My Biggles Collection

Gathered here

Let me introduce my Biggles collection increasing every year.

No Turning Back single 12 inch and 7 inch
"No Turning Back" 12inch and 7 inch single Rarity value: ***--

The first step to the Biggles Conquest...but, you may say it doesn't matter if you have only to get these two singles (you are right!). Still rare, but not hard to find these days. Check some auction website regularly.

Ref. Disco.Deacon(Solo Sessions)
The Immortals advertisement
The Immortals advertisement Rarity value: *****

OK, I admit that the band lacked spirit to promote (check "Biggles and the Case of...") somehow. But I've never seen such an cheap advertisement which loses my energy...

Ref. Rain Must Fall(Biggles and the Case of the Shy Bassist), EVERYONE Bites The Dust(Adventures of the IMMORTALS)
Biggles Soundtrack
Biggles Soundtrack Rarity value: ****-

You can see several names below the sleeve: Jon Anderson/Deep Purple/Motley Crue and The Immortals.

Ref. Disco.Deacon(Solo Sessions)
Biggles booklet
Biggles booklet Rarity value: *****

It's for the premiere show under the sponsorship of the Prince Trust. Lots of color pages, lots of color advertisements, but as for its music, only this page can be seen.

Biggles novel
Biggles novel Rarity value: ****-

With some color photos of the cinema. There was NO description of the Immortals, as expected somehow.
Biggles VHS (US)
Biggles video (US) Rarity value: **---

It's my first Biggles goods. Easy to find, I guess.
Biggles VHS (JPN)
Biggles video (JPN) Rarity value: *----

Although this cinema has never come to Japan, its video was released in very early days. Easy to find in some Japanese auction website, and also easy to get it. Compared with the US video, it is a bit longer.
Biggles DVD (UK)
Biggles DVD (UK) Rarity value: **---

The most valuable point of this DVD released in 2003 is that it has THE ULTRA RARE PV... The Immortals' "No Turning Back". If you want to see the PV, you'd better get it as soon as possible (maybe it will be hard to find in the future...!)

Ref. Deaky Weekly(Vol.206)