Young Deaks Repertoires

I was once asked, "what kind of songs was John used to listen in his early days?" I remember that my reply was "60's hit chart. It's kind of pop, soul, Tamla Motown etc.", but to tell the truth, I did't really know what they are, what they sound like. (sorry, but I wasn't even born at that time!)

Then I collected several CDs of musicians who was covered by John's early band, Opposition. Most of them were very popular in these days. Listening to them, I think it's interesting that almost all their songs are very cheerful and melodious. Was it the style in 60's, or was it John's taste?

My Collection

The Kinks Best The Kinks
Really British taste. Still playing.
Yardbirds greatest hits Yardbirds
Famous for rising three well-known guitarists.
Zabadak! The Best Of Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Tich Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Tich
UK blockbusters in late 60's.
The Best Of Sam & Dave Sam & Dave
Dynamite vocals with merodious bass-line.
The Mason Williams - Phonograph Records Phonograph Records / Mason Williams
"I remember he could play 'Classical Gas' on an acoustic, which was a finger-picking exercise and no mean feat....and when heard it, I thought, 'Bloody hell. You dark horse!'" (Dave Williams, from "Queen before Queen")
Deep Purple - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall Concerto For Group And Orchestra / Deep Purple
"It was an amazing night, a big influence on all of us. We were mesmerised by it, the orchestra, the playing, we really thought it was something very special. We talked about it in the car all the way back to Leicester." (Richard Young, from "The Early Years")