John Deacon Talks

It was a few years ago when I found this Interview CD on an online shop.
John Deacon Talks.
John only speaks. What a bliss! I thought.
It took a bit time until the CD arrived, but I was really looking forward to it.

noble prince indeed

Here is the CD jacket. Isn't it wonderful?
However, I found that this was the BACK side (you can recognize a bar code on this side).
Then, what about the front?
There was no sleeve on the front side, and you can see the SHAPED CD through the case.

The moment I turned over it, I was attacked by an immeasurable shock.

nightmare, in a sense

OK. I wanted John. I wanted John himself only.
But, it's TOO MUCH, isn't it??

My shock continued.
The recording time of this CD was 20 minutes, and, his interview itself was only for 3 minutes! (Roger's was for another 3 minutes, and all the other remaining time was Brian's. Oh, Brian!!)
** My friends kindly dictated the interview (not Brian's, of course). click here.

gimme a scone

This is a back side of the back jacket.
Why didn't they use this photograph as the cover?