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Bio. Deacon

Magazine unknown, '70s

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* Freddie calls him the anchor of the group, and is in many ways the leader.

* born 8/19/51; a family man with a child, he obtained a degree in electronics at Chelsea College, London

* tends to stay in the background, but should not be underestimated as a songwriter or bass player (don't all bassists stay in the background?)

* raised in Leicester, England, where he began playing guitar at age 12

* on News Of The World, picked up his writing pace with two winners -- "Spread Your Wings" and "Who Needs You".

* John's strong personality helped bring Queen through the difficult early years

* Along with Brian, he enjoys photography and is an electronics whiz to boot-assists on the more technical and financial aspects of the recording business.

* John's first song, "Misfire", was a highlight of the Sheer Heart Attack LP, and his next, "Best Friend" was a smashing worldwide hit.

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