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Happy birthday!!
オタンジョウビ オメデトウゴザイマス!
I hope for you and your family's health and happiness!
ぽんた 2019/08/19(Mon) 21:44 No.65
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday,John!
I hope for your happiness.
Letter 2019/08/19(Mon) 21:40 No.64
Happy Birthday John!
I hope you are living a peaceful life with your family.
Thank you for creating wonderful music!
We all love you and miss you so much.....
Yokoyoko 2019/08/19(Mon) 21:38 No.63
John, happy 68th birthday!
I love your bass and songs. Please spend your days full of smiles.

Nanamene 2019/08/19(Mon) 21:33 No.62
We love you!
Happy Birthday, John!

I love your written songs and bass playing.
Especially "Spread your wings" is my favorite.
I cry every time I listen to this song, thinking that no matter having painful life, they can begin to live their life.

Wishing you enjoying your peaceful life with your lovely family.
We love you forever!
KScat 2019/08/19(Mon) 21:28 No.61
You’re my best friend,John.
Happy birthday John.
そら 2019/08/19(Mon) 21:21 No.60
Happy Birthday, Mr. Deacon.
68サイ ノ オタンジョウビ オメデトウ ゴザイマス!!

I hope the coming year will be a happy and healthy one for you.

Thank you very much for your great music.

from Osaka,
JUN 2019/08/19(Mon) 21:18 No.59
Happy Birthday to our very best bass player, John Deacon!!:)🎂🎉💗
I'm a big fan of you since I was 14, loving your coolest sound💥💥
Now I'm 17, my friends and I are crazy 'bout Queen and your playing😆
Wishing you'll have a nice year! Love You💕💕
From Japan,Yumi
Yumi Saito 2019/08/19(Mon) 21:08 No.58
Happy Birthday Dear John!
Thank you for being you, such a great bassist.
YOU and QUEEN always make me happy.
May your birthday and every day be filled with love, peace and joy.
839 2019/08/19(Mon) 20:55 No.57
Live, Love, Laugh and be Happy!
Here’s a long-distance “Happy Birthday” to you from Japan.
Wishing you and your family all the best today and throughout the coming year!
西塔星夏 2019/08/19(Mon) 20:30 No.56
Happy Birthday
I love your music and lovely smiles.
I hope you will continue to be energetic and calm.
RON 2019/08/19(Mon) 20:27 No.55
Happy 68th Birthday John!!!
I wish you good health.
Have a special day and great year!

From Tokyo With Love.
K.H. 2019/08/19(Mon) 19:52 No.54

How GREAT your basslines are! I always think so when I listen your play. Think, "Like have wings"!

Best wishes!!
gomaae 2019/08/19(Mon) 19:32 No.53
Happy Birthday Jhon!

Wishing you all the best today and

throughout the coming year!!
iggr 2019/08/19(Mon) 19:26 No.52
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday John!
I hope you smile everyday and I wish your great fortune & good health.
We love you forever!
KMR 2019/08/19(Mon) 19:21 No.51
Please have a nice year
Happy birthday John!!
Your song makes me Happy!
I wish you are happy and peaceful
Shiori 2019/08/19(Mon) 19:03 No.50
from Japan with love
Happy birthday John!
The greatest bass player!!!!
Your birthday should be a national holiday.
I wish you happiness, health and so many good things in your life!! :)
kiri 2019/08/19(Mon) 18:48 No.49
I love your songs
Happy Birthday John!
I knew you by Bo-Rhap movie on November 2018.
Since that day, I think about you every day.
Thank you for your everything.
I hope you have been spending peaceful day.
With big love from Japan.
Shima 2019/08/19(Mon) 18:43 No.48
Happy Birthday John, have a great one! God Bless You.
Riccardo 2019/08/19(Mon) 16:59 No.47
nevermore 2019/08/19(Mon) 16:01 No.46
I miss you,but I wish your happy and peaceful life.
God bless you.
potroast 2019/08/19(Mon) 15:50 No.45
オタンジョウビ オメデトウ
Hope you have been Spending yourt quiet, peaceful life that you expected.

