Rock'n' Roll with a Blue Wig

Do you know the group named "MORRIS MINOR and THE MAJORS"?
In 1988 John performed on the video clip for their hit single "Stutter Rap"...wearing a blue wig! Can you believe this?

Here is our DANDY and SMART Mr. Deacon...(Thanks HARUTO for scanning.)

apperance Appearance

playing Playing Guitar

Then, the man on the right-hand side shoots him!

oh my god OH MY GOD...

sleeping? dying? Sleeping? Dying?

He also appeared their next single "This Is The Chorus". But this time, his appearance was very short, hopefully.

(Additional information : 29th November 2002)
To our surprise, the PV is contained in a compilation DVD ("Greatest Hits") released this year. Actually, "The Stutter Rap" reached number 4 in the UK in 1988 and number 1 in Australia and sold over 220,000 copies (according to Mr Tony Hawks, the leader and the writer of Morris Minor & the Majors. The song's MP3 file is also available on his website). Hope our John did contribute this success (with a blue wig)!

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