/00:27:33   [13]

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday John. You are the best bass player ever and i am your biggest fan in the world. I hope that you have a good birthday.
From Mark (10)

 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/25/23:49:05   [12]

Happy B/day
Sam Emma & Sarah  
Happy B/Day John,
We hope that you have a great day with your family.We are the biggest fans of yours ever.
Lots of Love Sam(13) Sarah(13) & Emma(9)
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/25/23:44:27   [11]

Happy birthday Mr.Deacon
Jose Sandoval   
Happy Birthday Mr. Deacon. Have a nice day, and please start thinking in giving some gigs or writing some musics or books. Please do it for us, because we love your music and we miss it a lot.

Best Regards

Jose Sandoval, Evora, PORTUGAL

John Deacon is the KING, Fender is the CROWN
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/24/17:12:14   [10]

Happy Birthday John!!
You are our very best friend,anytime.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/23/21:11:50   [9]

Happy Birthday!


I love ya :)
Whenever I meet a person as old as you, I always wonder "what is John look like...?". And when I find that he whinge, say "my age is starting to tell" like that, I can't help saying "hey, never give up!" to him because I feel as if he were you.
Please take care of yourself and keep trying your best so that you won't have any regrets later.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/20/20:07:46   [8]

HappyBirthday John!
であいは3年前の冬でした。受験勉強の合間にテレビで見たウェンブリー・ライヴでの貴方は誰よりも輝いて見 えました。貴方のその笑顔が大好きです。私たちの前からいなくなってとても悲しいです。最後になってしまいましたが、ジョンお誕生日おめでとうございま す。これからも元気でいてください。ジョン・ディーコンに幸あれ!

It was three years ago when I happend to see you. It was winter and I was busy preparing for my entrance examination though, I watched the Wembley Live on TV and found that you're the most brightest of all. I love your smile. We miss you very much. And let me say last, Happy Birthday to you. Stay nice. May happiness be with you!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/20/19:22:47   [7]

Happy Birthday John, the best bass player in the world.
I hope to see you again very soon.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/20/17:39:13   [6]

from japan
私は、最近になってクイーンを聞くようになりました。それまでもあまり音楽は聴かない方だったのですが、ふ としたきっかけでクイーンを聴くようになり、いきなり大好きになりました。ものによっては、ヴォーカルの死に関してのことばかりが大きくとりあげられるも のもありますが、私はそういうものよりも、音楽を聞いて、パワーをもらったり立ち直ったりすることが出来る方が重要なのではないかと考えています。(立派 なことが言える立場ではないのですが。)クイーンの色々な曲のなかでも私は、ディーコンさんの作られた曲が特に気に入っています。ポップスは元気になれる し・・ホット・スペースも私は結構好きです。でも一番好きな曲は「ユー・アー・マイ・ベストフレンド」でしょうか。なにやら親友に歌ってもらいたいような 気になってしまいました。後は「バック・チャット」「夜の天使」も好きです・・長々と書いてしまいましたが、ディーコンさん。これからの人生も、お子さん 達の良きお父さんとして、お体に気をつけて頑張って下さい。私にもいつか、「ベストフレンド」と言えるような人が出来たらいいな、と思っています。大学生 として学業に力を入れつつも、その他のことも充実した生活を送りたいと思っています・・どうかお元気で。

I have started to listen Queen recently. I have not heard music very much before, but I suddenly fell in love with Queen by chance. Although some media tend to give a lot of coverage only to the death of the vocalist, I think that it is more important for us to receive a power and get over when we listen to the music (I'm in no position to say such a respectable thought, though). Among various Queen songs, my favorites are yours. The pops make me feel good, and ... I like 'Hot Space', too. My best song is "You're My Best Friend". I feel that I would like my friend to sing it. Also I like "Back Chat" and "Need Your Loving Tonight". Mr. Deacon, please take care of yourself and keep up a best life as a good father for children, and I hope I will find someone to call "my best friend". Concentrating my college study, I will lead a full life. Best Wishes.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/19/17:46:21   [5]

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!Mr.Deacon.
We all have the greatest hope that you enjoy your life as a daddy in house and come back to us someday!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/19/15:45:14   [4]

Happy Birthday!!
Happy birthday,Mr.John Deacon!!
Your songs always make us happy.
We love you forever!!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/19/15:03:29   [3]

happy birthday John!!
Katsumi Omata   

Happy Birthday.
I wish you have a wonderful time
all year round!
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/19/01:11:38   [2]

Click for a bigger image. 画像をアップロードさせた場合、このようになります。(クリックするとオリジナル・サイズに)


Why don't you celebrate his 51st birthday together?

* Click the image for the original size.
 Cheers! Date(JST): 2002/07/18/22:42:23   [1]

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