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Intimate Details

from "No.1" May 26, 1984

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John Deaon wonders what the future hold for Queen.


Real name: John Richard Deacon
Born: August 19, 1951
School report: I did quite well at school. I did maths and physics and thing like that. I left with seven or eight 'O' levels.
Childhood ambition: I wanted to be in a group actually. I used to play in groups at school and I loved it.
First crush: The first girl I went out with was a girl called Susan Smith. Not a very exciting name, I know.
First kiss: About the same time. I think I was twelve.


Lives: In Putney, London
Favourite food: Cheese on toast
Favourite record: That's hard. I like 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' by Cyndi Lauper and Shannon's 'Give Me Tonight'. Also '99 Red Balloons', but I prefer it in German. When we were out in America last year it was a hit but they used to play it in German, which was very strange.


Favourite people: Quiet, modest people
Least favourite people: Bigmouths
Turn ons: Anything that's pleasing to the eye, although that's very subjective.


Nights out: It's nice to get drunk every once in a while, every couple of weeks or so. I think everybody needs to. It alters your frame of mind and even if you feel rough the next day you feel a bit better.
Nights in: Just sit and talk really.
Films: Scarface was very good. there's some good dialogue in it. It's nearly three hours long but very gripping all the way through. Al Pacino is superb. E.T. was good but a bit sniffy and I enjoyed Educating Rita.
Gigs: I've not been to many lately. I did go to see a few bands when we were in Los Angeles but I can't think of their names.


Lusts: Slim woman
Fears: The only thing I tend to worry about is what I'll be doing in ten years time. I'm not saying we'll split up, but having six months to myself last year made me wonder about the future. We're reaching the point where we're working a little bit less as a group.
I wish: To be busy

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