I always love you.
Midora 2019/08/19(Mon) 14:30 No.44
Happy birthday John!!
I love you!
I love your songs!!
I love Deaky's smile!!!
Wishing your happiness\(^o^)/
Miko 2019/08/19(Mon) 14:04 No.43
Happy birthday and thanks
Dear Mr. Deacon,
I hope your health is well and you are enjoying your everyday life. Thank you for your contribution and involvement in Queen. Have a very nice birthday.
Warmest wishes,

Teresa 2019/08/19(Mon) 13:51 No.42
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday John.
I always hope your happiness.
A year full of love.

azu 2019/08/19(Mon) 13:29 No.41
Happy Birthday John

I wish you happiness
sumi 2019/08/19(Mon) 13:00 No.40
Happy birthday
Happy birthday,John!
I am always encouraged by yoursong.
mekerochan 2019/08/19(Mon) 12:59 No.39
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to Mr. John Richard Deacon!
May everyday of your life be bless with lot of joy and love!

nyaomixi 2019/08/19(Mon) 12:55 No.38
Happy birthday, John!
I love you so much.You are great motivator for my life.
Hope today is the start of another amazing year.
With love from Japan:)

chisato 2019/08/19(Mon) 12:51 37.png No.37
MERRY Birthday, Dear John Deacon !
Happy 68th Birthday, John!
We always hope you have peaceful days with your family.
love you !
with the biggest love, from Japan
Tina 2019/08/19(Mon) 12:30 No.36
Dear John !
Queen John Richard Deacon
68th Happy Happy Birthday !!! ;)
It was really nice to meet John♡!

I will continue to love you.
I hope you live happily.

Love John ♡

ディーコンしゅきしゅきbot 2019/08/19(Mon) 12:21 35.jpg No.35
Dear John, Happy Birthday!
The film "Bohemian Rhapsody" was a massive hit in Japan.
We know it is not a true story but we enjoy it as a film.

We miss you, We love you. xxx
Yoko Mori 2019/08/19(Mon) 11:13 No.34
Mr.John Deacon !
May all your dreams come true in this coming year. Happy birthday!

ふぃ子 2019/08/19(Mon) 10:58 No.33
Happy birthday!! dear John♡♡
I love the song that you make.
I wish your happiness from my heart.'
simarisulove 2019/08/19(Mon) 10:09 No.32
Dear John!!
Happy Birthday, Mr.John R Deacon.
オタンジョウビ オメデトウゴザイマス。

In Japan, the book which featured you is going to be released next week. I look forward to it.

M.Kassy 2019/08/19(Mon) 09:57 No.31
Happy birthday:)
Dear John deacon
Thank you for being born. Thank you for being alive. I love you:)!!!
I hope you will be happy.
The song you made is my treasure.....
Emi 2019/08/19(Mon) 09:44 No.30
Happy birthday John!
Happy 68th birthday! I with you evry happiness! with love.
miffy 2019/08/19(Mon) 09:31 No.29
Happy birthday john!
I love the songs you make.
I'm still singing:)
aya 2019/08/19(Mon) 09:28 No.28
Happybirthday, Jhon!
I am very happy that I can encounter your music.
I am sincerely grateful that I was able to meet you.
We love you!!
Mizutama 2019/08/19(Mon) 09:08 No.27
We love you.
Dear John Deacon,
Happy Birthday!! Since I have seen Bohemian Rhapsody many times, I am a big dan of you. I love your song and smile. I pray, you would always be happy!!
Anne in Tokyo 2019/08/19(Mon) 08:37 No.26
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Mr John R Deacon .
オタンジョウビ オメデトウございます
Thank you for your bass play and songs
May Lord always bless you and your family’s.
Respect and prosperity
Masami Murphy 2019/08/19(Mon) 07:50 No.25
Friends Will Be Friends
Happy birthday,John !
Mr.John Deacon's birthday is our special day.

You and your music make us happy and smile : )
Thank you very much!

We love love love you!
Mill 2019/08/19(Mon) 07:40 No.24
To my love, Deaky
ジョン、オタンジョウビ オメデトウ!
I´d like to thank your parants for giving such a talented and beautiful man to this world.
They must be very proud of you! May your days be fulfilled with happiness.
We all love your music and miss your lovely smile...
Jeanne 2019/08/19(Mon) 07:31 No.23
Happy Birthday Mr. John Deacon!
I want to thank you for showing me the wonder of the instrument called the bass.

 I hope today is the most pleasing day for you, and you are in very very happy.
Kaori 2019/08/19(Mon) 07:25 No.22
Happy Birthday Mr. John Deacon !
I hope you are in happy and healthy everyday.
Your music make me smile.
Happy Happy Birthday !
Miyuki 2019/08/19(Mon) 06:25 No.21
Happy birthday John Richard
Happybirthday!John Richard

You captivate us across spacetime

Your existence changed my life into something extraordinary

Please stay healthy with that gentle smile
munazou 2019/08/19(Mon) 06:24 No.20
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday John!
Have a peaceful day!
lemon 2019/08/19(Mon) 06:07 No.19
Happy Birthday, Mr John Deacon
We love you so much. wishing you peace and happy
Black Lily 2019/08/19(Mon) 06:02 No.18

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