Hard Work, Hard Holiday

1. A Handsome-boy Contest
2. Who is that Gorilla?
3. An Extra

A Handsome-boy Contest
In 1984, finishing their album 'The Works', John and Roger came to Japan for 'half promotion, half vacation'. They managed a lot of interviews for magazines and appearances on several TV shows.

Here I'd like to introduce a TV show called "Waratte Ii Tomo!" (which means "Sure, you can laugh!") on which they appeared as guests.

First a Handsome-boy contest was held and there're seven entries for it.(You should remember this number. It's SEVEN.) And our great rhythm-section's part was a judge.

(Thanks MEG and Seika Saitoh for helping)
which one? A Japanese M.C. asked them,
"Do you think which guy is the best handsome boy?"
thinking "Hum...I see..."
They thought for a while.
Number EIGHT! It's getting dark and drumming. Suddenly John said with an innocent face, pointing Roger's head.

"Number EIGHT!"

Roger hit back John's knee immediately, saying "No kidding!"
Congratulations Eventually Roger chose Number Four and they congratulated the winner.
"Congratulations, Mr. Handsome!" said John, with a smile.

Well-well-well...this is one of John's famous (notorious?) talent for humor. His cheerful mood continues for the next part...

2. Who is that Gorilla?