Deacon of Arabia

It was on AMG(All Music Guide) website that I found the following credit about OUR John :

2004 : Executive Producer --- Harramt Ahebbak/Batwannes Beek (Warda)

They say that Warda is a female singer from the Middle East and the lebel of this CD is "Arabia EMI". Well, I knew AMG sometimes makes mistakes, but the words "EMI" and "Executive Producer" made me believe that it can be our John, POSSIBLY. How can I miss it? I ordered the CD.

Jacket sleeve of Harramt Ahebbak/Batwannes Beek

Few days later, the CD come to my house. Getting excited, I looked at the inner sleeve, then found:

Executive Producer : John G. Deacon

......ANOTHER John Deacon again!